pic.twitter.com/z0TAtgr0cg— 。✧* origamii fox *✧。 (@origamiifox) March 22, 2021 Lizzie Mcguire is trending bc a makeup brand is releasing a line of products inspired by/in collaboration with the show. Fumbled the bag entirely.— ✨Corey✨ (@Bi_duffster1397) March 22, 2021 Photo courtesy of ColourPop Disney+ really fucked up by canceling the reboot. The Lizzie McGuire reboot may be no more, but we’re apparently still getting a new makeup collab inspired by the iconic early-aughts show.On Monday, ColourPop Cosmetics revealed in a tweet that fans of the Disney Channel classic would be able to cop their new Lizzie McGuire collection this coming Friday. and Certified Cute! ✨Simply Fearless! i am immediately 8 years old again https://t.co/AlQy1WcHzw— dizaak❣️ (@brideofstrahd) March 22, 2021 Lizzie McGuire trending.Me realizing it’s for something that doesn’t involve a new show or movie pic.twitter.com/RGwj21WkTg— Kat🌈 (@idkmeowmeow) March 22, 2021 Colourpop announcing a Lizzie McGuire makeup collection right after the stimulus checks hit all of our bank accounts pic.twitter.com/m6Sej780LU— Kay 🌙✨ (@kaylsmoon) March 22, 2021 the lizzie mcguire and colourpop makeup collab… ✨⭐️ The Disney Lizzie McGuire Collection Launching 3/26 at 10 am pst on https://t.co/5C9dbszKrN!💜 12 Pan Palette💜 Lip Scrub💜 4 Lip glosses 💜 2 Glitter Gels💜 2 Pressed Powder Blushes#DisneyLizzieMcGuireandColourPop pic.twitter.com/xkoEhEy7Uk— ColourPop Cosmetics (@ColourPopCo) March 22, 2021 On the heels of the announcement though, some expressed their disappointment when they realized “Lizzie McGuire” was trending “for something that doesn’t involve a new show or movie.” Even so, it appears as if most long-time fans were were thrilled by the announcement, with several writing that they were “obsessed” with nostalgic collection, which made them feel “immediately 8 years old again.”Check out what people are saying about ColourPop’s announcement, below.The lipgloss….. Related | Hilary Duff Speaks Out About ‘Lizzie McGuire’ RebootA collab they called “simply fearless and certified cute,” the offering include a lip scrub, four glosses, two powder blushes, a 12-pan eye shadow palette, and of course, a couple of body glitter gels. i’m so obsessed 😭 pic.twitter.com/CYSjSumZ9q— lexi pro (@lexigg_) March 22, 2021 me: guess i’ll try and go to slee-LIZZIE MCGUIRE COLOURPOP COLLAB?