You may remember, it took a few weeks before Dylan even formally acknowledged his Nobel selection last year.  He then skipped December’s formal ceremony, citing prior commitments — U.S. The setting will be small and intimate, and no media will be present; only Bob Dylan and members of the Academy will attend, all according to Dylan’s wishes.”
The good news for us is we may eventually get to see one of Dylan’s performances: “The Academy has reason to believe that a taped version will be sent at a later point,” writes Danius. A blog post today by Sara Danius, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy — which awards the Nobel Prize — announces that Dylan will visit Stockholm “in a few days” and deliver two promised concerts.   
“The Swedish Academy is very much looking forward to the weekend and will show up at one of the performances,” Danius writes.  “The Academy will then hand over Dylan’s Nobel diploma and the Nobel medal, and congratulate him on the Nobel Prize in Literature. Christopher Polk/Getty Images for VH1He didn’t appear at the formal ceremony last December, but Bob Dylan will soon make the trip to Stockholm, Sweden to finally meet with the Nobel Prize folks, who last October awarded him the Nobel Prize in Literature. Swedish Ambassador Azita Raji stood in for him, and Patti Smith performed Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.”  However, in order to collect the $870,000 in prize money that comes with the honor, he’s required to deliver a lecture within six months of his win. 
“Please note that no Nobel Lecture will be held,” writes Danius, so apparently Dylan’s concerts will serve that purpose.