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You also really, really loved K-pop. (You all clicked on that article a lot, so apparently you needed it — thank you, Chris.) What we didn’t need, though? Then we got into aliens (because why not?) when the Pentagon finally released Tom DeLonge’s previously top secret UFO footage. Online stan wars raged on (while neighboring stan accounts lost hope), Grimes took this unsettling photo of Elon Musk and Kanye West, and Timothée Chalamet got caught in some drama with then rumored girlfriend Eiza González. PAPER readers were very invested, as was the internet. Strange monoliths also started popping up around the world, although those were likely separate from anything extraterrestrial. Perfect fodder for an anxious internet. The final month of an absolutely shit storm of a year. In a final twist, we received The 40 Best K-pop Songs of 2020Let Yungblud Teach You How to Be WeirdIan Jeffrey Is the Next Model to WatchWelcome to Five Days of Rico NastyLil Nas X Knows You’ve Been Naughty Probably true. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez and Hayley Williams kept PAPER readers clicking, and Kylie Jenner somehow became a Middle Eastern meme. Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through.Lady Gaga: Life on ChromaticaAdam Ray Okay Has Reached a Pop Culture PeakWhen White Kids Grow Up on the Black InternetRockstar Guru Sadhguru Tells Us How to Live a Joyful LifeThe Incredible Nuance of Porn MakeupAprilAs we all started settling into quarantine, PAPER checked in a few friends to see how they’re passing the time. Meanwhile on TikTok, austistic women thrived and an amazing account emerged that rates how celebs act toward service workers. (Meanwhile, new romance blossomed elsewhere in Cali.) PAPER readers continued to obsess over beauty news, but especially when YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials came out as transgender (with subsequent drama in the following days). Elsewhere in May, Florence Pugh’s face in Midsommar sparked a viral meme and the gays were given Lady Gaga’s “Rain on Me.” The 1975 also released their new album, Notes on a Conditional Form, which you all loved. When the outside world shut down in 2020, we all turned to our phones for entertainment. We’re getting old. This was also the month that the internet was introduced to Nathan Apodaca, the viral TikToker whose Ocean Spray skateboard video stole the hearts of millions (including Fleetwood Mac). YouTubers kept quite busy this fall, with David Dobrik launching his own perfume line, Nikita Dragun partnering with Morphe Cosmetics and Tana Mongeau… Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through.We Love New York!Nevada Is Officially a MemeFlo Milli Is Here for More Than a MomentHow Kylie Jenner Became a Middle Eastern MemeFashion Owes a Debt to the Grande Dame Karen HugerDecemberAh, December. In the world of fashion, there were a few glimmers of joy (before the world descended into darkness) with Harry Styles wearing Marc Jacobs to the BRIT awards in London and Fendi making history with its first plus-size runway models. But please never stop. Go ahead, click it again. This was also the start of a long year filled with coronavirus memes. Politics! doubled down on its fight for civil rights and, especially, defunding the police. The Four Seasons Total Landscaping parking lot? This was also the month of Emily in Paris, the Netflix series that spawned a million memes and renewed interest in French style under costumer Patricia Field. Oh, and PAPER readers really loved this list of 10 Instagram dogs to follow. Below, we’ve reviewed and organized the top performing stories of 2020, from January to December — and it’s a wild ride, to say the very least. Billie Eilish also joined TikTok this month, but soon after changed her original iconic handle (RIP @coochiedestroyer5). Remember Ariana Grande washing her hands? Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through.See How Alexander McQueen Brought These Students’ Sketches to LifeMichaela Coel Looks Beyond Binaries With ‘I May Destroy You’Kreayshawn Asks Fans Not to Stream ‘Gucci Gucci’Did We Overhype Timothee Chalamet as a Style Icon?This Generation of Comedy Is QueerAugustAfter releasing their “WAP” video, searches for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion spiked on Pornhub (a 235% increase for Cardi and 210% increase for Meg). In other sex-related news, drag artist Alexis Stone leaked a fake sex tape with her body double and broke down her viral project, Exploited, with PAPER. Your thumbs must be tired from all the clicking, scrolling and sharing. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to entertain bored TikTokers, many of whom started shaving down their teeth to partake in a viral “veneers check” trend. Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through.PAPER People: @xowiejonesKenshi Yonezu’s Kaleidoscopic WorldAlexa Demie’s Rumored Age Sparks Memes About Her ImmortalityThe Star of Lady Gaga’s ‘911’ Video Is No HallucinationBlackbear Knows the Vibes Are Weird Right NowOctoberThe Country Music Awards couldn’t handle Noah Cyrus’ sheer performance look, but thankfully the star clapped back at her critics. And a long year filled with conspiracy theories, beginning with Keri Hilson’s claims that 5G was behind COVID’s global spread. Of course, PAPER readers clicked on a lot of celebrity gossip, but we love you for that. Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through.In Conversation: Rebecca Sugar and Noelle StevensonThe Celebrity Tea Account Distracting Us From the PandemicHow ‘I May Destroy You’ Challenges Our Perceptions of Sexual ConsentThe K-Pop Fans Who Tweet Fake NewsTikTok’s Cottagecore Influencers Explain the TrendSeptemberIn September, Chris Evans accidentally shared a screenshot of his phone’s photo gallery that included his own dick pics. In the midst of conversations surrounding Black Lives Matter, Lady Antebellum rebranded as Lady A, and the internet started calling on the band formerly known as the Dixie Chicks to remove “Dixie” from their name. The internet quickly became addicted to their love affair. But you also prioritized the important topics, from Black Lives Matter to hypocrisy in the entertainment industry. The surprise Cheetah Girls reunion kept everyone clicking, as well as Lupita Nyong’o’s “afro clouds” hair and the story of one sad journalist who decided it was appropriate to criticize Blue Ivy Carter’s appearance. Oh, and Zayn and Gigi announced their baby. The internet also discovered what Rihanna smells like: “Shea butter and success,” according to Black-ish star Miles Brown. The queers won big with Elliot Page’s coming out, Troye Sivan’s mullet, Harry Styles in a dress (let’s not give him too much credit) and Shawn Mendes’ public apology for misgendering Sam Smith, who uses they/them pronouns. You loved debating over celebrity hairstyles, getting naked on TikTok and following the latest in meme culture. All those Lady Gaga outfit changes live in our heads, rent-free. A Ratatouille musical emerged on TikTok, while the platform also gave us an astrologist’s alarming prediction about the fate of Joe Biden in 2021. This was also the month the internet discovered — and fell in love with — a very sad bulldog named “Big Poppa.” His melancholy was like a mirror and everybody shared the shit out of his photos. Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through.Lauren Jauregui and Chika Are the Role Models They Never HadSkrillex Interviews 100 gecs About the Future of MusicKaytranada and Jaboukie Check in on Each OtherNikkieTutorials: Guiding the Next GenerationChristine and the Queens Was Born to RuleJulyBefore things crumbled with their relationship, July was the month Demi Lovato announced her engagement to actor Max Ehrich. Sandra Bland became a focal point, as people demanded that past cases of police brutality and negligence be reopened. PAPER readers particularly loved Manu Rios’ photo diary, probably because he’s hot. We scrolled for hours, days, weeks, maybe even months if you add up all our screen time — especially when the puzzle making and experimental baking era of early lockdown got old. Aaron Carter doing porn, but he persisted nonetheless with a livestream nude guitar performance. Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through.Lena Dunham Is a Model NowRebecca Black Was Ahead of Her TimeDavid Dobrik Gets a Style OverhaulMLMA Serves Up Cursed Fashion in Crispy CrocsDon’t Cry for KeshaMarchWhen the world first started grappling with COVID, Vanessa Hudgens took a big hit with her polarizing comments on an Instagram Live. Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through. There was also renewed focus on the safety of Black trans women, who’re the most at-risk in terms of everyday violence. Very sweet. You all fell into her trap, yet again. Perhaps a sign of our dwindling mental health in March, the internet couldn’t stop debating over whether or not Andrew Cuomo’s nipples are pierced. Very hot. Also: Shaq dropped a thirsty comment on Megan Thee Stallion’s Instagram Live, haven’t we all? Oh, and Wendy Williams wore Telfar. “Justice for George Floyd” became Change.org’s biggest petition fo 2020. Thankfully, we had brief levity in the form of Harry Styles wearing fishnets, which you all clicked on a lot. Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through.The People’s KingAdore Delano Gives Us a Sneak Peek of Her OnlyFansSay Welcome Back to SEVENTEENThe Girl Who Can Change Her FaceJari Jones Believes in a Brand New AmericaNovemberAlthough the 2020 election was nail-biting, its resulting memes provided some necessary relief. Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through.The Hypocrisy of Red Carpets Under Climate ChangeGucci Takes Toxic Masculinity to Task for Fall 2020What Tops Do Bottoms Wear on a Red Carpet?Vaquera Model’s Angsty Walk Goes ViralIt’s Time to Have the Colorism ConversationFebruaryOne month into 2020 and we were gifted Charlotte Awbery, the viral singer who covered Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” in a train station to massive praise. offering booty pics in exchange for Biden votes. Black creatives continued to prevail, including Saweetie with her hit single, “Tap In,” as well as all these Black-owned fashion businesses. And Britney Spears. Tess Holliday’s Grammys strawberry dress — which landed her on several worst dressed lists — sparked a debate on thin privilege, and another red carpet at this year’s remote VMAs kept the internet talking. Jeffree Star boyfriend drama reemerged, and people briefly believed that Halsey and Cara Delevingne were dating. As it turns out, PAPER fans were invested in some pretty strange stories (This one about a terrifying giant baby, for example, never leaves the charts). Jay Manuel gave PAPER piping hot tea, “skin therapist” Sean Garrette dished on his ultimate beauty secrets, and Kali Uchis opened up about activism and autonomy. Nevada’s slow election results? And it did quickly. Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through.Adriene Mishler Is the Patron Saint of QuarantineWhat Happens When Your Fave Blocks Your Stan Account?Sydney Sweeney: Queen of HeartsCopyright Claims Are Ruining Livestreams for EveryoneArca: Embracing the FluxMayWith George Floyd’s murder, the world became newly awakened to cruel injustices towards the Black community. Here are five other PAPER stories you couldn’t stop scrolling through.Unfollow Every Celebrity Except January JonesEva Victor on The Sims, ‘Sex and the City’ and Kristen StewartWhy Can’t Male Celebrities Feed Themselves?Hayley Williams Rages OnVillanelle’s 10 Most Stylish Looks on ‘Killing Eve’JuneJune is typically a month dedicated to LGBTQ+ pride, but with physical spaces still shut down under COVID the community turned to protest instead. They’ve since had that baby. And Lady Gaga. That “BBQ Beer Freedom” guy? Good luck and here’s to hoping 2021 is less of a mess. JanuaryThe New Year kicked off with an online frenzy surrounding Jeffree Star’s seemingly flawless relationship with then boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, which ultimately came to an end. This wasn’t the beginning of Black Lives Matter — nor the beginning of racial inequality whatsoever — but the U.S. In a final twist, we received further confirmation that alien life exists (they just don’t think we’re ready to meet them yet). (That same Saga NYC outfit went on to dominate 2020 Google searches.) Elsewhere in October, Vaquera kicked off an Instagram butt challenge throughout New York City and BLACKPINK’s Lisa wore this new Celine bag to widespread fandemonium.

Halsey Reportedly Has a Makeup Line

View this post on Instagram A post shared by TRENDMOOD (@trendmood1) I’m so excited I just bought so much shit from @halsey new makeup line to try on YouTube!!!!— NICOL CONCILIO (@nicolconcilio) December 31, 2020 Just ordered a ton of the @halsey about face makeup to try out for a video! 😎— Smokey Glow✨ (@glow_smokey) December 31, 2020 Photo via Getty Related | Twitter Can’t Handle Halsey and YouTuber Corpse HusbandPer the beauty news account, the initial collection features 11 products — including eye paint, eyeshadow sticks, and setting spray — that are available for purchase via a special early-access code on www.about-face.com.Not only that, but several fans and MUA YouTubers have already tweeted about purchasing products. Halsey reportedly has her very own makeup line now.As reported by Nylon, the speculation started earlier this week after a post from Trendmood teased the launch of her “multi-dimensional makeup” brand, About Face. In the meantime though, you can check out what other people are saying re: About Face, below. First new brand review of 2021? Meanwhile, others have begun digging through Halsey’s past posts for clues about the launch, particularly older, makeup-related photos that tagged the mysterious user “@a_b_o_ut______.”Halsey herself has yet to confirm the launch.