Oh no this is the end! The love that you desire
Is found inside the fire
That burns inside the heart
Of the one that loves you
But there are many liars
Who imitate the fire
To tear you apart
And cheat the one that really loves you
Oh no you did it again! Where have you been? What did you spend? (Oh!) It’s under your skin,
But every time this happens, the world still spins
You work hard for your bread
To keep your family fed
Stay on the honest path
And make an honest living
Quick money could be bled
It’s tempts you with its head
It’s just some simple math
And cheats the system that employs you
All of the reasons you keep the straight and narrow
Can fly out the window like the wings of a sparrow
All good intentions are worthy where they dwell
But good intentions without actions send it all to hell!