Lancôme Taps Mert & Marcus for Their First Ever Beauty Collab

We wanted to create a woman for Lancôme who is more nocturnal, to add a dark side to this iconic brand that all women love. “We were interested in taking these photographic techniques and our expertise in beauty into the cosmetics world and developing products out of them.”NoneRelated | Zendaya Is the Face of Lancôme IdôleNoneFor the collection, the duo made the “dna of Lancôme” an integral focus, and described the French cosmetics brand’s consumer as “sophisticated, elegant, contemporary, Parisian, women of lifestyle and of the day mostly.”NoneStill, don’t expect the collection to be subtle or have soft pastel colors. I needed more questions, substance and depth. After Dark came from there, because we wanted this character to be more of a night cat and slightly more dangerous.”NoneThis isn’t the first time Lancôme has partnered with creatives for a color cosmetics line. “Our photography has always tended to be a little on the dark side. NoneThe limited-edition line is due out in Europe starting in February and the U.S. in March.NonePhoto via Instagram The duo, whose work has appeared in Vogue, Interview Magazine, and W, and whose major clients include Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi, have been commissioned to create a capsule makeup collection. Over the years, the likes of Chiara Ferragni, Proenza Schouler and Olympia Le-Tan have all created capsule collections for the brand. On the contrary, the creatives wanted to “bring saturation; absurdity; a little more surrealism; bold, bigger lips, and eyes bluer than blue.”None​”For the past 25 years, as image-makers we have worked to break rules, push boundaries and stretch the limits of our acceptance within fashion photography,” Alas continued. Lancôme teams up with famed fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for their first ever beauty collaboration. It was important that this rebellion was reflected in our makeup collaboration. Lancôme Official on Instagram: “We are happy to announce the launch of our collaboration with the incredible artistic powerhouse @mertalas @macpiggott behind the images of…”
NoneThe line will be part of the color cosmetics range for nighttime and include a makeup kit for the eyes, the Eyes Cold as Ice Kit, and one for lips, the Flaming Lips Lip Kit.NoneThere are also liquid eye shadows in four matte-to-glitter shades; an eye-shadow palette in 10 hues; the Teint Idole Ultra Duo Stick, a highlighter-and-blur combination, in two shades, and L’Absolu Rouge lipstick in matte to sheer finishes, WWD reports.None”We have tricks for how we work with our women’s lips or eyes, or how we can make their cheeks a little longer,” Alas told WWD.

TikTok Makeup Artist Transforms Into Timothée Chalamet— niggathée chalamet (@haaniyah_) January 21, 2020 NoneNoneNonePhoto via TikTok / @CharlotteLook NoneRelated | Alexis Stone Transforms Into Billie EilishNoneFrom the perfectly sparsed brows to the artfully contoured cheek hollows, Roberts’ mesmerizing TikTok has to be seen to be believed. NoneNot only that, but the clip has also been making the rounds on Twitter thanks to a viral tweet by writer and PAPER contributor Haaniyah Angus. In fact, her look is so on the money, we bet she’d make an extremely convincing stand-in for him — which, honestly, might be useful given his supposed hiatus.None @charlottelooks my fyp has been a constant stream of timothée so i thought i would join in 😋🤚 ♬ Roddy Ricch The Box but its GROOVY – llusionmusic NoneGranted, we weren’t the only ones flabbergasted by her transformation — if the 2000+ comments on her post indicates. That said, Angus probably put it best — after all, this look is so good, it’s honestly kind of scary.NoneA makeup artist on tiktok turned herself into timothee chalamet and uhhhhh I’m scared… The transformative powers of makeup never cease to exist, as one TikTok makeup artist has proved via her astonishing transformation into Timothée Chalamet. NoneCharlotte Roberts — who goes by the handle @CharlotteLooks on the platform — went viral recently for what can only be deemed a freakishly on point metamorphosis into one of our favorite actors.

Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger Are Changing the Beauty Game

“I think we, as athletes, have kind of been cut out of the [beauty] conversation… As part of their new roles, Harris and Krieger will not only help promote the brand’s products, but also make personal appearances and work with the brand’s social media team.None”It’s time for beauty and sport to go hand in hand,” Harris told Allure. on Instagram: “🚨🚨🚨 MAJOR NEWS: we are teaming up with *World Champion soccer stars* (and newlyweds) @ashlynharris24 and @alikrieger to celebrate…”
NoneThe duo, who got married just last month, have been tapped as the new brand ambassadors for Bumble and Bumble. Just last week US soccer star Megan Rapinoe became the new face of luxury brand Loewe.NonePhoto via Instagram Bumble and bumble. “And that was most important for us.”NoneWith the new partnership, the couple hope to increase mainstream visibility for women in sports as well as the LGBTQIA+ community.None “It has given us a type of voice and platform where we can go out and show other people this is possible. Ali and I wanted to bridge the gap and show that beauty can be seen in a different form.” NoneBoth Harris and Krieger have been candid about having to hide their relationship for years because they didn’t want to jeopardize their endorsement deals.None”We wanted to be professional and make sure that we showed up every day and did our job and it wasn’t just because we were together, it was because we love what we do, and we’re really good at what we do,” Krieger told People. Women’s National Soccer Team, soccer stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger have now landed their first ever beauty partnership. Months after securing the world championship title for the U.S. Now that I don’t have to do that, and companies are willing to get on board, I’m seeing the change I’ve always envisioned.”NoneAlthough slow, women in sports are increasingly being tapped to represent a number of brands. “I felt for so long I had to hide such an important piece of me. We have happy endings, too, and we can be celebrated for being a couple that is the same sex and that’s OK and it’s beautiful,” Harris told WWD.

Watch NikkieTutorials Talk Coming Out on ‘Ellen’

NonePhotography courtesy of Michael Rozman/Warner Bros. “I feel like his entire goal with this was to destroy my life, but [the] plot twist [is] that didn’t happen.”NoneAmong the beauty influencer’s supporters is her fiancé Dylan, who de Jager said was at her side as she uploaded the video. There’s never perfect timing, so in a way, I’m not thankful to the person that did this, but I am thankful that it happened now, and now I get to be free.”

NikkieTutorials on Instagram: “today I’ll be on @theellenshow 💙 thank you Ellen for giving me the opportunity to share my story with the world! “A couple of weeks ago I got emails from a certain person and he was not okay with the fact that I was ‘lying’ and wanted to expose that,” de Jager said. She also shared about her mother’s unwavering support while she grew up transitioning.NoneRelated | Why Is Too Faced Cosmetics Being Called Out Online?None”My mom is a queen, MamaTutorials is a queen. Even when we went to the hospital to see what was going on, doctors were like ‘don’t push it too far, let’s see where it goes,’ but then I came home and I was like, ‘Mom, I really want to wear girl clothes’ and she was like, ‘if you want to wear girl clothes, you’re going to wear them,” de Jager explained.NoneWhen asked if she still would have come out if not for the blackmailer, de Jager said that there’s “no right timing” to share her truth.None”I always wanted to come out with it, but it is such a delicate thing,” she said. It’s been one week since YouTube beauty guru Nikkie de Jager, aka NikkieTutorials, courageously came out as trans to her 12.4 million subscribers in an emotional video.NoneRelated | NikkieTutorials Comes Out as TransNoneIn her first on-air interview since the video was uploaded, the Dutch makeup artist visited Ellen Degeneres’ talk show to share her stories of coming out and her experience of growing up as a trans woman. I want to take this opportunity to hopefully inspire a lot of transgender people out there, and even when you’re starting later on in your journey, that we need to accept that.”NoneIn addition to hosting de Jager, the Ellen show and Shutterfly made a $10,000 donation in de Jager’s name to The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization that supports suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth. She added that the blackmailer had a “pressuring” tone of voice and threatened to tell the public about her identity.None “He was like, ‘if we don’t get an answer by tomorrow, it’s out,'” de Jager said. “I pass, I am blonde, I look cis. – photo by: Michael…”
NoneAs a white, cis-passing trans woman, de Jager acknowledged that she has privilege other LGBTQ people do not benefit from. “How do you find the right timing? None”I started when I was really young,” de Jager said. NoneNoneOn Ellen, de Jager reveals the blackmail message that prompted her to post a coming out video.

YouTuber Pony Park Says Your 17-Step Beauty Routine Does Nothing

In one of her most famous videos to date, Park transforms herself into Taylor Swift and in another into Kylie Jenner. So anywhere I go, wherever it is, I will always, always, always make sure to bring sunscreen with me. NoneThe mega K-beauty influencer is on the call from LA to talk about her recent partnership with Morphe. For instance, you can blend a black liner with a red lipstick create some type of ombré effect.”NoneShe argues that being able to craft peculiar looks with a limited number of products is what makes makeup so creative and fun. NoneBut despite the language limitations, in one year alone, Park has scored major international beauty collaborations with the likes of MAC, Revolve and Colorpop. Think of it as preparing yourself, you’re delaying these effects. “You want to narrow down the list to the products that suit you and you want to understand the ingredients in the products and see what would be the best, clean solution that’s going to be best for you.”NoneAs for her one go-to skincare product? “It’s really about getting a lot more usage out of your products; making them truly multi-purpose, that’s what’s going to get your technique to grow,” she explains. “NoneThe Morphe Icy Fantasy collection is now available to shop globally in Morphe stores and e-commerce channels. Slowly, I became interested in makeup and started seeing makeup as a way of art and a form of expression too.”NoneThat interest materialized into musings on a personal blog. “So I started to post step-by-step instructions and it just kind of developed from there. What that’s going to cause is sun damage, sure you don’t see it now but in the future, these things will be visible. Sunscreen. “Just because a product is labeled for something doesn’t mean you’re only limited to that. ” I naturally had a creative side growing up. “I want to challenge that idea. And then there’s the massive influx of new K-beauty brands breaking into the market, each claiming to outdo the other. Why not try putting lipstick on your cheeks for a light glow of blush or why not try on this eyeliner for certain parts of your face? “I think people underestimate the fact that sunscreen is so important into our routine,” she says. “We’re constantly exposed to the sun and even if we’re not, there are UV rays out there. NonePhotos courtesy of Morphe And I think it’s important to realize that to really become creative and to truly express your art.”NoneOf course, the global obsession with Korean beauty is not lost on Park — more prominently visible within the skincare routines of influencers and celebrities alike who swear by their wide ranging benefits. My latest makeup obsession, the @morphebrushes 35 Icy ❄ Fantasy Palette. The Artistry Palette retails for $25 and the pastel matte lipstick trio retails for $18. “Skincare should be an individualized experience,” she says. PONY 포니 on Instagram: “. NoneNoneSo it’s hard to believe when she tells me makeup was not her initial choice of profession: “I first got started in makeup because I was a graphic designer,” she says. “So Pony does speak English but for questions that get a little bit into the nitty-gritty details or technical stuff, I’ll be translating it to her,” Pony Park’s (real name: Park Hye Min) translator informs me over the phone. But the important thing is to really look at the ingredients and really understand your skin and what would be suitable for you.”NoneShe adds that, at least in Korea, people have started to shift away from an elaborate 17-step skincare routine, coming to the realization that the ingredients, and not the number of products, are what matter most. Then one day a publishing company contacted me and wanted to write a book and start a book on makeup and so I was given the opportunity to bring all these makeup looks to life and offer something different to the Korean market.”NoneNow her latest Morphe venture, the Icy Fantasy Collection — a 35 shade Artistry Palette inspired by cool pastel tones along with a lipstick trio — marks the brand’s first foray into the Asian market. With a range of vibrant rainbow shades adorning the artistry palette, Park is hoping customers will see this as an opportunity to experiment and break free of limiting themselves.NoneNone”People think lipstick is only for the lips, eyeshadow is only for the eyes,” she says. But according to Park, anti-aging results aren’t so much about what’s in the product, but rather the technique of application. Both have garnered millions of views. “I started to get requests from people asking how I did those looks and they wanted to learn a bit more about the techniques behind it,” Park continues. They like to put so much of it on, before going to bed thinking this is going to be the best thing for them when I wake up. Morphe created this Icy Vortex that includes matte, shimmer,…”
None”When it comes to skincare, people think a cream or something with a lot of ingredients must be so good for you. 2019 has been a huge year for the Seoul-based influencer, who boasts an Instagram following of over 6.9 million. The same goes for her hyper successful YouTube channel, which includes everything from makeup tutorials to incredible transformations.

Ina Garten Is Now a Glossier Beauty Influencer

My favorite is birthday balm with a little glitter.…”
NoneBut let’s face it, Garten rarely approves of anything. Birthday Balm with “a little glitter.” “Don’t we all need a little glitter after the holidays,” she wrote. Xxxx.”NoneIs there anything better than Ina Garten, the beauty influencer?NonePhoto via Getty The author and founder of Barefoot Contessa may have little patience for a sub-standard bunch of cilantro or pre-grated parmesan, but she has now declared going for a store-bought Glossier lip gloss is “fine.”NoneThe frankly stunning admission comes from a recent Instagram post, where the Food Network host confessed she physically went into the Glossier store and picked up not one but eight different shades of the brand’s popular, lip balm dotcom.None”Loved my visit today,” she captioned the post, adding that the lip balm collection is “delicious.” Her favorite? Ina Garten on Instagram: “Loved my visit today to @glossier !! “This doesn’t sound like you! I never promote anything so I can just share what I love! This just in, Ina Garten loves Glossier. But I am here for it,” one fan wrote.NoneAnother straight up asked, “Is this sponsored Ina? So naturally, people wondered if the post was genuine or pure #SponCon. Jw, I highly value your opinion.” But she was quick to clarify, “No! Their collection of lip balm is – delicious! Okay, taste.

Hitting the Nail Salon With Patti Harrison

100 percent.NoneWhat is your beauty routine like?NoneI don’t think I have a good one. 🗣️ All episodes of Season 2 are available NOW, on @hulu. It’s one comment from a person who was your friend that’s well-meaning but can change the trajectory of your entire life, for the rest of your life.NoneBut what about the opposite. NoneAs we had our nails done in preparation for Harrison’s big night, the actress clued me in on some of her most heavily guarded beauty secrets, hair mistakes, and why she’s scared of getting massages. NoneI used to never wear makeup. But I think it’s just bright colors because I hate looking at my hands.NoneWhy?NoneI don’t know. So it was really embarrassing and made me feel bad, but… That is you. This person is just telling me I look like shit. It’s like the main thing you see in this reality.NoneSo you don’t gesticulate a lot?NoneI do, but I don’t look at my hands when I do it.NoneDo you have some deep-seated trauma about your hands?NoneI think… And then they told me I could keep them afterwards. This is not her. If your sense of beauty is based on if you’re pretty enough for other people to want to give you a big nasty kiss, then chances are they just love that you’re meat. And they were like, okay we can just do clip-ons, and we did it, and every time I wore them I felt so powerful. NoneI do think there’s a weird shame with that. #ShrillOnHulu”
NoneDo you do square or round?NoneI did round this time.NoneWhat’s your usual go-to nail moment?NoneI usually do gel in bright colors because I feel like your fingernails are so small that you can’t really do anything to them to make them look outlandish other than if you’ve got, I don’t know, sad to say it, swastikas or something bad on them. I remember my mom telling me I had really witch-like hands? That’s why I like watching them. And then I remember a friend was like, “You really need to tweeze your eyebrows. And that’s what “fresh faced” means to me. They work with wardrobe who will say they want kind of a Cher from Clueless thing or something. It’s going to be the title of my streaming show on OWN.NoneWelcome to You’ve Been Served, Rose Dommu’s alternately irreverent and incisive look at beauty, ranging from the deeply personal to pop cultural — essays, product guides, interviews with artists/influencers/specialists and deep dives into the beauty industry’s impact on internet culture. Well, sometimes. When I don’t fill in my eyebrows I look crazy, because my eyebrows are so weirdly over-tweezed. And it changes the way my entire face looks. When my hair’s short, it grows straight out of my head until it has enough weight. She’s very blunt when it comes to body stuff. She just knows how to specifically how a devastate someone. And then for the taping they had a studio audience in and they were like, okay so before you go out, for the actual taping hair and makeup are just going to take a look at you, but they think you look great. And I think that’s why everyone who’s ever slept with me is so violently shocked when my eyebrows are gone. Anything that makes me feel safer, that I’m not just going to get clocked or something. My older sister is a massage therapist and when she was going to school for it, she would adjust me and I never liked it and she always made me do it and it was always really painful and she wasn’t very good at it so it was a situation where I was like, I’m not in control of my body.NoneDid she get better?NoneShe did. I have massage trauma, which is cool. I think it hits a threshold and then you’re just putting gunk on your face.NoneIf you were to do one of those Vogue beauty videos, how would it go?NoneI would already be in a full face of makeup. I guess I can’t highlight that area anymore.” And I usually overdraw my lip a little bit. Are you sick?” I used to lie and say I was sick at work all the time. This is not the woman I was sleeping with. But they are super flexible.None[Nail technician asks if Patti wants a massage. And what they did is they kept it long on top, but they pulled it all up into a ponytail and they buzzed off the sides. Even if it’s not a high pigment thing. Maybe I should fix all these flyaways.” And I was like, “Well, I just have a lot of breakage. NoneAnd so I went and the hair person was like, “Alright, come sit down, I’m going to fix your hair.” And I was like, “Oh well I feel good.” And she was like, “Well, your hair looks crazy.” And I was like, “Oh it looks crazy?” She said, “See all this stuff? It’s the fact that they wear makeup, like, wow.NoneThey always look better when they don’t have any makeup on.NoneExactly. It’s camera makeup because you’re always seeing people with camera makeup. Things are really rocky, but we’re going to go through with it because our families are really pushing us to.NoneTell me about your clip-on bang journey.NoneIt has been the best journey. If you put a cleanser and toner on, and then you put a hydrator on, then you put on a moisturizer, and then you put on another tonic. So I do draw them, and I draw them out a lot bigger than they would probably naturally be. How many chemicals people think they need to be putting on their face. Patti Harrison on Instagram: “I got a blowout for the premiere of Shrill Season 2 & the stylist burned my scalp but I didn’t say anything because she said she was having…”
NoneNo one can devastate you like your mom.NoneYeah. Just fight or flight response. And it just bummed me out really badly. She’s good now. Yeah.NoneInteresting.NoneShe’s full of things like that. My hair person is Breen Moffett, he’s an angel. Now we have an amazing relationship.NoneHave you ever been put in a hair and makeup look on set where you look at yourself and say… I’ll use something that’s close to my actual colors and cheat it out a little bit.NoneI like beauty that’s enhancing what you already have rather than creating something that’s not already there. And that’s something that I still haven’t figured out. We love her. It makes you look so old. So the hair, when it started to grow out, it was long, but then the spiky buzz cut underneath started to grow through. Patti Harrison is late for our manicure, but it’s because of a hair emergency. If you feel comfortable, great. Depending on if you’re clean or not. Aidy really pushed to have really, really pleasant people to be around. No, I don’t have anything. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever received good beauty advice and I think good beauty advice is advice that just makes you feel better and less anchored on the way that you look in our society. Because I’m like, “Oh my skin is all one tone after I use this face cleanser,” and that can’t be good, that fast. It’s not our fault, it’s the system.NoneFor Shrill, is the hair and makeup process collaborative, or do they have a set look they want for you?NoneIt’s really great. I watched 45 of those Vogue morning routine videos, back-to-back for a really long time.NoneWhose was your favorite?NoneI don’t know if I had a favorite. Tragic figure. And I remember my sister one day was like, “You should really put on mascara or something.” And it was one comment from her that made me say okay. I’ve been in situations where I’ve cried because I look so bad or because I felt it was a bad experience. absolutely not?NoneNot on Shrill but I have in the past. That’s really frustrating.NoneIs that the worst haircut you’ve ever gotten?NoneWell, one time in college, I brought a picture of Rihanna’s red bowl cut into the campus salon. Can you please sit down?” It just put me in the worst head space. But my brain was immediately sated. It didn’t look that bad, but it just took so long, my hair was so slow to regrow. I really feel that when I don’t wear makeup I look like, unfortunately, one of those Java coffee worm aliens from Men in Black. I just thought I never had money to spend on cosmetics or any sort of skincare, so I was always using that 35-in-one natural soap for everything. I’m sorry to drag her and use her name as an insult, but truly, I’ve been trying to think about that in my own makeup routine. It looked okay, when I did it. Shrill on Instagram: “Excuse us while we SHOUT from the rooftops! I’m not like other girls with makeup. They love meat. That’s what I get. now we’re actually engaged. And so the hair that was long hung over the short hair. It was really fun. “I spent 15 minutes trying to brush them out.” NoneWhen she does finally walk into the tiny Chelsea nail salon, she looks like she could be in a shampoo commercial, Shirley Temple curls combed out into curtain of dark hair, expertly applied cat eyeliner in place, lips slightly overdrawn. Why is it stigmatized?NoneI don’t know if I’m going to wear them much longer. There’s so much stuff, I don’t feel any of that is getting in to your…NoneYou think that’s all bullshit?NoneI don’t think you using that much stuff on your skin. You have mean eyebrows.” And I was like, okay. You’re kind. I shot this movie where they asked, “What would you think about bangs for this character?” I thought it would be really cool to have bangs, but I didn’t want to cut bangs into my hair because my hair is fine and thin and I’ve just had weird layers that I’ve been trying to grow out of my hair for a long time from a bad haircut that I got. If I say: “Honey, you’re beautiful exactly the way you are,” then you’d just never wear makeup again.NoneIt works exactly like that. Then people would say, you look really sick, you should go home. I’ve been trying to be more comfortable leaving home without it, but I normally wear makeup if I have the time to put it on. Jessica Needham is head of hair. I would cry. Nope. I think mascara, maybe. It’s when people have no makeup on, they’re already so hot. And then I got there and we did a rehearsal, because it was a live improvised bit on a show and we did a rehearsal. She assures me she wouldn’t normally be this glam — although I’ve never seen Harrison look anything short of stunning — but in a few hours she’ll be walking the red carpet at the premiere for season two of Shrill.NoneRelated | My Year With Big LipsNoneHarrison, a regular on the underground comedy circuit and a writer for Netflix’s Big Mouth, was a standout on the first season of Aidy Bryant’s Hulu series as a scathing receptionist always ready with a withering glare and a devastating one-liner. They all kind of bummed me out a little bit. You look great. Go go go! Not even if it comes with a happy ending?NoneThe first time I got my nails done, someone just came up and started really wrestling me and it was so… probably. you’re harder on yourself. And camera makeup makes you look like shit. Because it just makes your hair look a million times thicker than it is. Historically it’s been inconsistent and I think I’m pretty bad to my body and specifically my skin. All my sisters are fucked up because they all have complexes that are given to us by our mom.NoneAre a lot of them specifically around beauty?NoneYeah. It’s pretty unsophisticated. Patti Harrison on Instagram: “Self-care in my Chiodos hat next to my Selena shrine ( R.I.P )💗”
NoneI think you could pull off that look though.NoneYeah, little bald patches. Do you feel the same way?NoneI don’t believe that. She thought it was funny, but it gave us all brain damage.NoneDoes she still do that?NoneNot really, but it took us having many individual meltdowns [and saying], “Mom, you can’t say stuff like that.” I remember one time, I had just got out of the shower and I was putting on pajamas and she walked in and I was in my underwear and she was like, “You get fat in some places, but you know, you’re really skinny in others.” Just very matter-of-factly. When I see someone put that much chemicals on their face…what’s getting through? Morgan Muda is my makeup person. So you don’t have to worry about every perfect detail when a person would be happy that you’re just a piece of meat that wants to kiss them back.NoneAt the end of the day, you’re just a hole.NoneAnd sometimes you’re a bunch of holes. I had an experience with a hair person where I was asked me to come to set hair and makeup ready, and I liked the way that I looked, I did a good job. Exactly like my dad. I don’t think that should be stigmatized. Sort of like, this isn’t it. You’re enhancing, and then you are changing the way you look, which is fine. It makes you look like Tammy Faye Bakker, god rest her soul. So I said, okay, cool. I think that’s a good dysphoria thing too. We had one sister in my family specifically that my mom would just openly point to in public and say, “This is the pretty one.” [Laughs] It was messed up. And now I’m here.NoneDo you watch beauty tutorials on YouTube?NoneNo, but I did the other day. It’s like if you put it in certain places. It’s right away. I don’t think it looks bad.” She was like, “It looks really bad. You look glowing.NoneWell, the worst thing someone can say is that you look tired.None”Oh, you look tired. My cap was this week, because I think if you wear them too much you get the track pattern and it pulls your hair and you get bald spots and stuff. “I went to get a blowout and they gave me Shirley Temple curls,” she texts me. But I’m Vietnamese. And usually it’s advice that’s… So that’s worth all the billion tumors inside me right now.NoneIs there something you can’t leave the house without? Thanks to the show’s hair and makeup team, she always looks effortlessly cool — a look she says she also aims for IRL. The way I do my hair, on a daily basis. And then it was in front of a bunch of people too. Because sometimes I’m like, “Oh I put concealer here and for some reason I look like my dad. You glow when you give compliments.NoneWhat was the bad haircut?NoneI wanted to cut my own hair, my hair was just a blunt chop and it was really long in the back and I wanted to be able to put my hair in a ponytail but have little wispies come down. So I’m very sad to say that. And so they’ll talk to us about the ideas they have and then we go from there and see what we’re comfortable with. Full MAC makeup and then I would just put more makeup on. My mom always says she can’t leave the house without mascara on.NoneMy concealed carry. It only looked cool for like two weeks and then it looked like full shit for a really, really long time. NoneWhat’s the best compliment you can get?NoneA compliment that I give a lot when I think someone looks pretty is that they look fresh faced, they look energized and they don’t look tired. She says no.]NoneYou don’t want a massage? I feel like that’s my body shape and what my face looks like when I don’t wear makeup. We miss her everyday. And I was like, “I don’t know if I’m going to wear these.” Because people think it’s funny, but also people wear extensions and wigs and it’s just more fake hair. So it was poking through and the haircut, when I got it, I thought it looked cool. Now I use Kiehl’s and that seems to work, and sometimes I’m afraid it’s because it’s bleaching without telling me it’s bleaching. Lies open the gateway to darker truths.NoneSo true.NoneDon’t steal it. I think it was like 2AM and I was bored. They look like they’re ready for the day. That is how it works.NoneWith beauty, at a certain point you have to stop and say, “That’s enough.”NoneIt’s all arbitrary. Mentally I feel more comfortable.NoneSee, I sometimes think a lot of makeup makes me clockier?NoneYeah. You know, you’re not changing the way you look. It’s just… So then I cut my front bangs to long bangs and then it just grew in really weirdly and bad. And I’m like, I’m going to tear your jaw off your face.