NikkieTutorials Updates Fans After Being Robbed at Gunpoint

For respecting us and for having our backs. And though she’s still apparently unable to share details about the ongoing investigation, de Jager did upload a new YouTube video over the weekend to let people know that she’s doing “okay.”Related | NikkieTutorials and Fiancé Robbed at Gunpoint at Home”In these years, I got to do some of the most amazing things, but also shared my darkest days with you. “When is life gonna be like, ‘Okay, you’re good people, here’s some good things?'” Granted, as alluded to in the title of the video, the star went on say that makeup is her “therapy” — something that couldn’t be “taken away” from her. “So maybe, one day, I’ll be able to tell you everything. “I need to joke around to get over this,” she said as she began her Barbie doll-inspired makeup tutorial, even going so far as to joke that “not to prime… And I can tell you today is one of those dark days,” she began, before outlining the basics of what happened.”Having one of those worst nightmares come true is very surreal, but it also puts a lot of things in perspective. For giving us time. In life, the most important thing is health, family, and friendships,” she said. But right now, it’s impossible for my mental state.”As de Jager explained, the terrifying experience — compounded by recent news that a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer — has made the aftermath of this trauma all the more difficult to reckon with. That said, de Jager ended things on an uplifting note by thanking her fans for their outpouring of support.”I want to thank you for being there for us. “I am so beyond grateful to be able to sit in my studio today and film a brand new video for you guys like nothing happened.”Watch her entire video, below.Photo via Getty And being in good health is even more important,” she continued. “It’s like, when is it enough?” she said. is a crime” at one point. Now more than ever, you realize that family is everything. Nikkie de Jager, aka NikkieTutorials, has given fans an update on how she’s doing after she and her fiancé Dylan Drossaers were robbed at gunpoint.Earlier this month, the couple were held at gunpoint by three people during a break-in that occurred at their house in the Netherlands.

Ashley Tisdale Opens Up About Removing Her Breast Implants

Suspecting that these issues could’ve been caused by her implants, Tisdale reveals that she made the decision last winter to undergo explant surgery in order to get them removed. She took the opportunity to spread the word about Breast Implant Illness. “Prior to the surgery, I constantly felt my body was less than, and thought this change would make me feel more whole and more secure about myself,” she explains. “I can’t say I’m the proudest of the choices I made in the past but I don’t regret it because it got me here today.”Photo via Getty/Dominik Bindl In what she describes as her “most personal post [she’s] ever shared,” Ashley Tisdale is opening up about her decision to get her breast implants removed.Tisdale, who’s previously been candid about her struggles with depression and anxiety, detailed the reasons why she initially decided to undergo breast enhancement surgery. RuPaul’s Drag Race Judge Michelle Visage revealed last year during the finale of Season 11 about getting hers removed, which she attributed to developing Hashimoto’s disease in her late twenties. Despite the fact that stigmas surrounding cosmetic surgery have gradually waned over the years as it becomes more commonplace and widespread, talking about it still remains largely taboo. “And for a short period of time…it did.”Related | How Ashley Tisdale Found Her VoiceShe goes on to say that after a while she began to notice minor health complications such as gut issues and food sensitivities that started to crop up. “This journey has been one of growth, self discovery, self acceptance and most importantly self-love,” Tisdale writes, going on to espouse the importance of living a “non-toxic life” and promote her newly launched health and wellness platform, Frenshe. Login • Instagram
Tisdale is one of many celebrities like Chrissy Tiegen, Yolanda Hadid and Ayesha Curry who have recently opened up about their decision to get their implants removed.