This is still very personal, but it is more about enhancing your quality of being at home.For more info, visit Each of the five brand-new, exclusive scents carries with them their own unique and modern aura, encouraging users to activate their own personal mixology of their identities. Using unexpected combinations of woods, florals, spices and fruits, they ultimately meant for a bold and authentic expression of self.How is the process different from creating candle scents to fine fragrance scents different or similar? We’ve been fragrance lovers from day one and always knew that we wanted to expand this way. We wanted to use the highest quality fragrance, natural materials and advanced master perfumery techniques. We got to use a broader and rarer palette of olfactive notes, ones that interact with the personal chemistry of the skin. We want to channel each wearer’s unique nature to life, so the process was very intricate and intimate. Each scent embodies this perfect juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity. Perfume has always been a strong form of self-expression and with the recent rise of #perfumetiktok, more and more audiences are becoming invested in capturing their olfactory personality.Related | Boy Smells’ Kush Candles Will Enhance Your IsolationBoy Smells worked with one of the leading sources of natural ingredients for fragrances, Robertet, to develop these “genderful” scents, which are all available in 65ml bottles and retail for $98. “At Boy Smells we embrace a wider view of identity,” Herman says, “encouraging everyone to radiate their true selves.”Ahead of Cologne de Parfum’s launch today, PAPER caught up with Herman to talk about Boy Smells and blurring the lines of masc and femme.What was the inspiration behind this move into the fragrance space? We’re so excited that the time has finally come for us to bring this to life. We always start with visuals and emotions, the subtle connections between art, idols, pop culture, architecture and design. “Suede Pony”Top Notes: Saffron, Pineapple, Cardamom, PlumMid Notes: Violet, Hazelnut, Coconut Water, SuedeDry Notes: Patchouli Fraction, Labdanum, Blond Woods”Rose Load”Top Notes: Rhubarb, Cardamom, Pink PeppercornMid Notes: Rose Petals, Turkish Rose Absolute, Raspberry BlossomDry Notes: Papyrus, Agar Wood, Sandalwood”Violet Ends”Top Notes: Rhubarb, Bergamot, Black PepperMid Notes: Violet, Black Tea, Tobacco Leaf, Incense, OrrisDry Notes: White Birch, Tanned Leather, Smoked Papyrus”Tantrum”Top Notes: Bergamot, Mint Leaf, Green Peppercorn GalbanumMid Notes: Orris, Mate, Tagete, SandalwoodDry Notes: Vetiver, Cedarwood Virginia, Ambrox”Flor de la Virgen”Top Notes: Pomelo, Lemon Rind, Fig LeafMid Notes: Saffron, Jasmine Petals, Ivy LeavesDry Notes: Cistus, Olibanum, Labdanum, Clear Musks, AmbroxPhotos courtesy of Boy Smells Herman and Kien’s combined fashion and design backgrounds allowed them to create scents that transcended the gender binary, while offering an escape from reality.Now, five years later the couple is debuting Cologne de Parfum, a collection of fine fragrances that blends masculine and feminine notes to create five unique scents. In 2016, Matthew Herman and David Kien co-founded Boy Smells, and the queer, independent candle company quickly dominated Instagram, amassing a cult following with fans like Kacey Musgraves. I say, unleash your power from wherever you find it.”I say, unleash your power from wherever you find it.” What was the process like in creating these five fragrances? If we can incorporate these subtle cultural shifts in the products we use every day, it encourages people to live in their full spectrum without compromise. In my life, it has been an articulation of identity and an opportunity for self-exploration.Why’d you decide to go the unisex route?In a homogenous market where most products are marketed as either male, female or genderless, we use the word “genderful.” It’s a celebration of identity without boundaries. We are known for our signature genderful combinations of masculine and feminine olfactive notes, that dismantle outdated and binary ideas around gender and scent. Scent is a sacred and intimate part of your daily ritual. It is different from candles in that there are many more aspects to it. Candles are about how you interact with your personal space. It’s our version of neo-inclusion, acknowledging that one’s full spectrum of self is always unfolding and developing.