You make me so happy
You make me so glad
And when I’m not with you
I smile at the memory of you that I have
You are just so special
I love you so much
You make my life so full
All I need to smile is the feel of your touch
I’m fine, and I’m fine
As long as I know you’re by my side
And I fly, and I fly
With you way up in the sky
Oh how I know life can be roses and thistles
But oh now I know, you are so bells and whistles! I think you’re fantastic
I think you’re so grand
And when you’re here with me
I’m ready to take on the world while holding your hand
I find you enchanting
I’m fond of your grace
I’m touched by your patience
And the feeling that I get when I am seeing your face
You take me…
You make me…
You shake me all over…