Get Drunk? My name is, chka-chka J.I.D baby
HI, My name is, what? Basically what I’m saying girls and guys are piranhas
My dawg, hit a chick raw, and caught a Ghana Rihanna
I just come by in a word because she was fine as Rihanna
Not saying I’m not saying nothin about Rihanna, Oh I’m sorry Rihanna
I ain’t slept in 20 days, I’m a zombie lil’ mama
I’m tryna play a (?) in muhfucker for fucking insomnia Ok cool. J.I.D

[Verse 2]
My english teacher called me nigga like in junior high
Thanks a lot, i’ll use this word the rest of my life
My nigga this, my nigga that, dawg where my niggas at
Damn don’t make me kill a nigga, god bring my nigga back
Use it in the wrong context can get a nigga smacked
Little-bitty bullet make a skinny nigga fat
Bonjour, my shitty amour, where your nigga at
Work? My name is, who? chka-chka
[Verse 1]
Hi kids, wanna know what I did? My name is, chka-chka J.I.D baby
Hi, My Name is, what? [Intro]
May I have your attention please
My name is, what? My name is, who? My name is, who? My name is, who? My name is, who? Where the liquor at? My name is, chka-chka J.I.D baby
Hi, My name is, what? I do drugs, get drunk and promote violence
Everywhere I go I take my gun, even churches
Open carry in Georgia so save me a seat in circus
Fuck taking Dylan Roof to jail, you should bring him to me and my niggas
On God there won’t be a homicide
We’ll keep him alive, give me four days, mabye even five
Just from Monday to Friday, I promise he’ll cooperate
We’ll snatch out one of his eyes, make it look him in his eye
Then scalp shave, then use his hide for black pride
I guess you would think I’m tryna incite a race riot, but naw
I like white poeple, I hate that guy
I never understood the mind of a peron that wanna murder
And hurt people who tryna make a change and do good
If he wanted real war he shoulda went to the hood
I would have felt better about it, I just had to acknowledge it, but
Hi, My name is, what?