In assessment, nigga, we was wildin’
Ooh, ooh, ooh
[Verse 1]
With whoever I’m goin’
I was just broke without a dime with him
Ooh, beat my case in Kentucky, but they wanted to stone me
Watch me get this money tellin’ my story
Ooh, ooh, ooh
‘Cause at all times I’m ridin’ with him
For niggas to help me
Ooh, I ain’t gotta be steamin’, for these bitches to blow me
If they ever call me, I’m whippin’ up
And Cody, countin’ pies with him
Fuck ’em, I’ll kill anyone
Ooh, ooh, ooh
You know that I’m with it, you fuck with me, I’m goin’
Can’t nobody clone me
When you one hunnid don’t nothin’ come with it
What else is really important?
You know that I’m with it, you fuck with me, I’m goin’
When Suge called with them bad news
Obituaries gettin’ printed up

Ayy Theo, we goin’ to the grave
Ain’t no beef with you niggas
Ooh, ooh, ooh
I swear that I’m on it
It ain’t hurt ’cause I couldn’t believe it
Still runnin’ ’round like they ain’t told nothin’
Ooh, ooh, ooh
I ain’t got room for no leechers
And when you’re real you don’t get nothin’ for it
All them tears had a nigga blinded
Y’all will get a nigga Super Bowl numbers
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Nigga, this is my moment, this is my moment
Ayy mom dukes, when you fought the feds
Ooh, I wasn’t comin’ home? Oh that’s what they told you?
When they gave you all of that time
And real talk, I’m scared of y’all niggas
And this what I wanted
I’m on it, nigga, like ooh, ooh, ooh
Real niggas gon’ listen ’cause I’m a real nigga
[Verse 2]
Ayy when I got a plate, bitch it was over
Nigga, back the fuck off me ‘fore them killers get on you
Ayy Juan tho when they split us up, my blood felt like lava
This is my moment, this is my moment
All that talkin’ they did, them niggas ain’t show it
500 to answer my phone for you
Hoppin’ out and I’m liftin’ up
Ayy Big T if you can hear me, dawg
Ooh, one time for my codefendants
This what I wanted, this what I wanted
Ooh, ooh, ooh
When that money callin’, I’ll throw a bitch off me, I’m on it

You ain’t gon’ always get rewarded
I know niggas, niggas cool
But my niggas ain’t gettin’ touched
When that money callin’ I throw a bitch off me, I’m on it

I’m on it, nigga
Watch me do this shit for all of my niggas
Matchin’ APs, it’s our time, nigga
Before you fuck with me, just know that I’m with it
This what I wanted, this what I wanted
Ooh, ten bands for a feature

Deangelo ever get killed, I can’t tell the story ’cause I’m dyin’ with him
I just knew that you was gon’ beat ’em
I sat there and waited
Game over
I sat there and starved, I remember the hunger
You ready? I ain’t gonna use the beat this time, I’ma get a little more intimate with ’em.
50 shots on that glizzy drum
Don’t do it just for the money
Niggas coppin’ pleas, I ain’t hearin’ ’em
Ooh, 50 racks on me, that’s after the Rollie
But look, this is my moment
So I can set them niggas on fire
Long as them circles stay silent and loyal
Ooh, Neil mama know that her son safe
Niggas really out here snitchin’
Pointin’ out them niggas that shot you
You niggas can blow me
I ain’t killed nobody, bitch you know they couldn’t hold me
Nigga, everybody stayed silent
Feel good to be alive, nigga
Mothafuckas only call when they want somethin’
I can’t breathe without you, I’m drownin’
Ooh, one time for my bitch, I won me a trophy
You fuck with my niggas, I’m comin’ to get you