Dre is apparently finished with his latest album. I just want to hear a new Dre album full of bangers.”
This Dr. Rap fans know that the two usually support each other’s musical endeavors. On November 16 he Tweeted: “This Dr. We been within WAY to long. His reputation as a perfectionist when it comes to music is well known and so fans are almost certain that if this latest album is eventually released they can expect a well-produced work of art. The mastermind behind many beats and rappers alike in the 1990s and beyond, Dr. One was called Detox and the other Planets. As respected and revered as he is in the rap game it might be surprising to many that he’s only ever released three solo albums in 1992, 1999, and 2015. Dr. Dre album sounding ?????. Though still not confirmed that this one will be released, apparently Detroit rapper, actor, and comedian Page Kennedy has revealed that he’s heard some of the new music from Dre. We say if it’s released because at least two projects that Dre teased haven’t been. Hope y’all get to hear ?,” which elicited numerous responses from Twitter fans like, “Damn man… you can’t do this to us. It’s kinda shitty to just put that out there with now info on a release date, or even IF it’s gonna be released,” and “Don’t play with my emotion like this. Another clue that the album may be for real is the fact that Dre has been seen at many different studios in sessions with various artists like Busta Rhymes, and even Quavo. Facebook
Twitter — Page Kennedy (@PageKennedy) November 17, 2020

Well he def on this one lol. Dre album sounding. Dre’s highly anticipated and oft-delayed new album is done, according to Page Kennedy. — Page Kennedy (@PageKennedy) November 17, 2020

As fans began to ask more questions about the project Page indicated that Eminem is also on the album. He also indicated that based on what he heard there may be an entire album in the works. Hope y’all get to hear? There’s no definitive word as to when it will be released but fans are clamoring to hear from the master producer once again and the hope is that this one doesn’t get shelved as well.