Chromat Makes Post-Gym Hair Look Good

Women of color are really at the center of its history and any way that we can honor that, we’ll always try to do our part to keep the legacy and its history alive”Photos via Getty “With nails in general, I’m constantly trying to honor the originators of nail art. Everything from the location — staged at the Rise by We gym in the Financial District — to, of course, the performance-ready silhouettes screamed “sports.” The diverse cast of models went so far as to use the gym equipment, actually squeezing a full workout session in.The beauty looks followed suit, redefining the concept of post-gym hair. Related | Christopher John Rogers Is the Heart and Soul NYFW NeedsTo keep the spotlight on the ultra-stylized lids, the rest of the face was kept fairly simple. But the color story continued on the nails courtesy of Lady Fancy Nails who collaborated with CND nail polish.”We’re doing a lot of layering of the colors with ombré and line work,” co-founder Eda Levenson told Vogue. This season, Chromat isn’t playing any games. But the designer duo behind fashion’s favorite body positive label does cite the upcoming Summer Olympic Games as primary inspiration behind their Fall 2020 collection.Related | Chromat Lit Up the Runway With 10th Anniversary ShowAnd it definitely shows. The history of it trails back decades when, a lot of the time, people think that nail art is a new thing. From ponytails in various textures and hefty rope braids with a branded ribbon to thick, colorful locs — the looks may seem hard to replicate but hairstylist Justine Marjan, made sure to keep them fuss-free.”We wanted to create something sporty and realistic with the hair, since the models are doing a live workout,” Marjan told Vogue backstage. “Some girls are rocking their locs, others are rocking their natural curls, and we’re doing a lot of baby hair designs as well.”Over in the makeup department, MAC makeup artist Fatima Thomas was churning up her own rendition of athletic looks. The artist paid homage to vibrant athletic sneakers immortalized by streetwear-obsessed teenagers and the hypebeast Soho/ Bushwick-adjacent crowd alike by crafting identical designs on the lids with graphic liner.

Is James Charles Actually Dua Lipa?

He then goes on to apply face tape, which is strikingly similar to Dua’s facial structure. The final steps of the transformation include recreating green eyeshadow look seen on the singer, applying a light nude lipstick and laying a blonde wig. Photo via YouTube “We have seen a lot of Dua Lipa’s iconic musical moments and we’ve also seen some of my less iconic musical moments so I think it is safe to say I am, unfortunately, not Dua Lipa,” Charles says.Related | James Charles: Sisterhood Is Stronger Than SubscribersCharles starts the video wearing dark contacts and a green turtleneck to mimic Dua’s style. Personally, we see Dua Lipa impersonation tours in Charles’ future. Once Charles perfects the face tape, he moves on to the actual makeup application.After studying Dua’s style on Instagram, noting that she prefers bright colors on the eyes and a fairly even base, Charles attempts to emulate a makeup style that is unlike his own. In a recent video, James Charles addressed what many fans have been wondering for a long time: is Charles actually Dua Lipa? He uses bronzer to contour the sides of his face and his nose, in order to better replicate Dua’s face shape. After some highlight and blush, Charles moves on to the singer’s signature full eyebrows, utilizing brow gel and marker to achieve the look. What’s a good pop star transformation without a wig?Related | Dua Lipa’s ‘Physical’ Causes Collective Gay MeltdownBy the video’s end, Charles is “shocked” at the outcome of the transformation. You never know when the pop star might need a temporary stand-in. But his fans are really the ones gagging. The resemblance between the beauty influencer and the pop star has been a popular topic in memes, tweets and articles.After a quick comparison of their singing voices, the influencer puts the rumors to rest, before transforming himself into his celebrity doppelganger.

Oscar De La Renta Proves a Bold Red Lip Never Fails

You can dress it or undress it, and create a different personality. Curled lashes and the only focus with the femininity and the glamour will be the lip, which was topped with a red orange gloss. “So the entire face is very fresh with no makeup, but beautiful skin, a matte satin finish, eyebrows groomed but not made — the kind you can take care of but in a very natural way. Then because there is nothing around, the lip is taking all the volume.” To create the grand lip, Pecheux switched between the Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor by MAC and The Patent Paint Red Enamel.Meanwhile, hairstylist Odile Gilbert complemented the intense focus on the lip by keeping the hair sleek but straightforward. All the same, super sleek, very straight hair, and then same with the lip. It’s not much to do with the lipstick itself, but how you play around with it. You can do everything, but the beauty of the red lip, it’s very powerful. His words echoed the evening’s “party collection” theme as models walked down a makeshift runway at the New York Public Library. Barely any contour, no highlight–just to give a bit of definition. I think for me, red lipstick is forever. Some versions of it were reinterpreted throughout the lineup, including a black high-slit number with a see-through bodice.As for beauty, the party started on the lips, as powerful shades of red took centre stage. “And that’s why there is in the world of Oscar De La Renta, and even in their joy, there is always sophistication no matter what. But in keeping with its “party” spirit, a range of pouffy dresses, exploding prints and fantastical feathers quickly took over. Related | Helmut Lang Abandoned the Runway in Favor of an Inclusive Photo SeriesStarting with a series of color-blocked daywear options such as roomy coats and wide-legged trousers, the show slowly transitioned towards muted herringbone skirt suits and chunky sweaters embroidered with floral motifs. “It’s been about ‘oh this girl’s got this type of hair, this girl’s got this, they’ve got more of like an individualistic look.’ With this one, we wanted to go back to what it was. Femininity. “The makeup is quite minimal but powerful,” he explained. And I just think of the red lipstick as an iconic song of joy.”Photo courtesy of Luca Cannonieri for MAC Cosmetics It’s almost like in fashion, when you have a bad dress, you make up for it with the red lip.”And he made sure that between the evening’s bling, embellishments, and feathered outfits on display, the tiny pop of red made a statement, keeping the rest of the makeup extremely minimal. So there is a purity, there is a freshness, there is the youth of the face. Remember Scarlett Johansson’s OdlR dress at the Oscars last Sunday? “I don’t know, you look at [the OdlR] collection and you say, ‘Huh, it’s gonna be a fucking good winter,'” Pecheux laughed. But that also meant staying true to the models’ unique hair textures and colors.”Here’s the other thing, a lot of shows, they’ve been — it’s been about the individual,” Michelle Clark, Senior National Artist at MAC told PAPER. “Well you know, what is beautiful remains beautiful,” Pecheux told PAPER backstage. “Once in a while, what people call classic, other people will call it a trend. “Energy. Every model, no matter the skin tone, is the same color.”But towards the end of the evening, the understated glamour of the red lip and all the other vibrant colors on the runway pointed toward a larger message at the heart of the collection: joy and happiness. Glamour!” exclaimed makeup artist Tom Pecheux backstage at Oscar De La Renta.

At Proenza Schouler, the Hair Looked Sexy Pushed Back

“It has everything to repair damaged nails: AHAs, vitamin E, and vitamin B5.”JINSoon continued, “Every single winter I’m asked, ‘Jin, how do you care for your damaged nails with the gels, the acrylics, and all that?’ So I wanted to launch this right now because this can be also essential to fashion week. Obviously they can’t have the hair that wet with the clothes, so I had to have it dry and stay shiny. I’m continuing down the length of the hair with mousse and ‘Hardwear’ gel so it’s wet-looking.”Palau also added that it is a lot harder to replicate on longer hair than a shorter length. “So we’re doing gorgeous, luminous skin, brushing the eyebrows, filling in when necessary, curling lashes, and using a little bit of lip balm on the top of the cheeks to really give that feel. Proenza Schouler is making fall sexy again. So, yes, think of this as skincare for your nails. Keep it messy. “Related | We’re All Misbuttoning Our Coats in 2020Palau stayed true to the mid-’90s aesthetic, while turning the heat up a notch, sculpting slicked back hairdos. It’s like greasy and wet-looking. The cult nail brand is now launching a new category of nail products she calls “Nail Care.” The collection includes a nourishing basecoat, a high shine topcoat and quick dry drops. “I suppose, in an ideal way the boys would feel like these girls just got out of the shower and they combed their hair back and then they got these amazing clothes. “It’s a very tough gesture. “I’m using mousse and a ‘Hardwear’ gel to create that look,” he said. “So I’m playing up just to get the volume in first, then I’m putting the mousse and the gel into the front, then getting the comb lines in, and creating the shape. “It’s a bit more flattering to give the hair a little lift and make it a little messier at the sides,” he continued, adding that the trick to achieving the look is not completely pushing it back. “For nails, JINSoon was brewing her own set of what she cheekily called “moody nudes.” The color palette for the night was kept simple: Nude, clear and matte finish.”It looks really good on everybody and it’s just really cool and edgy,” she explained backstage. “This season was all about the ’90s,” she told PAPER. So we have three looks, in a way very exciting, in a way very not exciting, but it’s all about care, and also a hint of nail art on the pinky.”In addition to breaking down the nail looks for the night, the artist also had a special announcement to make. At one point, their nails are just really sort of ragged and dry. I mean, think about the amount of times the models get their nails done. “The Jin Soon HyperCare series is both nourishing and strengthening,” she said. But the Redken Frizz Dismiss, a product he used generously on all models for the show, can help make the task a lot easier especially when it comes to coarse textures or curly hair.His last piece of advice for your 2020 fall hair? Between the intricately deconstructed silk-tweed jackets and flirty tulle, however, were the sensual beauty looks of the night courtesy of Makeup Artist Diane Kendal, Hairstylist Guido Palau and Nail Artist JINSoon.Kendal struck the right tone by keeping the skin dewy, the hints of all-over highlighter further enhanced with a bright matte red lip. It’s completely matte too, so it looks very modern especially against the dewy skin and wet hair. So this is an extreme version of this.”And if you’re sold on creating this sort of grand take on Winona Ryder-esque glam for yourself, the stylist had some very specific suggestions. And then some girls are getting a bold red lip. The other one is the same but with a matte finish. “The main look today is called ‘Milieu.’ This one has a clear base, top coat, curved lines but only only on the pinky. “I am inspired by mid-’90s, kind of strong, sexy, boyish women in a way,” he told PAPER backstage. The sharp, skin-bearing silhouettes were a bit of a departure for creative directors Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, whose designs traditionally skew boxy. There’s comb marks, there’s that point where girls always want to go a little boyish. That’s about it.”Photo via Instagram/Getty

15 Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts That Aren’t Flowers or Chocolates

Scrambling to find a gift by Valentine’s Day? From luxe scents to quality undergarments to fashionable gear, here are 15 gift ideas that will surely see you stick together. Luxe pajamas are also never out of style.For Freshening Up Before Your DateClick here to shopFor Freshening Up Before Your DateClick here to shopFor Freshening Up Before Your DateClick here to shopFor Freshening Up Before Your DateClick here to shopFor Freshening Up Before Your DateClick here to shopEssential oils, candles or a signature fragrance are all proven gifts for anyone who appreciates a pleasant scent.For Proof You Know What They LikeClick here to shopFor Proof You Know What They LikeClick here to shopFor Proof You Know What They LikeClick here to shopFor Proof You Know What They LikeClick here to shopFor Proof You Know What They LikeClick here to shopYour fashion forward love interest won’t be able to say no to a pair of heart-shaped Celine drop earrings or sleek kicks from RE/DONE, who just released their first women’s sneaker collection ever this month.Photos courtesy of brands Well, at least until the next Valentine’s Day.Related | The Sad Girl’s Beauty Guide to Valentine’s DayFor Getting Them Out of Their ClothesClick here to shopFor Getting Them Out of Their ClothesClick here to shopFor Getting Them Out of Their ClothesClick here to shopFor Getting Them Out of Their ClothesClick here to shop For Getting Them Out of Their ClothesAvailable February 14 on in addition to Net-A-PorterUpgrade their underwear drawer with fun and bold takes on the classic boxer or panties. Skip the cliché box of chocolates or soon-to-die bouquet of roses and gift your significant other with something a little more unexpected.