Children Chorus:
Who's that man that's got that song
That's bumpin' on the radio
You know
You know
And Sicko is his name-o
[Mr. Lil' One
Who's, that
Pumpin' in the back
Who's, that
Pumpin' in the front
Who's, that
Who doin' so classic
All around the world, man, everybody askin'
Repeat Children Chorus
(Verse 2)
Soon as I walk in the club, everybody like "Damn!"
Everybody and they mom wanna grab me by the hand
Ain't nothin' special, I'm just one of the greats
And your time will come soon, you just patiently wait
I'm the first and the last, all day
I came here to do this, here, my way
I'm a legend like Chente, classic like 'Pac
Can't take what I got, see, it's naturally top
And my love for the street's so grimey
Come from the heart, baby boy, don't try me
I put a smile on your face, little sunshine
A little love, every one, but they're on time
Repeat Hook
Repeat Children Chorus
(Verse 3)
[Lil' Uno] Ain't no need to be dramatic, we're on top of the line
I put that chill in your spine, while he still on his prime
And that's fine
Yeah, you just speak it how you want, though
Triple O.G., I been doin' it for so long
And I'm just so difficult to deal with
Ain't too many left I can keep it real with
So I kick it like this cause I had to
[Samoan] Somebody gotta bring it back
[Lil' Uno] Well, I'd be glad to
Excelente, screamin' for an encore
I can't stop, man, the whole world want more
So loud, crowd boogie to the beat, now
It's the Boogieman, 'bout to bring the heat now
Repeat Hook
Repeat Chorus
Break: Mr. Lil' One]
(Verse 1)
I been waitin' for this moment, and finally, it's here
The monster of the dawn, Lil' Uno reappear
Come on over here, bring along all your peers
Holla at a player, put "Flava In Ya Ear"
Party all night til the morn' time
Right before I leave, I do this one more time
So so fine, little mama's on mine
So fresh, so clean, never small time
And where the players at, holla at ya boy, One
Little bodies in the back, come and get some
I'm a lay back, cheer for the old school
See, I do what I do, cause I'm 'posed to
Hook: Mr. Lil' One]
Sicko Records, baby
We ain't going nowhere
I see you, Fingazz
Ha ha ha
"Fi-fi-fi-Fingazz on the track…" Lil' One
Now everybody say, "Hey"
Now everybody say, "What"
And all the ladies say, "Hey"
And all the fellas say, "Hey"
Repeat Chorus