Get Cheekbones Like Gaga

Now, the makeup artist and drag queen wants to give you the opportunity to do the same. Stone, as always, has more tricks up his sleeve. Alexis Stone has long thrilled the beauty community with dramatic transformations into stars like Billie Eilish and Kylie Jenner. Stone will soon be posting a video tutorial on how to properly apply and remove the prosthetic. Prior to doing drag, Stone was a fashion designer and worked with Gaga on creating some of her costumes. “Lady Gaga has been an inspiration to many people, whether or not that’s in terms of music,” Stone says. “However someone decides to display their idea of beauty is really no concern of other people,” he says.Related | Lady Gaga: Life on ChromaticaIt just so happens that Stone collaborated with the company that made the one-of-a-kind, very pointy cheekbones worn during Lady Gaga’s impactful Born This Way era. Related | How I Convinced the World My Replica Was Really MeStone says the prosthetic has been in the works for a few years, and contributes to the evolving conversation surrounding body modification, whether for artistic or personal use. “This was my way of being able to express my idea of beauty.”Stone’s new prosthetics will provide an opportunity for people to safely experiment with their own perception of beauty, regardless of outside scrutiny. “I think just having people like her present inspires people to be themselves.” The Alexis Stone x MFX Warehouse Cheekbones come in four shades — pale, medium, warm and dark — and they’re available for purchase now on the MFX Warehouse website. The responses he received from the viral video, as well as special effects from movies, have served as a consistent source of inspiration for Stone. In a new video, Stone announced the launch of his brand new beauty collaboration with MFX WAREHOUSE: cheekbone prosthetics. “I’ve always wanted to merge the ideas of what we see in movies and real life,” he tells PAPER. He hints, “I will not be posting the devil emoji until I have another reveal.” To keep up with what Alexis Stone will shock us with next, be sure to follow the artist on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel.Photos courtesy of Alexis Stone In the announcement video, Stone seemingly tears away his “skin,” revealing his new product and recalling the time he convinced the world he had undergone botched plastic surgeries.

Zoë Kravitz Responds to Skin Lightening Speculation

one day at a time. However, that also means she isn’t getting as much sun as usual — something that apparently prompted a fan to ask if she was lightening her skin.Related | Zoë Kravitz Was Told She Was Too “Urban” For BatmanEarlier today, Kravitz took to her Instagram to post a “self(ie) quarantine” of herself at home with her dog, alongside with some advice to, “stay inside kids. Just like everyone else, Zoë Kravitz is currently self-isolating in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. one day at a time.” And while most people in the comments seemed to be fixated on her dog or High Fidelity, one fan was a little more concerned about her skin tone.”Am I wrong or she is looking so white in this picture,” as they wrote. A post shared by Zoë Kravitz (@zoeisabellakravitz) on Mar 17, 2020 at 5:16am PDT Photo via Getty This is what happens to some of us mixed us mixed kids when we can’t go outside lol.”See Kravitz’s post, below. “Please don’t tell me you are getting ready of your melanin, you are so beautiful with your natural color.” That said, Kravitz appeared to take it in stride, as she simply responded by explaining, “Jesus. View this post on Instagram self(ie) quarantine. stay inside kids. no girl.

Watch Kidd Kenn’s Eyebrow Tutorial

Granted, as evidenced by Kidd Kenn’s recent video tutorial, we weren’t the only ones.Working toward a more natural look with a “cute, little” arch, Kenn’s technique involves a lot of brushing, careful outlining, and dark brown (“not black, you hoes!”) brow cream. And though he doesn’t share his products of choice, it’s still an informative, helpful watch for anyone who’s ever wanted a crisp, IG-ready eyebrow.Related | It’s a Good Time to Be Kidd KennThat said, it may take you a little practice — seeing as how he’s been doing it since sixth grade — but with all this extra self-isolation time, there’s now zero excuse to not emerge from quarantine with a next-level brow, courtesy of Kidd Kenn. Watch the tutorial in full, below.Photography: Brendan Carroll for PAPER Though you may primarily know Kidd Kenn for his sprightly singles and cheeky wordplay, his eyebrows are also something worthy of their very own cult following.In fact, ever since he first popped up on our radar, his brows — subtle highlight, delicate arch, and all — have always made us do a double take.

Tommy Dorfman and Kaia Gerber Share Quarantine Makeovers

In the pics, Dorfman sports a liquid matte lip, while Gerber shows off a multi-hued eyeshadow look, combining shades of green, yellow, blue and red with combed-through brows and shiny, clear lipgloss. good to have hobbies and loved ones and family while quarantining. also add me on tik tok. Dorfman later gave the model a partial lip look, experimenting with shapes and placement.Related | Break the Internet: Pete DavidsonIn the caption, Dorfman said the two are “getting decent at makeup during this time,” and that it’s “good to have hobbies and loved ones and family while quarantining.”Let the two inspire your own quarantine makeovers by swiping through their three pictures, below:

tommy dorfman on Instagram: “getting decent at makeup during this time! (kaia…”
Photo via Instagram What to do while social isolating? Makeovers.Posting to Instagram, the 13 Reasons Why actor (and PAPER cover photographer) showed off the looks he and Gerber gave each other while quarantining. seems to be the eternal question these days, and Tommy Dorfman and Kaia Gerber have another suggestion to throw into the mix when you’re tired of collective Netflix bingeing or watching a concert livestream.

Design 18th Century Wigs While You’re Trapped Inside

The site informs that “hair was built up with padding and hair pieces” that could be made of everything from “human to horse hair,” and that “gooey pastes made of pig fats kept everything in place.”The player then drags out their wig to a shape of their choice and can add feather decorations, bows and powder to create hot air balloon-inspired looks, or those suitable enough to greet the queen herself.Create your own Rococo wig, here, and share it with friends. Similar to the 18th Century, the world today is experiencing a pandemic, keeping many of us quarantined and in need of new activities to try. Check out the museum’s other digital offerings here. Yes, we’re talking about those sky-high, voluminous and iconic wigs worn by those in Hamilton and beyond.The museum, (that closed to the public this week in light of coronavirus) has launched a virtual wig-designing activity that also educates players about hair fashions from that era. It allows you to “create and share your own hair-raising design,” and its first step is to “comb out from the head to sculpt the hair.”Related | Katy Perry: Outside the BoxFun facts about wigs (and kind of gross facts) are given as creators make their wigs. Thanks to London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, you can now add “wig design” of that time period to your list of skills.