I know sometimes you see me as a roach… Alors s’ils croient que ce chemin peut paraître sans effroi,
Je suivrai tes pas…. Skurt…)
J’ai une cible et c’est le paradis! Christian life is hard
But Imma get the medal at the end of racing man… (Bang bang… But even being roach I got clever cause I’m in a bottle my chick,
So you can’t or don’t? Je suis en marche vers ma terre promise… Mon maî- aaître! Ohh yeaaah !! Want you to hold me and help me to hold up
Cause you know, gravity’s taking me down to the earth… Since He got in me… La route est longue mais pas à pas
Je marcherai jusqu’à la gloire… Médaille ohh médaille ohh… Ohh… (Skurt!)
I focus my all on the Word !! Yeah… mééééédaille !! Malgré les embûches,
Je foncerai, même si je trébuche… (Skurt…)
Praise and worship as I gotta pop it! Quand je sais ce que tu me réserves
Et que ce que je vis n’est que le prémisse
De ce plan merveilleux que tu as pour moi… (Skurt… Don’t wanna shine like a gold, I just wan’ be like iron, attracted by magnet! Sûre de moi, je me laisserai guider par toi! He’s putting the holes in my way just to get me
But me I just hold up and know I gon beat him… Skurt…)
Your lo-lo-lo-lo… Gold Medal (ft. (Ahh ahh…)
I’ll get the medal at the end of racing, oh yeah !! Now I stand up
It’s so hard but I got(ta) keep on
You my love and I wanna meet ya
Be with you, that’s all I live for! [Hook:]

[Verse 3:]
Ahh… Yeah !)
As you’re with me I got the swag-swag !! He gave me the meal… [Hook:]
Je courrai sans m’arrêter,
Rien ni personne ne pourra me stopper… Yeah I’m on my grind !! Médaille ohh, médaille ohh… (Uh… Uhhh… (Bang Bang)
As you’re in me, I got the swag-swag (Skurt skurt…)
Praise and worship as I gotta pop it! Running and I look forward… Held up or not! Yeah… (Skurt… And I need to give up
But knowing I’m with you, I got strength just to hold up! [Verse 2:]
Comme Israël dans le désert… Your love in me is like Bang Bang !! Said “Bon appétit !”
My heart was a trashcan, He came and He swept it
Now I do not worry cause I trust on My King… I found out the peace… But I don’t think it’s good talking about it right now! You know that I’m fighting to get in your city
You know that in the same time, the devil feel giddy… Préserve-moi des désirs de ce monde… Médaille ohh médaille ohh… Ye-e-eah !! J’avancerai avec foi, je suivrai ta voie ahh… I know that you fight me, you’re wasting your time
Jesus’ with me as I ain’t crossing your line
Shame on you cause I beat you on your grind! And this is a matter of time ‘fore you’ gone… Sometimes I shout out, you answer just slighter! Yeah… (Woohh… Your love in me is like Bang Bang !! Sometimes I holla and you keep the silence… Sometimes I’m weak… Je cours parce que tu me réserves… [Hook:]

#JCLZ Listen…)

[Verse 1:]
Uh! P.Wems)
By : Lil Dan

Médaille ohh médaille ohh… My God is just in front of me and showing me the way just to get in the home! Uh…)
I’ll get the medal at the end of racing, oh yeah!!