Common Sense. If You know anything. Common Sense. It’s Common to make Sense. Whenever You need help, find some Common Sense. If it don’t make any Sense, then it ain’t Common. It’s good to have Common Sense. If You use Your brain. If You are any smarter than that, then I doubt it. Everyone has Common Sense. With Common Sense You ain’t gonna get no growner than that. It’s using Common Sense. You can’t know more than Common Sense. I wish all of Us would use it. I don’t know what People would do without it. If it ain’t Common, then it don’t make any Sense. You can’t get no better than that. Tell Me something that makes Sense. Everything is Common Sense. You need Common Sense to know something. It’s good if You got Common Sense. Everybody need Common Sense. It’s Common. You can’t survive without it. It’s Common Sense.