Just tucked a .38 up in my boots nigga yee haw
We got chops that come in all sizes nigga beat on
Damn I love them hundreds when they blue, it make my meat hard
Be hard to tell when niggas throwing shade or if it’s seasalt
On the gang [Verse]
No I am not Daniel Son but I’m kickin’ nigga’s asses
Niggas acting like they snakes, might as well sit ’em with the rats
Let me see a raise of hands, now who done did a nigga bad? Slide down and come and get your car flipped
Thinking ’bout buying a house, all my life been in apartments
You ever been so up in life then end up right back where you started? Brenda’s having a baby
I’m acting different on these hoes but I’m still eating who I starved on
Oh you think you big and bad? p*ssy nigga pick your battles you’ll be losing a bro
Catch a opp buying some woods I’m letting loose in the store
And when they ask me what I’m doing I’m like, “Doin’ the most”
Shoulda known you wasn’t wit’ me by the look in your eyes
Before I realized you was fake shit it took me some time
If my nigga turned his back I won’t be looking surprised
Looking for a life to end, why niggas looking for mine? You got my name up in your mouth I’ll put your name on that shell
Put your time in yourself them hoes’ll be here forever
I been let down so many times so why the f*ck could I let up? Heard you niggas searching for me well ain’t looking hard enough
You better sit your lil’ ass down before we pull a card or something
Everybody double fisted wouldn’t want to startle us
I’ll never tote a Sig bitch all we tote is army guns
‘Cause I’m authentic when I speak no I can’t lie about this shit
Catch a opp with a stock ten I’m shooting 9 up out that bitch
Remember bro wanted to shine that’s why it’s lights up on the wrist
I’m lightweight famous on the low won’t see me riding with no tint
Put your life in someone’s hands and hurt nobody but yourself
I ain’t been sober for three years I keep on f*cking up my health
Why niggas talking out they ass like I won’t whoop ’em wit’ the belt? And nigga I’m my own person nobody created me
Who gon’ be there for support? I’m home alone reminiscing ’bout my grandma Rebecca
It don’t matter what you do my nigga get it together
And I be saying f*ck the streets but I could never leave ’em
Why niggas claim they be outside but we don’t ever see ’em? And all I gotta do is nod them boys gon’ dig you in the grass
How we let them niggas cross us when we knew they was hoes?