“Suave suave just look how me suave / Jump in a Gucci jump in a Versace / Have up a hundred grand now pon me body / Hundred round fi any man who waan take it from me / Suave suave wa make me so suave / Kill me competition then me cut with the darby,” the Manhimself spits. It’s safe to say that Alkaline and Vybz Kartel are both currently dominating dancehall, but who is on top? The catchy single was produced by Chimney Records and features Alkaline spitting lyrics about his lifestyle. Last week, Alkaline released another single, “Hard Tackle“, which was also produced by Chimney Records. “Not even death can’t stop me / Young but me hard to the core / Even me life pon the road / A make money and f*** a bag a wh*re,” Alkaline deejay. Tweet
Alkaline killed off his competition with his brand new single “Suave.”
The Vendetta head drop the new track Sunday night and within an hour it was the top trending dancehall song on YouTube on the planet. Listen Alkaline new song “Suave” below. That track also quickly became a trending cut on YouTube and has since clocked a million views in a week.