Okay, bool
Fools, for-for freaks, I'm a fool (I'm a fool)
I left codeine on your dresser, I ain't forget my tool (Too much codeine)
That's how you knew I was going to bust a move (Brrt)
[Verse 2: Future]
I'm dripping mud on my shoes, yeah, got slatts by the twos
Switchin' out Jimmy Choos, I don't play by the rules, yeah
I done spilled on your crew, gotta keep a mop on me too, yeah
Feel like a god changin' my bezel, in a small place, I'm with the devil, yeah
Bodies on bodies, we goin' crazy, crazy
Mexico bae, bando late
Wherever we go, you know we gotta play
Do that shit right, you know you gettin' paid (You know you gettin' paid)
She toppin' me off, she do it so great
A real big boss, you know how I play
I can't take a loss so I f*ck her in the face
I'm gettin' to the paper, now I'm who she chase
Bustdown her neck like that shit wasn't okay
Put your carats in, you're one hundred K
Any problems, throw a hundred on the case
You know the move, buy back the case
I sip the mud every single damn day
I'm seein' so much hate around my way
Ice on freezer, thirty below
Ice on the p*ssy, you know how it glow
Three hundred hitters, they ready to blow
Keep it one thousand and keep it uncut
You gotta meet a nigga at the dock
I'm 'bout to do a three-sixty in your spot
'Bout to do a three-sixty turnin' off the lot
'Bout to do a windmill in your thot
See, I'm her baby
She gon' be there for me a trillion billion times
Yes, I'm a grinder, girl
And I get higher than the moonlight
[Chorus: Future]
Can I jump inside your pool? (Woo)
One-of-one for these, no, these not Ray-Bans
I got these straight from RiRi
I ain't even go in my savings
My money older than Ricky
Why the f*ck these niggas hating? Okay, bool
Fools, for-for freaks, I'm a fool
Woah, yeah (Why?)
These niggas really too broke (Yes)
I just got forty million from Roc Nation
Nigga, no, that's not a joke (At all)
Big strawberry ice cream diamonds on my neck
Chopper got banana boat (Yeah)
Pull up with a Rolls-Royce Cullinan on these niggas, white like brick of coke (Yeah)
All my bitches out LA, they like to flick on they nose, yeah (Woah)
Tell the plug I'm on the way, my boys need a brick of the dope, yeah
All these diamonds on my neck, I'd f*ck around, sink in the ocean (Woah)
Countin' up all these blue checks, I swear that I need some lotion (Yeah)
[Chorus: Future & Lil Uzi Vert]
Can I jump inside your pool? [Intro: Future & Lil Uzi Vert]
Let's dive in
Let's lock it in (Ayy, Brandon, man, why you—)
Ayy, bank accounts gon' shrink up (Yeah)
Every time we link up (No way, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'm her baby (I'm her baby), yeah
We did it sixty-eight, f*ck sixty-nine (Yeah)
[Verse 1: Lil Uzi Vert]
Yes, I'm her baby, yeah (Let's go)
We did a sixty-eight, f*ck sixty-nine, yeah (Woah)
Well, I'm just sayin', yeah, uh (I'm just sayin')
No, I'm not trippin', boy, go live your life, yeah (Go live your life)
No, I'm not dumb, no, yeah (Let's go)
But where I'm from, you get shot sixty times, yeah (Brrt)
I spend a hundred, I can't drop a dime, yeah (No way)
If you from the gutter, you gon' read the signs, yeah (Okay)
I never talk to police, I got me a bad bitch and she straight from Belize, uh
I had to fly the bitch in, put her right on a jet, but she basic to me, yeah (Let's go)
Wasn't even at the crib when she landed, I made the bitch wait for the D (I did)
She lick it up like she rollin' the blunt, so I made that girl face it for me (Let's go, yeah)
I f*cked that bitch but she already taken
I'm in the 'Rari, I'm racin'
Different color stones on my neck (Yeah)
How can you say that I'm racist? Okay, bool
Fools, for-for freaks, I'm a fool
I left codeine on your dresser, I ain't forget my tool
That's how you knew I was going to bust a move (Ayy, Brandon, man, why you do that?)
[Outro: Lil Uzi Vert]
Can I jump inside your pool?