Gwen and Blake also stole artists. Each coach enlisted the help of a guest adviser during rehearsals: John Legend, for Adam Levine’s team; Luke Bryan, for Shelton’s team; Céline Dion, for Gwen Stefani’s team; and DJ Khaled, for Keys’ team. The key, according to Blake, was for each artist to give a performance the other coaches “can’t live without.” If they succeeded, he explained, neither one of them would go home. Gwen argued that she wanted the young singer from the beginning, praising her “spirit” and “talent.” After serenading Brennley — who turned 15 — with “Happy Birthday,” Adam insisted that he had “so many wonderful ideas” for what to do with musically with her. ET on NBC. Adam called the battle “a boxing match posing as a singing competition.” Based on his “gut’” Blake went with Casi, leading to a three-way battle for Ashley between the other coaches. Gwen touted her “newfound love for country,” adding that she could help her learn to “work the stage.” Alicia reminded the singer that Adam was the only coach that didn’t turn his chair for her during the blind auditions. Here are some of Monday’s highlights:
Teen Brennley Brown and Lauren Duski, representing Team Blake, faced off against each other on Little Big Town’s “Better Man.” The choice posed the biggest challenge for Brown, who has never been in a relationship, but Blake also noted that Lauren needed to “pour a little anger” in the song. Adam argued that he was the only one who stated that she had won the competition before Blake made his choice. The challenge for Quizz was reaching the notes he didn’t think he could hit. The evening culminated in Alicia Keys winning a three-way battle to steal one of Blake Shelton’s artists. The battles continue Tuesday night at 8 p.m. Blake, crowned Lauren the winner. That turned out to be the winning argument, as Ashley chose Alicia. Felicia, according to Alicia, sang with feeling, but needed to feel her “joy.” Alicia chose Quizz for his “innocence and vocal prowess.”
It wasn’t the end of the road for Felicia though, as Blake snatched her up, explaining that there is “no reason she can’t win this whole thing.”
Blake’s final pairing of the night was Ashley Levin and Casi Joy, dueling on Reba McEntire’s “How Blue.” Blake loved Ashley’s power, and Casi’s “classic country voice,” which he compared to Tammy Wynette. Brennley chose Team Gwen. However, Gwen and Adam fought to steal Brown. Trae Patton/NBCIt was the first night of the battle rounds on The Voice Monday night, as teammates went head-to-head for the right to advance to the next stage in the competition. Alicia’s second pairing of the night, Quizz Swanigan — the youngest artist ever in the competition at 13 years old — and Felicia Temple. They went head-to-head on “Titanium,” by David Guetta featuring Sia.