This TikTok Lip Liner Trick Is Kind of Genius

Ever since Kylie Jenner went ahead and invented the lip kit back in 2015, faking fuller-looking lips has been the goal of beauty gurus everywhere. But the whole lip liner thing is still just a temporary solution for the poutless among us, and it’s not like everyone can afford to pay for fillers every few months to get the full Kylie look, either.Related | This Silly Side Table Is Going Viral on TwitterEnter a brand new viral TikTok hack: using self-tanner to effectively dye the outline of your lips to be larger, creating a kind of contour effect. User Sophia Almaraz says she left the tanner on overnight and the effect has lasted for a couple of days so far: @alexa.almraz I did this a couple days ago and it still looks really good 10/10 recommend ##faketan ##faketanliner ##lipliner ##fyp ♬ talking to the moon sickmix – Sickickmusic Not quite ready to fake tan your lips? (Maybe don’t mix the tanner on your shining white sink, as @mee3zz does. Try this slightly more temporary version of the same trick, using eyeliner: @panicplace you asked so you shall receive ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##lipliner ♬ trevorwallace on Instagram – trevor wallace Kylie Cosmetics, your move.Screenshot via TikTok User @mee3zz is popularizing the technique, and she’s even got an Olivia Rodrigo track playing in the background for some extra Gen-Z cred: @mee3zz try it if u dare ##faketan ##faketanliner ##lipliner ##faketanlipliner ##fyp ♬ deja vu – Olivia Rodrigo What you’ll want to do is line your lips using a brush dipped in a safe, face-friendly self tanner, let that sit for a while then wash off. Or awkwardly bring up the subject of race.)Other users have hopped on the trend, with similar success. You’re left with a dark outline that will give the illusion of fuller lips.

Watch Martin Scorsese Incorrectly Identify a Menstrual Cup

Francesca and her father appear to have a delightfully frank relationship, as Marty’s recent TikTok debut attests. Posted on Francesca’s account yesterday, the video shows the legendary director participate in a #guesstheobjectchallenge, attempting to identify various “feminine objects.” He doesn’t get many right, despite having famously been married to five different women.Related | This TikTok Lip Liner Trick Is Kind of GeniusThe sound bites are incredible. She also frequently accompanies him to awards shows — their reactions to Eminem at the 2020 Oscars were highly memeable.All of this to say… Francesca, pls post more Marty content. When Scorsese criticized the Marvel franchise in a New York Times op-ed about the state of cinema, she made headlines for wrapping all of his Christmas presents in superhero-themed paper. he actually did much better than I thought!!🤣##martinscorsese ##guesstheobjectchallenge ##fyp ##greenscreen ♬ Spongebob – Dante9k
Francesca, who stars in HBO’s We Are Who We Are, is also well known for trolling her famous dad. We love cinema, by which we mean we love following Martin Scorsese’s daughter Francesca on various social platforms. Screenshot via TikTok Scorsese almost guesses what an eyelash curler is, but thinks a menstrual cup is a “flagon,” nipple pasties are “earbuds” and a scrunchie is “a thing to use for your head.” A hair donut is “some sort of weird pillow of some kind.” He has the most trouble with one of the more commonly identifiable objects: a bobby pin.Considerably shorter than The Irishman, but with just as much suspense: @francescascorsese I will probably regret posting this but….