Loose change calling my name, got a car full of oil, high on gasoline
Like a wrecking ball
Oh baby, get in the car, our love will go far, when I drive off a cliff
In a free fall
Can’t sleep, shake off my hate
Don’t love me tight, you’re going to slip
Like a wrecking ball
Shake off your high
Dust bowl, let us sleep
Come up to me and call me a creep
In a free fall
Tell the truth – time to get a friend
Time to steal that money & get some head
I’m in a free fall
Come up to me, yes
All I wanna do is spin for days
I’m in a free fall with the love of my lie
I have no one, and it feels the same
In a free fall
Punk rock is really dead
I don’t care so much, I need some head
Then I’ll wreck em all
Dream dream
Dream that you’re naked
I crawl back baby, and you call me a fake
Then I wreck em all
Shame shame, when you love someone,
And they don’t feel the same
Then you wreck them all
Like a snake, slither and shake
I crawl out the city, and you call me a fake
And then I wreck them all
It’s never the same
You come back baby and sound insane
In a free fall
Dream baby, get in the car
Our love will go further when I drive off a cliff
In a free fall