“Times Tickin” will be featured on the rapper’s new mixtape Wamp 2 Dem. But, to me, obviously I’m a rapper, isn’t it? I don’t know man. Know what I’m saying? TweetShare
Popcaan drop a new collaboration with UK rapper Giggs titled “Times Tickin.”
The Unruly Boss continues to push his career internationally with a new collab with London based rapper Giggs who you can find on Drake’s latest album More Life. Giggs has had a huge impact on the London rap scene but now he is winning over a considerable amount of the U.S. rap audience thanks to his appearances on Drake’s blockbuster album More Life. Although he sees himself as a hardcore rapper, Giggs is mostly seen as a Grime artist, which is a sub genre that used elements of dancehall, ragga, and hip hop to create a unique sound in the U.K. “They say grime doesn’t come from hip hop, but I think it does,” Giggs said in a recent interview. in the early 2000. But, obviously, I don’t know, they just want to say that they do grime and keep it in that. Like I’m talking before I come, it’s like they don’t know anything else. Well there’s 140 BPM rap playing. It’s like they don’t even know that American hip-hop’s always been around.”
In case you want to remind yourself who Giggs is go and listen to Drake’s song “KMT” he has a killer verse on that track, and while your at it take a listen to his new mixtape “Wamp 2 Dem” on Apple Music. Spitting in it, on the beat. But they say grime is that 140 BPM. “Cause men are rapping in it. The project also saw guest appearances from some big names like Lil Duke, Young Thug, and 2 Chainz, but it’s this single with Popcaan that is getting the most attention on the project thus far. Cause of everyone else that’s come up and made a name for themselves, they’ve all come from grime. But people say, yeah, Giggs is a sick grime artiste cause of his country.