See their face in smoke traces from the bong
Pacin’ around the villa in some Supreme slippers
Some of my niggas just want degrees
You probably think she a hoe, but she out a centerfold
Without mistaking, we blow it because it comes and go
Kick it with the livin’, the dead ones live on
[Verse 2: Curren$y)
That’s why, we here
And fell off, but I remain
Through the songs
Seperating ourselves from our past
Say its chess not checkers, baby
Keep the baddest queen up under my arm
I said only if he knew how much money I’m gettin’, nigga
[Intro: Curren$y]
Everybody knows, and I’m fine without you

Shit so serious, man, project window, box fan
Perfectin’ our roles over the years
People come and go, but everybody knows
Just educated, so these people like to deal with us
That I’m fine without you
Ain’t shit changed, yeah I’m still off 7th baby
Was the plan, nigga

Because a king shall fuck on a pawn
People come and go, but everybody knows
This is why we here, still, with so

A boss at all cost
On the phone with my lawyer talkin’ about six figures
To the air conditioned Rolls Royce sedan
Crazy pay from the verbal assault
But everybody knows (because everybody knows)
Say this the life of a don
Many people ended up lost
Swervin’ and swervin’, pushin’ a 6
My niggas ask for guns and keys
Diamond pieces for my niece
Don’t mistake the enigma, boy I’m a street nigga
Had my pops sick when I went spent 80 on this

Everybody knows, and I’m fine without you
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
God in these streets, these other niggas reverends, baby
He said I ain’t learned shit when he was movin’ these bricks
Infatuated with laws, checks, and money rolls
[Hook: JMSN]
But everybody knows (because everybody knows)
Uh…shit from my gas
Help out all my dawgs
Made me a star, bought my daddy a car
That I’m fine without you
I don’t think none of them wrong
Seperatin’ ourselves from our peers
Depositin’ more cake in the vault
Perfectin’ our roll over the yams

[Verse 1: Joey Fatts]
[Hook: JMSN]
Shiftin’ gears

I got her waitin’, she open, she’s trying to come and go