Billie Eilish’s Neon Roots Are Now a Runway Trend

Dries Van Noten on Instagram: “Women’s Autumn Winter 2020-21 Styling @nancy_rohde Casting @pg_dmcasting Hair @hairbysammcknight Make-up @ingegrognard Video…”
Hairstylist Sam McKnight, who crafted the look, says that while he was primarily inspired by images of Serge Lutens in the 70’s, he acknowledges its similarities to Eilish’s signature. Hair By Sam McKnight on Instagram: “@driesvannoten AW20 Inspired by the images of Serge Lutens in the 70’s. This season saw Dries Van Noten create its own twist on the trend, applying fluorescent feathers models’ hair. Feathers of different textures were sprayed with #moderhairspray…”
Unlike the “Bad Guy” singer’s roots, this look wasn’t achieved by permanent bleach job, but instead by layering “soft neon feathers” around the hair part, topped off with Hair By Sam McKnight’s Modern Hairspray to integrate the feathers more seamlessly. It was only a matter of time before neon roots — made famous by Billie Eilish — started appearing on the runways. McKnight’s hairstyles were enhanced by Inge Grognard’s makeup moment: identical eyeshadows smeared across the lids paired with a punk-y dark lip.Photo via Getty

The Incredible Nuance of Porn Makeup

Rebecca More, one half of viral superstars the Cock Destroyers, isn’t interested in a toned-down aesthetic. But maybe there’s some blemishes on their breasts or something and I say, ‘Hey, can I touch your breasts to cover these up?’ And maybe they don’t want them covered up.”

Rebecca More on Instagram: “CHIC 😘
Yes I’m in the sin bin ✅”
Sunderland, a makeup enthusiast, always brings her own kit to set in case there’s an issue with a makeup artist — something that’s only happened once with someone who wasn’t used to working on a porn set. Big hair, dark smokey eyes, red lips. “I felt like I looked a little crazy, I felt awkward, but personally, I didn’t like the way that I looked. “I love full on super glam, fake lashes, red lip… “If that’s smears, it won’t create a ring on your lips.” He says avoiding heavy foundation is key, because if your scene partner has a beard, “it’s just going to scrape it all off.” But as he learned coming up as a drag queen, plenty of powder can help lock any look in place, no matter how covered in sweat — or other fluids — someone may get. And I learned that I bring my makeup with me everywhere so just in case, I can fix something.”While most female performers are sticking with a natural look, others have made glamour their signature. and black eyeliner,” she says. The internet age brought on the advent of amateur porn, which as of 2019 was still the most searched term on Pornhub. When I think of beauty in the context of porn, I think of the ’70s and ’80s. “You’re not only considering the body but also what’s under the clothes, because they’re going to be coming off.” Stanley is careful about checking in with his performers before working on their body, “because my responsibility is to make sure that they look flawless on camera, and even if they don’t notice something about their own body, it’s my responsibility to check in about it. “That’s what the fans want to see,” she says. So maybe they actually don’t want that birthmark covered because it’s a part of who they are. “The whorier the better.” She’s also not interested in light coverage or constant touch ups to keep her face looking flawless.”I never want my makeup to last,” More insists. “That’s one of the main differences between porn makeup and more editorial makeup,” he says. ” if I don’t look ruined by the end, was it even a porn shoot?”Welcome to You’ve Been Served, Rose Dommu’s alternately irreverent and incisive look at beauty, ranging from the deeply personal to pop cultural — essays, product guides, interviews with artists/influencers/specialists and deep dives into the beauty industry’s impact on internet culture.Photo via Instagram “It’s very nuanced.”Stanley applies the same consideration to performers’ bodies as he does their faces. 😏”
Kendra’s brand is “girl next door,” so the more colorful looks she favors when attending music festivals don’t make sense for when she needs to be on camera. “I think that it makes me look more like myself, makes me look more natural.”

Kendra Sunderland on Instagram: “R u sure u wanna go out tonight babe? “My fans like to see me when I’m just looking natural instead of how they used to do it back in the day, making you look like a bombshell.”Makeup artist Slater Stanley, who has worked on films for Spanish production company Erica Lust, agrees that keeping things light and natural is key when it comes to porn makeup, though he looks at it from a more technical perspective.”Lighter coverage is super, super important for porn makeup because it’s going to be coming off,” Stanley says. “If you do too heavy or too much at the beginning you’re just going to have to keep touching up throughout the entire day because it’s just going to keep getting fucked off.” Related | The Cock Destroyers Have Earned Their Icon StatusThrough trial and error, Stanley learned to stay away from bold lip and eye colors “because it’s going to go everywhere.” Instead, he’ll dab on a liquid-to-matte lipstick to stain the lips with color and then cover them with gloss. And the rise of subscription services like OnlyFans and JustForFans have proven just how hungry people are for a more realistic version of porn.And that more amateur style of porn doesn’t really hold space for the ultra glamorous aesthetic of vintage porn. But it’s not necessarily a look that holds up today, when porn has become more farm-to-table and egalitarian than ever. Today, you’re more likely to see female porn stars with a Kardashian beat than a drag queen one (although those two things are much closer than you would think).Kendra Sunderland, a newly announced Brazzers exclusive model, prefers a light base of foundation and soft peachy colors on her eyes when she’s shooting a scene, whether studio work or for her OnlyFans channel. The over-the-top, high glam look is perfect for the studio porn of days gone by, which were all about fantasy.

What Inspired Lady Gaga’s ‘Kindness Punk’ Makeup

She adds that she “put all my heart, all my pain, all my messages from the other realm” into the new music that she describes as “fun” and “energetically really pure.”The driving themes of these songs have also influenced Gaga’s pop meets punk beauty looks throughout the video, most notably her hot pink hair and dramatic matching cat-eye. She wanted to exude a ‘Kindness Punk,’ someone who fights for kindness and leads with love.”To execute these looks, Tanno devised what she calls the “Kindness Armor,” using bright pops of color. She wanted to feel strong. “I wanted color to be at the forefront of all the glam. I also wanted to create a dynamic bright wing with a sharpened and defined eyeliner in my all-time favorite Liquid Eye-lie-ner in Punk. “An important question I always ask Gaga is, how do you want to feel? To represent her kindness armor, I worked with Face Lace so that it would be able to move and bend with her as she sings and dances. I came up with this idea to create her ‘Kindness Armor’ — something she could put on to empower self-love, self-acceptance and kindness to both herself and others, which is also the ethos of Haus Laboratories.”Related | Sarah Tanno on Creating a Beauty Brand From Scratch With Lady GagaRecreating Gaga’s bubblegum “Stupid Love” look is simple. Tanno says “the makeup look is anchored in a Monochromatic-pink, with the brightest pop of pink on her mouth using Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon in Hot Rod. “For this new era It was so important for me to create something strong and impactful for her iconography,” she says. Photo courtesy of Haus Laboratories It’s a flexible felt tip that I used to draw and create all the artistry looks for Gaga and her dancers.”Watch and stream “Stupid Love,” below and visit for more information. Lady Gaga on Instagram: ““STUPID LOVE”
#StupidLove #ShotOniPhone”
“When I was trying to come up with this first look for Gaga’s new music video, I pulled references and was inspired by the music,” says Makeup Artist and Global Artistry Director for Haus Laboratories Sarah Tanno. “It is full-coverage color; one swipe goes on super smooth, and then dries down to a budge-proof matte finish. Lady Gaga has made a triumphant return to music, with her latest and highly anticipated single, “Stupid Love.” The astral music video, which dropped today, takes place in the middle of a desert, where Gaga can be seen showing off some fierce moves along with a group of dancers she calls “Kindness Punks.””We are definitely dancing,” Gaga says of the new album, in an interview with Zane Lowe for his New Music Daily on Apple Music.