You Can Now Shop by Your Zodiac Sign Thanks to Susan Miller

The shop is named after Miller’s website, Astrology Zone, and will run from now until March 1st at five Bloomingdale’s locations, as well as on their website. I’m not exactly the biggest horoscope buff, although the people in my very small social circle sure seem to be (so I guess you could describe me as astrology-adjacent?). I personally gravitated toward a navy sleepwear set from Eberjey, which should give my nighttime routine a little lift.NoneOverall it’s a fun little way to shop for items with a more personalized touch, and makes for a neat gifting experience as well. I love this idea, for it will heighten the fun of shopping.”NoneSee the gallery, below, for a selection of gifts on offer, and head over to to shop/learn more about Astrology Zone at The Carousel.Slip Eye MasksMoonergy Bath Bomb KitSkeem Candle & MatchesLongchamp Le Pliage ToteRezek Studio TopTalisman NecklaceTruff Hot SauceSparko SweetsNonePhotos courtesy of Bloomingdale’s Case in point: I was today-years-old when I found out that each of our star signs correspond with a classical element, and that Scorpios are a water sign!NoneThis information proved useful when navigating through a pop-up store inside Bloomingdale’s called The Carousel, which was curated by the mother of all astrology queens Susan Miller. (The Carousel rotates themes every couple of months.) NoneNone”Everyone loves astrology’s ability to predict future trends,” she said in a statement. She was on hand to walk me through all four sections of gifts, which were divided by the four zodiac elements (Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire).NoneNoneThe section I belonged to was water, which featured the obvious blue colorways and emanated a soothing, calm ambience. “We wanted the shop to go a step further by showing shoppers how to find the perfect item for themselves, or as a gift for others, by knowing their sign or element (fire, air, earth, or water). Susan guided me through some of her favorite picks, including Slip eye masks that are personalized zodiac signs, bath bombs from Moonergy, and some cozy Double Trouble Gang sweatshirts.

Why Billy Porter’s Latest Cover Is Historic

My generation is the first. I know exactly what I’m here for. Billy Porter has made history by becoming the first male celebrity to cover Allure. My generation is the first. In this February edition, photographed by Ben Hassett, Porter turns ultra-glam looks, dripping in head-to-toe crystals, brightly hued tulle and supple leather.NoneThe Art of Beauty issue sees the 50-year-old actor, known for his eccentric style choices, explore his relationship to fashion and beauty, adding that he wasn’t always as free to express himself. Allure Magazine on Instagram: ““I’m part of the first generation of gay men, ever, who get to be out, loud, and proud in the world. And they should be.”NonePhoto via Instagram/Allure Bitches are scared. It’s a calling, it’s a ministry, it’s intentional. You get in the room, you give them flamboyant, and then they come back to you with, ‘He’s too flamboyant.’ And that’s when I started to want to murder people.”NoneThe Pose actor also discussed how cis-het men criticized him for “emasculating” them after wearing his iconic Christian Siriano gown to the 2019 Academy Awards.None Related | The Story Behind Billy Porter’s Triumphant Oscars GownNone”I said, ‘First of all if your masculinity is that weak, it should be attacked,'” he explains.”Secondly, I didn’t know I had that much power. Flamboyant was a word that was used to marginalize me and pigeonhole me and keep me in a box. But now that I do, you can expect I’ll be wielding it every f—king chance I get. As a child, his family deemed him “too flamboyant” and sent him into therapy. Every chance. And that is power.”NoneSpeaking about the AIDS epidemic and the generation of people who died while being closeted, he added: “I’m a part of the first generation of gay men, ever, who gets to be out loud and proud in the world. “Flamboyant was code for ‘You’re a f—t, and we don’t want you. Bitches…”
None”Flamboyance was a silencing mechanism for a long time with me,” he tells the outlet.

Sail the High Seas With Gwyneth Paltrow For Only $6,000

The Celebrity Apex cruise, scheduled to depart from Barcelona, will feature “trailblazing healers, transformative workshops, and goopy perks.”

Gwyneth Paltrow on Instagram: “We’ve gone fishing! “And I think, energetically, it’s very cleansing to be near the sea or in the sea.”NoneTo book your spot aboard the Goop cruise, click here.NonePhoto by Mike Windle / Getty “Join me in Spain, France, and the Italian Riviera.” NoneLaunched in partnership with Celebrity Cruises, the 11-night cruise aims to bring a “sea wellness” to those aboard, for roughly $6,000. @celebritycruises #goopatsea Link in…”
NonePrices differ but passengers can book a suite starting at $4,049, along with a ticket for $750. The price of an additional person starts at $2,129 for the Inside room, $2,849 for the Veranda room, $2,949 for the Concierge Class room and $3,299 for the AquaClass room.NonePassengers might even get a chance to personally meet the actress, she said in a recent interview with USA Today, although she can’t confirm how long would she be “personally onboard.”NoneRelated | The Goop Holiday Guide Is an Expensive Fever DreamNoneShe continued: “With goop at Sea, we’ll be invoking that adventurous spirit with a series of transformative experiences led by a few of our most-trusted wellness practitioners and healers.” None”I love being on the water, I love being by the water and I love being in the water,” she told the outlet. @goop is now on the high seas. Join me in Spain, France, and the Italian Riviera. @goop is now on the high seas,” she wrote on Instagram. Gwyneth Paltrow is now expanding her millennial favorite lifestyle and wellness label, Goop, to an all-inclusive cruise experience.(Think: jade vaginal eggs, camel milk coffee and silk toothbrushes.) The cruise sets sail on August 26, and docks in Spain, France and the Italian Rivera.None”We’ve gone fishing!

Tati Westbrook Finally Reveals Her ‘Mysterious’ Beauty Tool

NoneIn a YouTube video introducing Blendiful, Westbrook explains that the product can be used for almost anything from highlighter or concealer to setting powder, adding that she did her entire face using the tool.NoneTati Blendifuls are priced at $18. Tati Westbrook on Instagram: “Let the Blending Begin… USA Shipping Rate for the Blendiful (up to 2 packages) $2.95…”
NoneThe multi-use product that’s designed to resemble a velour puff, comes in two different sizes: standard and travel, with the latter being more suitable for touch-ups. Blendiful is a new makeup tool that promises to be a step up from a traditional makeup brush or blender, offering a seamless blending and application experience.NoneRelated | Tati Westbrook Has Launched Her Very Own Beauty BrandNone”This one is like a game-changer. Both sizes come in a single package and are available to shop here.NonePhoto via Tati Westbrook/Instagram #Blendiful 1 Large Puff + 1 Baby Blendiful $18.00. This one is going to be the thing that is so different, changes it all, and really helps everybody’s beauty routine,” she told Entertainment Tonight in December. Months after launching her eponymous beauty label, Tati Westbrook announces the launch of her latest venture.

James Charles Thinks TikTok Is a Dating App

“Unfortunately I receive a lot of harassment from people who only match to take screenshots or make videos & a spectacle of me, thanks to people like you who will not let these FALSE ACCUSATIONS die down.”NonePhotography: Jeiroh Yanga for PAPER James Charles is pivoting to TikTok to find love, announcing in a video today something he calls, “TikTok Bachelor.”None”I am 20 years old and I am 5’10,” he says introducing himself. “This may be the biggest mistake of my life, but who knows what could happen?” he wrote in the caption. In December 2019, he was flooded with criticism for allegedly listing himself as “female” on Tinder in order to supposedly match with “straight men.”NoneRelated | The ‘For You’ Age: How TikTok Conquered 2019None”I deleted dating apps from my phone last week because although I’ve CONSENSUALLY met some great people from them,” he wrote in response. While the video hasn’t received many public responses yet, it’ll be interesting to see if Charles does end up finding love through the platform. NoneThe influencer has been vocal about his attempts to find love. I’m a very hard worker, but in my free time I like horror movies, escape rooms, singing with friends, eating at new restaurants and I have fun nails for back-scratching and cuddling.”None Related | James Charles: Sisterhood Is Stronger Than SubscribersNoneExplaining the impetus behind picking TikTok as a dating platform, he says, “I made one major observation after downloading TikTok a few weeks ago and that is that this app is pretty much a dating app.” So Charles’ TikTok is his public attempt to get “wifed up.” None”Everyone on here is either in a very cute relationship or is painfully single and unfortunately for me, I fall into that second group of people — surprise, surprise,” he adds. “I live in Los Angeles and I am a beauty YouTuber so sometimes I look pretty and when I don’t look pretty I have a pretty fun personality to make up for it. “So, I want to play TikTok Bachelor.”NoneTo apply, all you need to do is make a duet to respond to Charles’ TikTok or simply leave a comment.

Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt Split After 5 Years Together

“I have really thick skin, I can take a lot, but I think it really wears you down when you’re in love with someone and all you hear is he’s with you for the money, he’s this, he’s that,” Star said. “We were both so busy being there for each other that we forgot to be here for ourselves, and that’s what 2020 is — focusing on ourselves.”NoneAnother factor in their breakup, according to Star, was the online celebrity’s fame. “We haven’t processed our dogs fully because this lifestyle is so crazy and we’re always on to the next thing,” Star said in the video. But I do want to share what’s been going on,” he continued. “We’re both in a state of shock. “He never wanted to be famous, he never wanted to be in the spotlight, he never wanted attention, but he loved and believed in everything I was doing and was a part of it because I asked him to,” he explained. Now, Jeffree confirms that he and Schwandt are no longer together.NoneOn Saturday, Star tweeted, “The hardest part has been waking up and he’s not laying next to me anymore.. “I’m grateful for him, and I’ll be grateful until the day I die, because this was the only man that was ever confident enough to love me publicly, to love me for me fully, all my flaws, no makeup waking up in bed to full-on — he never cared about any of it, he just loved me for me.”NoneIt seems that there’s still a lot of love between the two exes. In October last year, the couple’s dog Daddy Star passed away. I’m so sad.”None”I feel like I owe you all an explanation because Nathan and I have grown with each other in front of all of you and I can’t believe he’s not here right now. “My life is so public and I think it just got to a breaking point where it just wasn’t healthy.”NoneAnd given the very public nature of their relationship, there were also rumors that the pair have been faking it, and this was something that bothered Schwandt. I’m devastated. But I’m a tough bitch and 2020 is going to be my year.” He also uploaded an emotional video entitled “We Broke Up,” in which he explains how his five-year relationship ended “a few weeks ago.” “There’s no easy way to say this,” he said. NonePhoto via Getty Even though I’m so sad I’m ready to get back to work.”NoneWatch the whole 17-minute video below. “He met me when I had nothing and he never changed and that’s what I loved the most is he stayed true to who he was.”NoneThe blogger concluded the breakup video, saying, “I can’t wait to get back to doing what I love and creating and Jeffree Star Cosmetics has so many amazing things to look forward to this year — I’m just so excited. Most recently, the rumors began because Star cancelled his European masterclass tour days, and were further fuelled when the YouTuber removed “wifey of Nathan” in his Instagram bio. Since January, there’s been speculation that longtime lovebirds makeup mogul Jeffree Star and partner Nathan Schwandt have broken up. So why did they break up?

Goop Is Sold Out of Vagina-Scented Candles

Goop’s shopping page is a curated selection of the finest luxury lifestyle items hand-picked by Gwyneth Paltrow herself. #hereticparfum #thissmellslikemyvagina #goop”
NoneThe 10.5-ounce candle costs $75, and has also sold out on Heretic’s website. HERETIC PARFUM on Instagram: “Now available @goop .com !! Previously, the company supported the procedure of vagina steaming — which, by the way, you should never try at home. Who knew?NoneThis isn’t the first time Paltrow and Goop endorsed a vagina-related product. And one of the latest additions to the roster is a candle that “Smalls Like My Vagina.”NoneOn Saturday, Goop sold out of artisanal fragrance brand Heretic’s “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle, which is described to have a “a funny, gorgeous, sexy, and beautifully unexpected scent.” And this scent is made up by geranium, citrusy bergamot, and cedar absolutes, along with Damask rose and ambrette seed. While Gwyneth was working with Heretic perfumer Douglas Little to create a new fragrance, they were testing out scents, and upon landing on the combination currently featured on the candle, Paltrow said, “Uhhh..this smells like a vagina.” NoneAll vaginas smell different, and apparently The Politician actress’s has a base scent of ambrette seed, and a heart of damask rose. Per People, Goop did a “test run” for the candle at the In Goop Health Summit, and apparently the product also sold out fast.NoneIn a since-edited product description, the Goop website shared that the scent began as a joke. Maybe just join the waitlist for the vagina-scented candle.NonePhoto via Getty

NikkieTutorials Comes Out as Trans

“The earth is full of labels and I never felt comfortable with labels,” she said. Filming this video is scary, but it feels so liberating and freeing.”NoneThe YouTuber went on to explain that she was born biologically male, but has known herself to be a woman since birth. So I’m taking back my own power.”NoneShe continued: “I can’t believe I’m saying this today but damn it feels good to finally do it… To the people who wanted to blackmail me, this one’s for you.” NonePhoto via Getty Thoughtfully, she turned her own experiences into advice for those in similar situations. You don’t want to be known for that single part of your life. Which means that I am transgender. “When my mom was pregnant she told me she was convinced that she was having a girl,” she recalled. If you’re in the same situation, if you’ve truly fallen in love with someone, you have to tell them. She said she had wanted to come out ” under my conditions,” but “apparently we live in a world where other people hate on people who are truly themselves.” NoneAt first she found the threats frightening, but then rose above. when I was younger, I was born in the wrong body. She’d fully transitioned by 19. “I wanted to be my own person… Popular Dutch beauty YouTuber Nikkie de Jager, AKA NikkieTutorials, has come out as trans in a new video posted today. “But I’m not scared. I have literally grown up and transitioned into me in front of all of you.”NoneRelated | James Charles: Sisterhood Is Stronger Than SubscribersNoneShe recounts a mostly supportive home and school environment, citing her mom in particular as her biggest supporter. “When Dylan and I clicked, he didn’t know,” she explained. “Saying that now sounds so crazy to me. And many times I’ve had to tell close friends my true story and it’s heartbreaking, especially after transitioning after going through everything and closing that chapter.”NoneThe vlogger pre-emptively answered a few fan questions, such as whether her (cis) fiancé Dylan is supportive. Take it from me. “I transitioned while on YouTube,” she said. She has been presenting as a woman since early childhood, and began the transition process at age 14 by taking hormones and growth stoppers. The sooner the better.”NoneRelated | Nikita Dragun Wants You to Live Your FantasyNoneDe Jager went into more detail about the blackmailing towards the end of the 17-minute-long vlog. She revealed the truth to her followers under duress, saying that blackmailers had threatened to leak her very personal story to the press.None”Today I’m sharing something with you that I’ve always wanted to share, one day, but under my own circumstances,” de Jager explained in the video, titled “I’m Coming Out.” “And it looks like that chance has been taken away from me. But still, you have to, and that is so hard. “Little did she know, she was actually having a girl.”NoneStill, she was understandably afraid to tell her 12.4 million YouTube subscribers the truth, for fear of judgment. “They wanted to leak it because they thought I was lying, or scared to tell my truth,” she said, flipping the bird for the camera. “He knows now, but I wish I told him sooner…

How Lupita Nyong’o Created Her Red Carpet ‘Afro Clouds’

There were plenty of stunning red carpet moments during Sunday Night’s Critic’s Choice Awards, from Saoirse Ronan in Erdem to Charlize Theron in Celine. So many of you DM to ask what other products I…”
NoneNyong’o’s look was finished with the Total Results High Amplify Proforma Hairspray to give the hair “a firm hold, texturizing finish with a little extra root hold.”NoneIn case you’re planning on recreating the look, Francois had some advice. “It’s all day humidity resistant and provides great root lift — a must-have for maintaining hair’s body through the day and night,” he explained on Instagram. “Salon professional products are necessary when you have a red carpet,” he wrote. “Easily shampoos out, leaving no build up with is important for kinky hair types.”NoneThat was topped off with the Length Goals Extensions Perfector Multi-Benefit Styling Spray, which according to the stylist, “Helps to elongate while reducing detangling and styling time amazing for kinky, coily, curly hair extensions and wigs.”

Vernon François on Instagram: “Collaboration with @Matrix today for #CriticsChoiceAwards preparing Lupita’s natural hair. Vernon François on Instagram: “There will never be a rainy day with these #AfroClouds🙌🏾✊🏾🖤… #lupitanyongo #naturalhair #naturalhairstyles #vernonfrancois #hair…”
NoneCreated in collaboration with Matrix, the stylist used many products from the TotalResults collection, including the Miracle Creator Multi Tasking Hair Treatment in order to “lock in moisture.” NoneFor a flexible “strong-hold,” Francois used the Total Results High Amplify Hairspray. But leave it to Lupita Nyong’o, who won the Critics’ Choice Award for her incredible performance in Us, to outshine everyone with a brand new beauty look.NoneRelated | Billy Porter Brings Butterfly Tattoos to the Red CarpetNoneDubbed by hairstylist Vernon Francois as “Afro Clouds,” the actress’ look was crafted by tying up her natural hair in a neat updo resembling a string of small cloud formations. “Total Results High Amplify Proforma Hairspray is also fast-drying that locks in styles and adds intense hair shine Up to 24-hour anti-humidity.”NonePhoto via Instagram Surprisingly, creating the style is not as tough as it looks. After multiple requests from dotting fans, Francois gave the complete breakdown on Instagram.

The Break the Internet Awards™ 2019 Winners

While other celebs may have had more outlandish and one-off style moments that went viral, the Euphoria star managed to serve consistently high-fashion looks year-round, always surprising us with how equally comfortable she looks in a striking Berluti pantsuit as she does in a Poison Ivy-esque Vera Wang bustier dress. The scientific community has been united in its concern over climate change for the past 40 years, issuing dire warning after dire warning. A fusion of blown-out bass and punk vocals, “ok boomer” is scrappy and abrasive, but spawned a phrase so much more versatile than just the single. ––Kat GillespieBLACKPINKNoneWhen it comes to global sensations, BLACKPINK is one of the biggest. Offering over 40 shades of foundations accounting for almost every skin color, Fenty Beauty set a standard within the industry that has for decades has only treated diversity as an afterthought. The triumphant horns of “Kill This Love,” alone, prove the group won’t go down without a fight — and it’s clearly resonating. ––Taylor RobertsJonas Brothers NoneIt was the Jonas Brothers’ internet in 2019, we were just scrolling through it. Honestly? We love love. ––Jeena Sharma”Euphoria”NoneWhen HBO’s latest teen drama, Euphoria first hit the screens last summer, it bolstered the young demographic of suburban America that otherwise existed outside of the mainstream. Unlike many other Hollywood executives, creator Sam Levinson wasn’t interested in token representation or ticking boxes, but an unabashed portrayal of struggles that actually plagued teens across America today including addiction, mental health and identity issues. But no one was quite prepared for what Rih had up her sleeve on September 10, when she staged an epic 40-minute fashion-entertainment blowout in Brooklyn for her revolutionary lingerie line Savage x Fenty. Real hot dog shit only. Wynn is a contrarian minus the Pepe memes and tasteless Reddit trolling; she knows her shit, and how to argue it. The show was held during New York Fashion Week, but spectators had a strong suspicion this would be no ordinary runway. Jennifer Aniston’s nostalgic new Instagram account, which is heavy on the cast reunion photos, extends the escapism onto social media. Based on the kinds of risks she took When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go and how far it brought her from “Ocean Eyes,” 2019 is just the beginning of EIlish’s disruption. No one listened –– not the boomers, not Gen X, not millennials either. Now, give her a damn television show, Comedy Central. He keeps his paws on these other girls’ necks with sponsored posts some human influencers would kill for, takes regular trips on private jets and goes on designer shopping sprees. Beyond that, the kinetic live performances of BLACKPINK members Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé further establish them as a bonafide music force to watch (did you see them historically killing it at Coachella?) Plus, as globally famous Asian women, they bring a refreshing and new kind of supergroup to the table, making more room for others to follow. And how could we forget her playful Cinderella moment at the Met Gala, capturing everyone’s hearts with her magic wand and glass slipper? Celebrating internet culture, digital disruptors and social media influencers, PAPER is back with our annual Break the Internet Awards™. Now Gen Z is fighting to save the planet against worsening odds, with Thunberg as their leader. His is arguably the most impressive entry into the music industry. ––Michael Love MichaelOk BoomerNone Peter Kuli and Jed Will’s “ok boomer” is Gen Z rock ‘n’ roll, the antithesis of normative radio-ready trap-pop and a foot-in-the-ass to adults everywhere. Having grown up, gotten laid, chilled out and set their fraternal feuds to rest, the trio was free to become the stars they were always capable of being. It’s hard to feel hope right now, but she’s a powerful reminder to channel fear into action. ––Kat GillespieLil Nas XNoneLil Nas X’s meteoric rise to Billboard chart domination did not come without some haters — read: racists. Today, Rihanna is one of the best selling music artists, fashion entrepreneur and undoubtedly, the beauty influencer of the year. When their blissed out summer bop “Sucker” went No. ––Brendan WetmoreBillie EilishNoneBillie Eilish whispered, growled and slurped her way into our hearts last year. The superstar seemingly touched every corner of the industry, from her historic Fenty luxury brand launch with LVMH to the continued success of her beauty empire. As soon as his debut bop, “Old Town Road,” started taking off, the song about riding a horse ’til you can’t no more was deemed “not country enough” and briefly removed from the country music charts. Brittany’s rise to fame has truly captured the new influencer frontiers of TikTok, demonstrating just how random –– and yet, correct –– virality can be. The sex bench was supposedly a gag gift for a friend, but that’s somehow even cooler. Not to mention, the “Kill This Love” video beat out Ariana Grande for the biggest-ever music video debut on YouTube at the time, racking up 56.7 million views in its first 24 hours live. ––Jael GoldfineZendayaNoneWith a daring approach to evening wear and natural affinity for risk-taking, Zendaya was the indisputable queen of the red carpet in 2019. Rather than repeating the same old hashtags, ContraPoints encourages precise thought about (New York Times podcast voice) the big issues that divide us. ––Jael GoldfineSavage x Fenty Runway ShowNoneTo say that Rihanna simply changed the fashion game this year would be a huge understatement. Of course, that was never an easy task as it no doubt invited the scorn of conservative parents who deemed the show’s often explicit content “inappropriate.” Regardless, Euphoria hit a chord with a generation that is on the constant outs with boomers and older millennials alike, leading into a swift renewal into the second season. And that’s on yeehaw. Take a look back at 2019’s most viral Break the Internet moments, as chosen by more than 1 million of you.Rihanna NoneWith the launch of one of the most popular cosmetics labels in the world today, Rihanna became an important voice for an entire community otherwise almost completely ignored by the beauty industry. True fans don’t care. Thankfully everyone from fans to music critics to Billy Ray Cyrus himself refused to stand for the Nas X erasure and Billboard reversed their dumbass decision. ––Taylor RobertsGreta Thunberg NoneWe shouldn’t need Greta Thunberg, and she’d be the first to admit it. It’s that sense of versatility and adaptability that cemented her status as the red carpet’s leading lady. And best of all, the show was made available to watch via Amazon in over 200 countries, allowing people everywhere to partake in the magic and mystique of one of the most important shows of the year. ––Mario Abad@brittany_None Even if you don’t know her name, you know her story; also known as Kombucha Girl, Brittany Broski took the internet by storm in 2019 with her wit, charm, and of course, distaste for kombucha. With too much personality for mama Meg’s Instagram, he finally tired of sharing the spotlight and made his own account in August of 2019. Even before the official comeback, their deliciously gossip-worthy parade of nuptials found us unwaveringly invested in Nick, Joe and Kevin’s lives and careers, six years after the band broke up. Wynn’s in-depth explainer videos engage viewers with costumes and quips, interrogating everything from capitalism to cancel culture — a topic she has wide perspective on, having been cancelled numerous times herself. Luckily, Natalie Wynn’s philosophy YouTube channel ContraPoints is here to help. It was the best possible way to confirm a rumored love affair between the models slash actresses, and they’ve only delighted us more in the months since –– with a rumored proposal in France, a sweet Pride-themed Instagram post and a briefly terrifying Twitter hack moment. And thank God, because her breakout show was recently removed from Netflix. Hot Boy 4oe truly outsells any other bitch on Instagram and if you’re not following I feel bad for you. 1, becoming the biggest hit by a boyband in 15 years, it was clear that the Jonas Brothers reuniting in 2019 wasn’t a glitch in the system. ––Brendan WetmoreContraPoints NoneIt’s easy to take a default political position without interrogating why you feel a certain way about whatever hot button topic. ––Kat GillespieJennifer Aniston and “Friends” NoneAs the Seinfeld bros will tell you, there exist many more elevated sitcoms than Friends. The rabid internet obsession with her every move is evidence of just how badly Gen Z was craving an alternative woman artist –– their own Avril Lavigne in basketball shorts, amidst a sea of bodysuited, big-haired divas. Nas X’s “Old Town Road” went on to sit on the iron throne that is the music charts for a record breaking 17 weeks. Over the past 12 months, the 17-year-old has led global school strikes and held her own against Trump on Twitter. Now with its multiple range of highlighters, bronzers, blush compacts and lip glosses, the singer has also expanded the business to a fashion label under LVMH. Her fruitful partnership with longtime stylist Law Roach has paid dividends as she evolved quite rapidly from budding teen star to leading Hollywood actress. No argument and no politician’s Twitter mentions are safe from the wrath of “ok boomer,” and honestly, the internet is a better place for it. It has been a gift to us all. A slew of hitmakers of the moment like Halsey, Migos, DJ Khaled and Big Sean performed with the likes of Normani, Aquaria, Bella Hadid, Laverne Cox and the diverse cast of models that commanded the runway in the brand’s inclusive and body-positive lingerie offerings. From movie premieres to awards season to talk show appearances, Zendaya proved that celebrities shouldn’t have to take themselves too seriously to make a fashion statement. The clapback of it all? ––Mario AbadCara Delevingne and Ashely Benson NoneWhere were you when Cara and Ashley gleefully carried a big ol’ sex bench into their Los Angeles home in full view of the paparazzi? She shook up our previously static notion of what a teenage hitmaker can look and sound like, reviving our appetite for good old-fashioned pop weirdness. Like a Central Perk cappuccino served in an oversized mug, the NBC hit is comfortingly frothy –– a tacky ’90s throwback to be enjoyed on your laptop after a hard day under neo-fascism. ––Kat GillespieNoneNone At 265 million streams and counting, the song is a heroic call-to-arms for all to torch their toxic relationships and leap into their power. We needed her in 2019, and we’ll keep watching into 2020. The intergenerational digital war waged by the track was fierce, but more than anything, it gave teens a quick shutdown for their older online opponents. ––Jeena SharmaFoe Thee Frenchie NoneFoe Thee Frenchie, leader of Hot Dog Summer and First of his Name truly has the life we all want: Jet setting by day and cuddling up to Megan Thee Stallion by night.