We’re Definitely Alright With Kacey Musgraves’ New ‘Slow Burn’

Slow Burn — inspired by the opening track from her fourth studio album, Golden Hour — also marks the singer’s first ever major brand collaboration. A Musgraves-inspired product that “embodies the reflective, self-assured narrative mirrored in her music.”Related | Kacey Musgraves: Next Gen Country Superstar”Commanding, but not in a hurry, like the last sips of a Negroni at the bar down the street, expressed through hints of elemi and tonka bean,” Musgraves explains. I brought my song slow burn to life in the form of a smell. The scentiment is exactly what the song sounds like.…”
Interestingly, the partnership came to fruition after Musgraves, a longtime fan of Boy Smells, sent them an Instagram DM expressing her appreciation for their best-selling scent KUSH.The result? In its first collaboration with a musical artist ever, LA-based Boy Smells has partnered with Kacey Musgraves for a limited edition candle. “The ‘scentiment’ of Slow Burn is about pausing along the way to relax and enjoy exactly where you are right now.”Slow Burn will retail for $39.00 and be available exclusively on BoySmells.com and KaceyMusgraves.com.Photo courtesy of Boy Smells Related | Behind the Making of Boy Smells’ New LES CandleFeaturing notes of black pepper, elemi, guaiac, raspberry, tonka, amber and smoked papyrus, the gender fluid label describes the scent as “a bright but smokey incense-driven accord that encourages being present in the moment and noticing the vibration.”

K A C E Y M U S G R A V E S on Instagram: “Burn in a hurry……

Carolina Herrera’s New Beauty Products Look Like Vintage Jewelry

The lipsticks that are shaped like a pendant, will include a gold-colored ring that will serve as a clip-on for a handbag. The expected retail price in Europe for the lipstick line ranges from 14 euros for a charm to 20 euros for a cap, 29 euros for a refill and 85 euros for the lipstick with charms, bangle and a tassel. For the compacts, the prices start at 10 euros, while a metal base is 32 euros and a full compact is 80 euros. “Mrs. Likewise, the compacts too will feature ring-holders with a beetle adornment.”Everything is conceived as an object of desire,” José Manuel Albesa, president of brands, markets and operations at Puig, owner of the Carolina Herrera brand told the outlet. The compacts also come in eight shades along with “a universal mattifying powder and an illuminating cream-to-powder highlighter.”The colors and textures have been formulated to work with every skin tone, which is also why the lipsticks will include variations of red undertones, such as orange red and blue red. Additionally, the lineup comes with a selection of tassels and charms. “There is not any single sku which is generic.”If you’re hoping to grab the collectible range once it’s out, rest assured it’s going to be at a high price point. Carolina Herrera is the latest high-end designer launching her own makeup line, with Carolina Herrera New York Makeup.Working in collaboration with the brand’s creative director Wes Gordon, Herrera’s initial lineup will include lipsticks and compacts, each packaged in thoughtfully-designed cases that almost resemble and can “double as jewelry.””Because fashion was the starting point, we started to imagine the line as a collection of ready-to-wear pieces rather than traditional keep-it-on-your-vanity or hidden-inside-your-purse makeup,” Gordon told WWD. All formulas are paraben-free. We wanted each product to double up as something eye-catching that you could wear and have a conversation piece at the same time.”Related | Can Selena Gomez Change the Celebrity Beauty Game?Debuting in mid-March, the new range includes 36 shades of lipsticks: pinks, berries, reds, corals, browns and nudes. The line will debut on London-based Harrods’ e-commerce sit on March 15. Herrera is a big fan of vintage jewelry and has the most amazing collection, so that in part sparked the idea of mimicking precious objects for the design. Another day, another iconic fashion label is jumping into beauty. Each will be available in sheer, satin and matte. It will also be available in Harvey Nichols Kuwait starting March 25.Photo via Getty

The Sad Girl’s Beauty Guide to Valentine’s Day

Make it worth it. Code 8 Glazé Lip Lacquer – GalaOk, maybe matte lipsticks are really not for you. Shop here.5 Products to Keep Your Hair in Place During a Messy BreakupHaving a never-ending argument with no actual sense in sight? Shop here. This highly concentrated hair treatment promises to “rebuild and restore dry, damaged, and time-weakened hair.” Can’t say the same for the relationship, but shop here.Aesop Nurturing ConditionerYeah, it’s $45 but breakups are hard. Shop here. This one is smudge-proof, super hydrating and very pigmented. Shop here.YSL Volume Effet Faux CilsOk, false lash effect plus Demi Lovato wore it to the Grammys! Shop here.Milk Makeup Kush High Volume MascaraA high volume “hemp-derived cannabis seed oil, thickening heart-shaped fibers, and pure pigments for a clump-free, intense black finish.” What else do you need? Here are our favorite smooch-proof lipsticks to conceal the evidence.Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Mat MatteSmooth, soft, velvetty with a matte finish. Of course, it’s much worse if you’re going through a recent break up or actually breaking up on Valentine’s Day. Words like “crying,” “sad” and “lonely” also saw a significant spike on the universally acknowledged day of love.Point being: you’re not the only one hoping to sleep through the worldwide epidemic of PDA. No shame. Shop here.Lipstick Queen Saint Sheer LipstickWhy not hook up with your ex and champion an inclusive beauty brand at the same time? Shop here.5 Lipsticks for Making Out With Your ExI mean, who hasn’t drunk texted their ex while in the throes of a painful breakup? Need I say more? Shop here.Oribe Power Drops Damage Repair BoosterThat fight may last longer than you think. We’ve really thought this through. Kind of a no-brainer. Since you may not be able to avoid actually going out, here’s a list of products to get you through every bad-at-love situation:5 Mascaras for Crying Your Eyes Out So, maybe that relationship didn’t work out as planned but these mascaras will.Tom Ford Extreme EyeA “luscious, deep-black mascara” for truly intense lashes that won’t fuck with your face. Really, you deserve it. Shop here. Shop here.Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer!A “clean” mascara and primer combo for dramatic lashes that are cry-proof. And it smells great. No one likes Valentine’s Day. No seriously, in the many conversations I’ve had with friends surrounding this ever-polarizing “celebration,” it’s become apparent that people are more likely to be sadder and lonelier on the annual holiday than any other day of the year.Related | Amazon Fashion Secrets: Valentine’s Day EditionAnd a new survey by the GIF search database Tenor confirms this to be true, as it studied billions of keyword searches and found that GIFs matching the word “alone” actually exceed those about love and romance on Feb 14. Shop here.Malin + Goetz Peppermint ShampooThis fan favorite purifies and balances all hair and scalp types. Dump him. It doesn’t stop there. Shop here. Lead image via Getty; Product photos courtesy of brands Guerlain Rouge G Customizable LipstickA customizable, hydrating lipstick with three different finishes and comes in three different cases, for every type of ex. Shop here.R&Co Centrepiece All-In-One Elixir SprayYour all-in-one solution to everything but your ex. Opting instead for make-up sex? Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte LipstickA long-lasting formula that with a single stroke offers an EXTREME matte finish, so you know… Do you, but let’s make sure your hair stays in place: Aveda Nutriplenish Leave-in ConditionerA lightweight leave-in spray that protects your hair for close to 72 hours, so you can really focus on what’s important. Shop here.CLÉ DE PEAU BEAUTÉ Beaute Perfect Lash MascaraA cult favorite product that promises to “separate, lengthen and curl” without much effort, which is honestly what you need right now.

Nikita Dragun Stars In a Brow-Raising Rom-Com

Our approach to makeup is that it should be fun, easy, and we want to provide people with an instant beauty solution. Casting Dragun is a strategic move, as the classic brand aims to amplify the use of influencers in its promotional efforts. This campaign is the perfect combination of those three things.”Dragun, who boasts over 5.9 million in Instagram followers, has built a reputation on her transformative makeup tutorials and relatable life advice. “Influencers are a key part of our marketing strategy and our tag line is laughter is the best cosmetic. Also, Love Archually is a great pun.Photo via Youtube ❤️ Brow playing on a screen near you: Love Archually — starring @nikita_dragun &…”
“As a brand, brows are a huge focus for us and our goal is to be the number-one brow brand,” Bernadette Fitzpatrick, Benefit’s head of marketing told WWD. “Love Archually,” a play on the classic rom-com Love Actually, sees the Dragun Beauty founder promote the beauty label’s two hero products: Gimme Brow + Volumizing Brow Gel and the Precisely, My Brow Pencil.In the comical clip, Dragun can be seen sporting a bright pink outfit with matching hair. Related | Nikita Dragun Wants You to Live Your Fantasy

Benefit Cosmetics US on Instagram: “This season, love is in the hair-like strokes! Beauty influencer, YouTuber and entrepreneur Nikita Dragun has been tapped to star in Benefit’s latest campaign. She made headlines when she posted a viral video in response to transphobic remarks by Victoria’s Secret’s then-Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek. ” It’s so foolish for brands not to come up to the times and to think that this is not a mass market that we can sell to or this is not going to make our sales. I’m hopefully changing that. It’s ridiculous. Her eponymous beauty label, Dragun Beauty, is also currently one of the first beauty brands owned by and made for trans people.”To have people stand up and to have such a movement behind it just really shows that the world is changing,” Dragun told PAPER in a 2019 interview. I’m like, you guys have been on the snooze for too long.”Her latest partnership with a mainstream brand like Benefit definitely marks a step towards trans representation within a space traditionally reserved for cisgendered people.

DevaCurl Customers Allege Hair Loss, Damage From Products

“I was so blinded by my love for DevaCurl… Not only that, but two former brand ambassadors, India Batson and Ayesha Malik, have now uploaded videos about the controversy — with Malik even alleging that her “religious” use of DevaCurl has led to severe problems with her scalp. A number of DevaCurl customers are alleging that they’ve experienced hair damage from using the company’s products.According to the Daily Dot, the curly hair-focused company is under fire following recent reports of hair loss and itchy, flaky scalps after product use — a problem that’s apparently so widespread that two law firms are now interested in pursuing a class-action lawsuit against the brand.The scrutiny reportedly began around 5 months ago and has led to a number of horror stories and reviews accusing the company’s products of causing dandruff and thinning hair. “We don’t speculate on why some people are attributing the challenges with their curls to our products,” the company wrote.That said, a DevaCurl spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that they are now in the process of “conducting additional testing with an independent party.””All of our formulas are subject to rigorous and thorough testing to ensure our products meet strict internal quality assurance standards and regulatory requirements before they reach the market,” they said.Photo via Getty I felt like I was in a cult,” Malik explained to BuzzFeed News, before detailing how her hair began falling out in 2018 — an experience that several other women told the publication also happened to them.In response, DevaCurl wrote in statement that testing had found that there were “no safety issues with our products” and that they were still safe to use.