Civilization was
Consumed metabolized
Irregularities in the magnetic field
Farmers and physicists
Statehood initiative
Corporations over take local governments
Justice for expediency
Soon even war would be
Obsolete, wait and see
Who’s feeling militant? Who’s fundamentalist? Who are the terrorists? Who is the right to exist? Twenty-four nuclear bombs
One for each time zone
South America
Central Africa
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Bees and wasps, bees and wasps
I’ve read about in books
A child drawing pictures never knew
Which hands were shook
Cloud brightening
The sky looks different
But I could not have known it
Firing patterns
Synapses hanging on
Breaking up the past of our home
Save me from the darkness
Save me from the darkness
If you fall to the dark thoughts
They’ll carry you into the darkness