Vivi on my knuck’s, yo’ face all crystally
Shut the f*ck up why you keep bitchin’ me? I want a watch (no Tik Tok)
No Tik Tok, trick
I got a job
And I f*ckin’ hate it
I don’t got bars
I want a patient
I want a war wit’ y’all
I want a piece
I jus’ wanna talk
Stomp on ya’ feet
I’m in the club, and I’m happy
I jus’ cheated the confines and got a
[Verse 2: fades]
Gettin’ rich before I’m signed off this scammin’ shit
Said what’s yo’ account and routin’ number, I’ma handle it
Snatch my old girl back from a model, feelin’ scandalous
Grab the bottle [?]
Off of these drugs, pray that my heart stop
New it boy, 20-year-old heartthrob
Gotta hit Chase at 9, set my alarm clock
Treat you like an ass, call me running fades Farquaad, ayy
[Verse 3: STONEMAN]
Write these lines on me
Scribble through my arteries
Awake, f*ckin’ finally
Wait a lot of time and then you’ll break
Why you hard to see? Big fat slut over here tryna kiss on me
[Bridge: BRUHMANEGOD, fades]
f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you
f*ck you (f*ck you), f*ck you (f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you), f*ck you
f*ck [?]
[Verse 5: fades]
Bitch bolt down
My cakes up
Run this shit back
Can’t wait up
I move fast
I take dubs
Used yo’ bank
Then snaked ya’
Noosed out, stringin’ me
Reaper bringin’ me
New man entering
Shaved my head
I feel like Brittany
I feel like Brittany
Got new meds
That Alpal gettin me
Is you shittin’ me? [Verse 1: BRUHMANEGOD]
I wanna not, bitch
Why do you talk shit? Special message, I’ma let Pete Pistol speak
Pull up in the CT, like where Bristol be? Make it f*ckin’ known that you will snake
Can’t go spitefully
I’on take no pleasure in these games
When I go I’ll go in flames
This rusty chain
Wrapped around his f*ckin’ brain
It’s hollow stain
No, Hollow Knight, I pulled the stakes
You in my way
Tryna work with burnin’ rubble
Made a place
Why the f*ck you want my plates? I make history, yeah I’ll run the gates
Bite through his face
I miss the mace
[Verse 4: fades, STONEMAN, BRUHMANEGOD, & fades]
I stand there, arms crossed, yo’ banter don’t get to me
You a lil ass boy, your shooters ain’t shit to me
I ain’t number two, like is you shittin’ me? Like, is you kidding me?