Jonathan Van Ness Launches YouTube Channel

A lot of people have benefitted from Jonathan Van Ness’s short, simple but effective beauty tips on Netflix’s Queer Eye. “I’ve learned so much from so many people throughout my career in the beauty industry. He says in his introduction video that this channel is a “real homecoming” for him. Beyond haircare and skincare, he’s also going to be talking about and giving tips on self-care, because “beauty is an inside job as much as it’s an outside job.”Related | JVN Is Cosmo’s First Non-Female Cover Star In 35 YearsFor the first season of the show, he’s going to be doing solo videos as well as episodes featuring family and friends who have been with him during the past six months. And now the nonbinary self-care and beauty guru — who prefers “he/him” pronouns — is lending his fans more of his expertise with the launch of his new YouTube channel.Related | Jonathan Van Ness’ Haircare Brand Will Be ‘Inclusive For All People'”I’m so excited to launch my new YouTube channel, JVN Beauty, with everyone,” Van Ness said in a statement. And as the world hopefully opens up post-pandemic, he’ll bring in more guests.Watch the first episode, with JVN cutting his husband’s hair, below.Photo via Getty I wanted to create a space to share and learn together about hair, skincare and beauty, both inside and out.”Prior to Queer Eye, Van Ness was a full-time hairdresser and the job was something that he was truly passionate about.

Kylie Relaunches and Revamps Signature Lip Kits

And as it is now, there are only two posts on their feed.​Kylie Cosmetics was first launched in 2015 when the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan was only 18 years old. Last month, the brand wiped its whole Instagram page clean. And from then on, she’s built an entire beauty empire with a huge following.Photo via Getty And now, her signature product is getting a reboot.Related | Kylie Jenner Is Launching A Baby BrandThe makeup mogul revealed the lip kits’ redesign and brand new formula. Kylie Jenner’s makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics all began with her original lip kits. This time around, they’re going to be smudge-resistant, vegan, lightweight and ready to last for a full eight-hour wear. When she first launched her lip kits, they were so in demand that they sold out in less than a minute. And based on the video Kylie posted on Instagram, all the shades will have new packaging, in light pink boxes that match her Kylie Skin branding. When the new lip kits are dropping is still TBD but Kylie has been teasing something big is coming for her beauty line.

Tati Westbrook Is Officially Back

That said, the beauty veteran returned to YouTube on Thursday with a new video titled “A Year Later…,” in which she said she would finally be getting “back to the makeup, back to reviews, back to doing my thing.”According to Westbrook, she came to the conclusion that many of her fans wanted “answers about certain things that have been splattered over the internet,” even though she was initially hesitant to address the drama, which she called “a terrible time” that still “seems to want to follow me everywhere I go.”Related | Shane Dawson Announces His Return to YouTube”When I pulled back, I stopped communication with everyone in the beauty community. I’m talking death threats that were explicit in detail, people saying they were going to hunt me down,” Westbrook recalled. Tati Westbrook is back after a year-long break from YouTube. I haven’t talked to anyone in over a year. However, she later retracted her statements about Charles and instead claimed that Dawson and Jeffree Star had manipulated her into the feud — though both Dawson and Star have both refuted the allegations.Related | Tati Westbrook Says Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star ‘Manipulated’ HerThe entire debacle eventually caused her to announce that she was taking a break from social media in order to “regroup and stand strong.” Even so, the drama didn’t stop coming seeing as how Westbrook and her husband, James, were hit with a serious fraud lawsuit from ex-Halo Beauty business partner, Clark Swanson, who accused the couple of fraudulent inducement, breach of contract and gross negligence. “There were things that were happening that were so appalling.”Not only that, but Westbrook then went on to talk about the lawsuit, before saying she almost got divorced from James amidst the legal battle.”There was no way that I could just come back online and start reviewing makeup and promoting Halo Beauty while there’s this big lawsuit thrown around the internet,” she explained, though she says they’ve since reconciled. I really took a break and I needed to for my peace of mind,” she revealed, also adding that at the time of the controversy her “world was coming to a halt.””During that time, I was getting the most intense harassment. “I needed to wait until the storm calmed to be able to come back and post again.”However, Westbrook said that all of this has forced her to rethink her approach and past involvement with online drama, as well as how she wanted to “move forward” as a “different version of me” — though as some people pointed out, only time will tell.Watch Westbrook’s entire video for yourself, below.Photo via YouTube On the heels of David Dobrik and Shane Dawson’s own return announcements, Westbrook is the latest vlogger trying to make a big comeback after taking some time off to “”work on [herself].”In case you forgot, the social media star was embroiled in some intense online drama with fellow beauty YouTubers, which all started after she accused former protégé, James Charles, of being a shady friend and making predatory advances toward straight men.

IDK, I Trust #GorillaGlueGirl Tessica Brown With My Hair

My scalp feels amazing, my hair is already growing back. We’ll certainly be buying.Photo via Twitter “As a result of that, I ended up losing my hair and having scalp damage. I’m telling you, this oil has been a lifesaver,” said Brown.Brown’s efforts are just one indication of how far she’s come since her anxious plea for help initially went viral on TikTok, reaching over 240 million views in February and even inspiring a Saturday Night Live sketch. Tessica Brown, also known as Gorilla Glue Girl, recently announced that she’s launching her own hair care line, a natural step after her infamous and viral incident where her hair was stuck in a ponytail for a month. But since then I have been working with professionals to create and formulate a hair growth oil.”The oil’s ingredients include black cumin seed oil, avocado oil and safflower oil which in combination are meant to stimulate hair growth, protect the scalp and repair damaged hair while providing antifungal properties. The joke…— mona scott-hung (@morenitoricky)

Still, Brown testifies her haircare oil is a lifesaver, and her supporters commend her for turning an ugly situation into a positive one.”Look at the results, look at my hair. The product is priced at $18 per bottle.Despite Brown’s care in formulating her products, many online are hesitant to buy hair care products from a woman who so willingly applied Gorilla Glue to her hair:
Not the woman who deliberately used Gorilla Glue on her hair coming out with a line of hair care products. The fame and support Brown has received hopefully points toward success on the horizon for Forever Hair. She told TMZ her fiasco with Gorilla Glue inspired her to create products that would provide the sleekest ponytail without the health risks or commitment required of Gorilla Glue.Brown’s site displays edge-control, hairspray and hair-growth oil which were all developed in collaboration with professionals, she told TMZ. She credits her hair-growth oil, specifically, for aiding her in her journey to regain healthy hair.”As y’all already know, about four months ago I ran out of hairspray and ended up using Gorilla Glue spray. After Beverly Hills-based Plastic Surgeon Michael Obeng removed the adhesive free-of-charge, Brown revealed a healthy head of hair last week and is channeling her experience toward her new Forever Hair line.Related | #GorillaGlueGirl Is Finally Adhesive-FreeBrown’s hair care line went live Wednesday on her website where she also sells merchandise donning her viral catchphrase (“Bonded for life” are some of her most famous words). Bad, bad idea,” said Brown.

This TikTok Glitch ‘Fixes’ Faces Without Consent

Insta-influencer videos once reigned supreme on TikTok, but makeup-less, self-deprecating monologue videos have dominated the feed as of late. Just as users began feeling a bit of relief from relentless social media comparison, a demonic glitch in the system derailed the progress.This TikTok “glitch,” so to speak, sees unwanted beauty filters being placed on random creator’s faces without their consent.The bug first began back in May 2021 when mainly Android users noticed their faces were looking slimmer on camera without activating any filters. lol. I’m surprised more people aren’t upset about it.”In the original report for Technology Review, Abby Ohlheiser asked for an explanation from TikTok, only to discover that the glitch had been removed two days prior. @toridawn817
congrats tiktok I am super uncomfortable and disphoric now cuz of whatever the fuck this shit is

Concerned with the potentially harmful effects this glitch would have on users, fitness influencer Tori Dawn made response videos how the filter made her unwillingly conform to unrealistic beauty standards. not a tiktok filter to make ur face fat so you can boost ur confidence when u take the filter off. Although the issue appeared to only be temporary, it’s unclear how many TikTok users it may have affected.In a world where it is already incredibly hard not to give into comparison, slip-ups like the TikTok filter glitch, that may appear minor, make it all the more difficult.Photo via Getty LOL— 💲🤍 (@makeupbyshaniah)

Within no time, users flooded Dawn’s comment section doubling down on how dangerous glitches like these could be for teens on the app: “I almost had a panic attack bc [sic] of it earlier,’ @keithinthe_flesh wrote, while another user, @8o1.lizzy said: “It’s been really screwing with my self image.

JoJo Siwa: Telling Mom About Ditching Bows Was ‘Harder’ Than Coming Out

“‘It surprisingly was harder to tell you that I wanted to wear my hair different.'”Watch Siwa’s conversation with Mosseri for yourself, below. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Adam Mosseri 🌈 (@mosseri) Photo via Getty / The 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards Related | JoJo Siwa Is Unrecognizable Without Her Ponytail”It just felt like the right time to do something different and to do something, you know, maybe a little bit more mature,” she said, calling it “a little upgrade.” But even so, Siwa said that the bows would still be a “part of [her] life,” before acknowledging that she will “forever” love bows, as “they’re who I am.”She added, “But I just maybe I won’t wear it every day.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) However, Siwa went on to talk about how hard it was to come to that conclusion, revealing that her mom at one point asked whether it was “‘harder to come out to me or tell me that you wanna wear your hair different.'” And her answer? Last year, JoJo Siwa sent fans into a frenzy after (literally) letting her hair down for the first time publicly. That said, it turns out she’s now making the look a little more permanent, even if it was an extremely tough decision for her.Earlier this week, the teen sensation announced that she was trying to ditch the bows after wearing them for “the last 18 years of [her] life.””I just had my 18th birthday and it was right around my birthday that I realized, ‘I kinda wanna do my hair different today,'” Siwa explained during a conversation with Instagram chief, Adam Mosseri, for the company’s Creator Week.

PAPER Fashion: 98% Character Loading

It offers a chance to escape the physical world, where lack of acceptance is glaring, into a utopia of validation and affirming support.This cyber realm is not without danger, though. Below, David Oldenburg and Luke Nugent visualize this for PAPER through a CGI shoot that challenges the traditional production process and features fashion designers invested in escaping our own reality with sci-fi, retro futuristic silhouettes. Photography: Luke Nugent

Creative direction: David Oldenburg and Luke Nugent

Styling: David Oldenburg

Hair: Alex Sarghe

Makeup: Mus Emin

Styling assistant: Marco Bortone
Makeup assistant: Shaquelle Raevon
Hair Assistant: Ula Wunderl
Nails: Kezia Leah
CGI and set production: David OldenburgModels: Tayce (courtesy of Models1), Gartruche (courtesy of iDAL) and Webster (courtesy of D1) Co-existence is mandatory and cannot be fled entirely. The virtual world has become one of the few relatively safe spaces for queer expression, making room to share endless dimensions of our complex realities. Maybe that is why so many of us design ourselves to become post-human, or rather, inter-species with one foot in each world. Shielded by the garish armor of our own making for protection, we forge on with the quest for our true identities.The immaterial journey is infinite, but the voyager is not.

Bodewell Wants to Remove the Stigma Around Chronic Skin Conditions

It’s not something as simple as making sure you’ve put moisturizer on for the day. Their products are not only amazing for me, but they truly reach such a wide audience which I know will continue to grow into a wholesome and well-loved brand.KarishmaWhat’s something people who have never experienced your skin condition would be surprised to know or don’t know about what it’s like to live with it?I think the one thing I’d like people to know who have never had to deal with eczema is that it is not just a dry skin condition. I could go on and on but I need people to know that just applying e45 isn’t the solution to our problem.How were you able to come to terms with your condition and overcome any obstacles you’ve had to endure?I was always tired of not seeing the representation we as a community deserve and pushing for more inclusivity, especially as a dark skinned South Asian woman, is something that I am very passionate about and always pushing for in all sectors. They gave me modeling opportunities which helped with my self-confidence and to become an active skin campaigner.MillieWhat’s something people who have never experienced your skin condition be surprised to know or don’t know about what it’s like to live with it?Surprisingly, my confidence in my body image, character and relationships with others has really been amplified whilst going through my journey with psoriasis. I can go to sleep with a clear face and wake up a few hours later to new patches out of nowhere! So my support system, who come in the form of my best friends and the online eczema and TSW community, really gave me the confidence to put myself out there especially on social media where your appearance is held to such a high unrealistic standard and has made me realize that beauty will forever and always be more than skin deep and made me see real beauty that isn’t just on the outside.How has Bodewell helped you on your journey to self-improvement and acceptance?I am so grateful for platforms like Bodewell, who not only provide products for people which chronic skin conditions, but also allow us to have a voice and spread awareness. My confidence goes up every time I shoot with Bodewell and I feel motivated to challenge other brands to shoot and include atopic skin.BrisèisWhat’s something people who have never experienced your skin condition would be surprised to know or don’t know about what it’s like to live with it?I think a lot of people would be surprised to know psoriasis is not contagious in any way. It can be quite a debilitating condition to deal with. I no longer feel dependent on medication and I’m happy with myself with or without a flare. He thinks this approach can also benefit others.More directly, Bodewell has developed (alongside CPG powerhouse P&G) treatments that they refer to as “next generation medicated skincare”: plant-technology powered, scientifically-tested and proven, unique anti-inflammatory mechanism of action that hydrates, stops itching, repairs skin barrier and prevents future flare-ups. Its ultimate mission is to de-stigmatize skin conditions and build a supportive community around those on their healing journey, which is often inextricably linked to self-love and self-worth.The brand’s co-founder, Jamie Duff, suffered from severe eczema for 30 years and launched Bodewell as an answer to the struggles he faced. MichelleWhat’s something people who have never experienced your skin condition would be surprised to know or don’t know about what it’s like to live with it?The fact that my skin reproduces at the speed it does! How has Bodewell helped you on your journey to self-improvement and acceptance?I have been campaigning for brands to shoot atopic skin since 2017. Skin is for function — touch, temperature regulation, process pain. They’re an amazing company that genuinely care and really help me and the other girls to embrace our skin. My skin condition realigned me to my true creative purpose — modeling and painting. In regards to obstacles, I’ve had to get used to my skin getting more sore and flaky over the last couple of years but it’s something I am learning to come to terms with. Bodewell opened my eyes to different ways of healing my skin. There is a silver lining in everything. Being able to not only have your say, but also listen and hear others who you can relate to has massively helped. The creams and serums have become staples in my regime and I’ve definitely stepped up my skincare game to the next level. It’s so much more than that. It’s always having to worry about the weather conditions and if we’ve prepped our skin well enough including having to make sure we have all our cream and medicines in our bag if we know we’ll be out of the house for longer than 5 minutes. It’s being terrified to have a shower because the water feels like knives on our skin. We have to cater our whole lives around our skin. It was important for me that brands — particularly dry skin and atopic skin brands who include their target market in their modeling campaigns — understand our lived experiences and not sell unrealistic dreams of perfect skin to those living with chronic skin conditions. There’s also a personalized digital and mobile program that supplements the products and supports customers through their journey. Bodewell has championed skin representation and created opportunities for me as a skin model. Our largest organ keeps all our other organs safe.How were you able to come to terms with your condition and overcome any obstacles you’ve had to endure?Self acceptance. Knowing that even though we still have a long way to go with gaining social acceptance and inclusivity, they are helping pave the way for so many of us warriors and are helping make a happy healthy change in the way we see beauty and skin conditions.Photography: Issey Gladston I felt dependent on prescription medication. I put 100% into hiding something about myself simply because I didn’t want to make other people uncomfortable, but I finally got to a point where I needed my comfort to be more important than those of other people. Living with my plaque psoriasis can be very sore and itchy, but it’s taught me a lot of self-confidence.How were you able to come to terms with your condition and overcome any obstacles you’ve had to endure?Instagram helped me a LOT with coming to terms with my skin condition. This program draws on co-founder Jamie’s own experiences.To capture the overlooked beauty of chronic skin sufferers, Bodewell launched an ongoing portrait series named Skincare For the Rest of Us, where it highlights real sufferers on their own terms. In the US alone, eight million people have been diagnosed with psoriasis, while over 30 million have eczema.But even though these skin conditions (there is still no known cure) are relatively common, the psychological effects take a considerable toll on mental health. It’s the constant itching that never ends and feels like you can never do enough. If I didn’t have it, that would mean a flare up and there was no way I could allow that. It’s debilitating and, depending on the severity, life altering. I needed to put myself first for once.How has Bodewell helped you on your journey to self-improvement and acceptance?Bodewell helped me to let go of the fear of not being on medication. According to a National Eczema Association study, participants were three times at a higher risk for depression or anxiety, while 50% said their conditions interfere with their social life and intimate relationships.When it comes to skincare brands that are focused on helping people who suffer from these skin conditions, they are underwhelming both from a product perspective, and a human empathy perspective.Bodewell, a medicated skincare company tailored to people with eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin, has set out to change this status quo. Another classic favorite of mine is having a brush and dustpan on standby for the morning when it’s time to get all my fallen skin from scratching all night off the bed and off the floor.How were you able to come to terms with your condition and overcome any obstacles you’ve had to endure?I got to a point where hiding it was no longer an option — it was draining physically and mentally. My skin progressed slowly over many years, but with it my confidence also grew. It’s always worrying about skin infections due to this. We usually hear stories relating to the negatives to having a skin condition which is just as important, however, my perspective on other aspects of my life has really changed for the better!How were you able to come to terms with your condition and overcome any obstacles you’ve had to endure?Growing up since the age of 9 with psoriasis being an extremely sporty young girl, I’ve almost been forced into dealing with my skin, but it wasn’t until lockdown 2020 (the time of my worst flare up) that I was literally left to do nothing but look at myself daily and learn to accept, love and nurture my skin with every itch of itself.How has Bodewell helped you on your journey to self-improvement and acceptance?Seeing the large community that was built by so many inspiring people be celebrated by a brand like Bodewell, particularly having all-women shoots, is extremely refreshing and comforting. This article is a sponsored collaboration between Bodewell and PAPERFor people living with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis (and compromised skin), the journey to self-improvement and acceptance can be a long and arduous process. I now understand that I’m on a journey with my condition and it’s not one I need to rush.BethWhat’s something people who have never experienced your skin condition would be surprised to know or don’t know about what it’s like to live with it?It is surprisingly beautiful, the way in which it inhabits certain areas of the skin, in the most fascinating accumulation of patterns is quite amazing.How were you able to come to terms with your condition and overcome any obstacles you’ve had to endure?Self-acceptance and patience. In this special editorial feature shot by Issey Gladston (an eczema sufferer herself) the portraits celebrate the scars as a visual tale of strength, perseverance, overcoming adversity and embracing self-love.AramideWhat’s something people who have never experienced your skin condition be surprised to know or don’t know about what it’s like to live with it?Human beings are preconditioned to prefer that which is aesthetically pleasing, so naturally a skin condition attracts attention because it looks different. You never know what you will get with psoriasis. How has Bodewell helped you on your journey to self-improvement and acceptance?Bodewell has helped me massively to embrace my skin and also to try new things, such as the photo shoot, that would normally be so outside of my comfort zone. My own personal experience has reminded me that skin is not an aesthetic. I only ever truly accepted the Michelle who would occasionally have clear skin from time to time but flare-up Michelle was difficult to love. Accepting how you have been created and navigating it to the best of your ability is the first step to overcoming. However, learning the skill of self-acceptance and love for oneself helps to overcome those debilitating obstacles.How has Bodewell helped you on your journey to self-improvement and acceptance?Bodewell offered me a community where I felt safe to discuss my skin condition and tips on living with a skin condition. It’s the painful tears and cracks as our skin is so sensitive that just a touch will have it crumble. Over the years he explored holistic treatments such as vedic meditation, yoga, yogic breathing and cognitive behavior therapy that all take a more human-centered approach to the inner and outer effects of the origins of these inflammatory skin conditions. I think a lot of people are surprised when they realize it can be quite sore/painful and can even impact common everyday tasks like sleep.

Kylie Jenner Is Launching a Baby Brand

But her biggest ever viral moment came with the surprise pregnancy (and birth) reveal of Stormi Webster, her child with Travis Scott, in 2018. While the grid’s still blank, Jenner tagged the account in a new post of Stormi that appears on her own grid. Where were you when you heard?Related | Kylie Jenner: Get Rich or Die FollowingNow, it would appear that Jenner is using her young mom cred to add baby products to her burgeoning beauty empire. Kylie Jenner is famous for many things: being a billionaire, being maybe not a billionaire, fillers. We’re excited to see what Kylie and Stormi come up with!Photo via Getty Kylie insiders would have seen a baby brand coming. As Page Six notes, other trademarks include “Kylie Swim” and “Kylie Hair.” We’re obviously already living in the millennial pink world of Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin.Related | How Kylie Jenner Became a Middle Eastern MemeIt’s kind of surprising that the KarJenners haven’t launched any baby lines previous to this one, given how many cute young kids they have in the brood. As Page Six points out, there’s now a verified @KylieBaby account on Instagram. Jenner filed a few Kylie Baby trademark applications last year, for not just cosmetic products but also cribs, strollers and baby clothing. It was a moment!

Looks Like Lil Uzi Vert Got Rid of His $24M Forehead Diamond

Uzi has yet to talk about the apparent removal, but in the meantime you can see a screenshot from JT’s posts, below.#LilUziVert took out his $24 million forehead diamond. At the time, Uzi tweeted that he had been saving up for the 11 carat rock for 4 years so he could have “a lot of M’s in my face.” However, it now appears that he’s gotten the hefty gemstone removed for unknown reasons.Related | Lil Uzi Vert Got a Pink Diamond Implanted on His ForeheadRecently, fans noticed the stone’s conspicuous absence after Uzi’s girlfriend — City Girls star JT — posted a series of photos and videos of him to her Instagram Stories. 👀— No Jumper (@nojumper) June 1, 2021 Photo via Getty / Tim Mosenfelder Lil Uzi Vert may finally be done with his infamous forehead implant.In case you forgot, the “XO TOUR Llif3” rapper got a $24 million “natural pink diamond” placed on his forehead this past February. And though it remains unclear where exactly the diamond went, rumors about its removal have been swirling around since the musician’s April Calvin Klein campaign.