Hi Uglies…The richest man in the world might argue that aliens aren’t real, but I’m coming to you today with an extraterrestrial fantasy look inspired by our latest cover with Demi Lovato. Some key elements to your otherworldly face should definitely include dewy skin, a feathery brow, sultry green, purple and blue eyeshadow, a heavy false lash, and, finally, a blinding highlight. If you haven’t already seen it, Demi serves up alien glam unlike she’s ever done before, so I decided to create my own everyday alien-inspired look with an emphasis on the eyes. The products, featured below and used in my SNATCHURAL look, will make for a seriously intergalactic moment.Stay glam,XOXOETHANAnastasia Beverly Hills Brow FreezeMorphe x James Charles PaletteLilly Lashes in MiamiFenty Beauty Diamond BombNARS Radiant Longwear FoundationArtist Couture Diamond Lights Finisher in “Icy Girl”Dior Backstage Body and Face Glow