I hope you listening somewhere, in some other dimension
The sun don’t even shine the same, since you been gone for a minute
Surprised, that I could even write this with dry eyes
I coulda ended California’s drought alone with my eyes
It’s been a long time coming, don’t even know what to say
But while this plays, I imagine your face
So whats your thoughts on the after life huh? Desperate tryna find a way to undo this
A terrible feeling, not everyone can relate
Trying to apologize when it’s too late
I pray to God you can hear me, and some how forgive me
Don’t know what you got until its gone and now I see really
All I need is a second chance to prove I’m a better man
You brought me into this world, I closed your eyes with my hand
I keep your scars near and everytime that I play
I hope you proud of your boy, your son doing his thing
I love you and I miss you and hope get this letter
Signed, sealed, delivered, overnighted to heaven
[Instrumental Outro] What’s it like? I asked you once in a dream where we talked
Nowhere so you just looked as we walked and you still had blonde in your hair
You looked great, still had a purse on your arm
Which was random
Wish I could kidnap you from heaven and hold you for ransom
And tell God to his face, that if he want back what he took he better save me a space
Or atleast give a nigga some peace of mind
Damn, every hearts when you left took piece of mine
I started smoking cigarettes cause I was stressed the hell out Surprised I still have a liver from all that damn liquor
I was tryna drown down my thoughts just hopin’ I’d die quicker Every time I think about it damn I still quiver
Even in the summer spent without you, I still shiver
No answers and no places at all, cry out to God in vein no one is listenin’ but the walls
Man I’d trade it all in the drop of a dime
Give you a hug say I appreciate you one more time
How could I be damn stupid, so damn foolish?