What’s up, dog? – What the fuck? – Come on
– Man, what’s up now pussy muthafucka? – What the fuck? Adrenaline rush: the sudden rapid increase in hormonal secretions into the bloodstream in response to physical or mental stress, as from fear or injury, causing increased heart action, blood pressure and overall putting a muthafucka on charge; for example:
– It’s just some nigga shit. – Slow your pussy ass down nig’
– Fuckin’ what’s up? We gon’ handle this muthafuckin’ shit. Oh shit! Oh, you looking all crazy and shit
– Dog, dog. What the fuck, man? – I don’t know what the fuck goin’ on man
– Pussy muthafucka, man. Man I’m just lying down here
– Ey Twista. – Man, what the fuck happened T? Straight up
– Ey T, there go that muthafucka right there. Oh man! – Muthafucka
*gunshots* Come on, man
– Come on, man
– Fuck! Ey T, sup? Oh shit man! What the fuck, man? Twista, Twista come here dog. Muthafuckas just shot your muthafuckin’ cousin, dog
– Get the fuck outta here. I told y’all ’bout hangin’ with that pussy-ass nigga
– Right around the corner from the pool hall
– Don’t worry ’bout that shit. – Right, right here. – Stop man
– Come on, T? What the fuck, dog? What the fuck? – Oh shit
– Ey T. This muthafucka right here dog
– [?] You understand, man. [?] Fuck that shit. What’s up, nigga? Let me holla at you
– What’s up? Let’s get this nig’
– Come on. Fire that shit up. – What the fuck happened man? Oh man!