You know I just came back
From uh
You know what I'm saying
My city
Now I'm back in my other city
[Verse 1]
It's a lesson to be learned if you f*cking with me
But that shit won't even matter cause you won't f*cking see
Let my f*cking dreads swing as I'm parting the sea
If you tryna get to me, bitch it's gon be a fee
Down deep in Tennessee
I remember the dreams
Nowadays niggas just be rapping to scheme
f*ck it though
Bitch I made it out my way with no plan
Traveled across the world just so I understand
This shit ain't a game, why these niggas be playing
You jump into this industry you become a plant
Never trust a bitch and let her know where you at
You f*cking on that bitch and now she f*cking your mans
It's a dirty game
Better watch where you stand
You thinking he your nigga but he plotting the drags
If they ain't rooting for you then they ain't your friends
You gotta keep it real or you won't over stand
Niggas kill each other and still work for the man
Mane theres just some shit that I can never withstand
Be your own boss and go find you a plan
Take a couple losses just to build to up your brand
[Hook x2]
Why the f*ck you niggas steady tripping on these hoes
Make it
Get it back
Keep your business on the low
Still the same nigga, but you know how that shit go
Niggas acting different cause the fame all they know
[Verse 2]
Had to change shit
Brought myself back to life
Rappers trying hard just to compete by my side
We ain't cool bitch
And you know that we alright
Sun shining
And I'm shining, may be too bright
I may say some mean ass shit but that's alright
You go through some mean ass shit but that is life
I can't tell you how the f*ck we made it through the cold
A lot of niggas getting on
They struggled at the most