Jada Pinkett-Smith Reveals Why She Shaved Her Head

Jada Pinkett-Smith has made the big chop.The actress unveiled this week a new picture of her freshly shaved head, and in the caption under the picture, she revealed that her daughter, Willow Smith, inspired her to do so. “People are out here with cancer. “I was in the shower one day and had just handfuls of hair in my hands and I was just like, ‘Oh my god, am I going bald?'”Related | Jaden Smith Is Helping Shape America’s FutureShe continued, “It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking in fear. my 50’s are bout to be Divinely lit with this shed.”For years now, Willow has been a fan of the buzz cut herself, and posted the same picture on her Instagram. People have sick children. Jada revealed back in 2018 that she dealt with hair loss issues on an episode of her show, Red Table Talk. “It was terrifying when it first started,” she said. “A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right place, and when we expect nothing in return,” she wrote. But after being initially terrified of losing it, Jada then realized how grateful she was that it wasn’t something serious.”I really had to put it into a spiritual perspective, like the higher power takes so much from people,” she said. I watch the higher power take things every day.”Photo via Getty “Willow made me do it because it was time to let go,” she wrote. That’s why I cut my hair and why I continue to cut it.”Jada then explained that she had every kind of test available to figure out why she was losing her hair, but no one could tell her why. But…

SNATCHURAL: Playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ With MakeupByAriel

Many of the looks he creates on his clients have become instant online trends, inducing the aforementioned blush, colorful inner corner shadow and what he calls “BabyDoll Glam.”Related | SNATCHURAL: GRWM With Patrick StarrrI got a chance to catch up with Ariel and glam together as we play with his new Morphe brush collaboration. Watch as the self-made talent breaks down the meaning behind each brush while we play “Never Have I Ever.” The Eye and Face Brush Set is the first ever collab Morphe has done with a professional makeup artist. Easily one of the industry’s most talented makeup artists, Ariel Tejada (known online as MakeupByAriel) is behind some of the biggest beauty trends that have gone viral across social media, including the recent hype behind “blush-touring” or contouring with blush to make the face appear more lifted and snatched.The 26-year-old makeup mogul has created some of the most glam looks on the biggest names, including Rosalía, Paloma Mami, Shay Mitchell and, of course, the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan. Hi Uglies…You’ve seen his work hundreds of times, trust me.

Olivia Jade Fact Checks ‘Gossip Girl’

But maybe Olivia Jade Giannulli is more of an OC girl, because she seems kind of annoyed to have been referenced in last week’s pilot episode of the next-gen reboot.Related | The New ‘Gossip Girl’ Also Has a New SoundtrackIf you will recall, Olivia Jade is a beauty influencer whose rich and famous parents purchased her a place at USC. She also lost her place at USC, although the influencer famously didn’t really want to be there in the first place, so that was kind of a win.This seems as good a time as any to check in on what Olivia Jade has actually been up to recently. Gossip Girl, as true fans know, is all about the pop culture references, iconic guest stars and New York City inside jokes. It’s an honor! Recent TikTok and Instagram posts show her on an endless stream of vacations, which must be nice.Which crucified influencer will get the Gossip Girl treatment next? She’s definitely returned to social media and her YouTube channel, after taking the appropriate amount of time out. They have since done time behind bars, while she has repented on a memorable episode of Red Table Talk. So perhaps it did sting a little when a throwaway line from Gossip Girl’s first episode (“Olivia Jade gained followers when her mom went to jail”) brought back some dark memories that hadn’t made headlines in a while. To be included in the mix? Not only followers, but also a fair few lucrative brand deals. Maybe Jordyn Woods?Photo via Getty @oliviajadeg no i didn’t ♬ original sound – Olivia Jade On TikTok, Giannulli fact-checked the Gossip Girl writers’ room, implying that she very much lost followers in the wake of the scandal.

Benefit Is Hopping on the Crocs Craze

Talk about a true challenge.The Benefit x Crocs Classic Clog is $69.99, while the Classic Sandal retails for $49.99. And the reward for if you’re somehow able to do your eyeliner with shoes on your hands? Well, it’s none other than Benefit Cosmetics, because as we all know, the shoe is a perfect blank canvas for any potential collaboration.Related | How Crocs Became CoolStarting on July 13, Crocs will be offering hot pink, glittery twists on their signature Classic Clogs as well as their Classic Sandals. In honor of the big launch, Benefit and Crocs are hosting a #BenefitofCrocsChallenge TikTok and Instagram challenge, in which participants do their makeup with Crocs on their hands. A chance to win a package valued at $300, of course. Check out both offerings via Crocs’ online store, here.Photo courtesy of Benefit x Crocs It goes without saying that 2020 was the year of Crocs, so it was only a matter of time until the company partnered up with yet another brand looking to capitalize on the squishy clog’s cool factor. Granted, the fun doesn’t stop there. Not only that, but they’ll also be selling an array of new Jibbitz charms, which include large rhinestone plugs and even a compact mirror. And the latest entrant into the Crocs craze?

Caroline Calloway Has a Homemade ‘Snake Oil’ Skincare Product

bottle costs $75, while a 4 oz. What a great idea,'” she explained, before briefly mentioning that development took a little longer than expected since she needed to finish her book, Scammer. This is just historically correct – I have the skin of a viral 18-year-old TikToker, and I’m turning 30 in December,” Calloway said in an Instagram Story about the product. And of course, she’s also eventually going to up the price once some professional packaging is in place.Check out Calloway’s post about the product, below. version retails for $210. Caroline Calloway is now entering the beauty space with an apt new product.Earlier this week, the infamous scamstress announced the launch of a DIY face oil dubbed “Snake Oil,” which given her reputation is, admittedly, a pretty ingenious name.”We all know that I have amazing skin. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Caroline Calloway (@carolinecalloway) Photo via Getty / Noam Galai Speaking of money though, it does seem like Snake Oil is going to make Calloway a very pretty penny seeing as how a 1 oz. “I think something that not a lot of people know is that I’m obsessed with making my own special face oil concoction.”Related | Caroline Calloway Has Two Books on the WayCalloway then went on to say that she’s recently “become obsessed with anti-aging oils,” all of which inspired her to combine some of her favorite extracts — including grapeseed oil, sandalwood, lemon peel oil and pomegranate seeds — to create what she calls an “elixir of youth potion.””My friends were like, ‘You should sell this,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I love money.

Kim Is Saying Goodbye to KKW Beauty

Initially starting with sold-out creme contour sticks, the brand expanded into body makeup, eye shadow palettes, cosmetic tools, and face powder products. at KKWBeauty.comPhoto via Getty Kim Kardashian West just announced that she’s shutting the doors to KKW Beauty, her cosmetics venture launched in 2017, at the end of the month — but this isn’t the last you’ll see of the brandThe reality mogul wrote that her cosmetics line will eventually return with new formulas and rebranded sustainable packaging, adding that the goal is to create one singular website to shop from hosting a variety of products.”I’m excited to continue to develop and expand my product range and for you to finally be able to experience it the way that I have always envisioned,” she wrote. Although the sudden news may upset some die-hard KarJenner fans, you can still shop the full line up until August 1st at 12 A.M. PST. KKW Beauty, notably, still includes the initial from her second last name acquired post-marriage. Shortly after, the media mogul launched sister brand KKW Fragrance focused on seasonal perfumes and scented collaborations. While the change may be signaling Kardashian West’s expanding beauty empire after trademarking skincare, nail products, and hair care earlier this year under SKKN by Kim, some are speculating the rebrand is due to the star’s ongoing divorce to artist Kanye West.

Gigi Gorgeous on Being a Role Model and the Importance of a Great Manicure

So I think it’s just a blessing and a privilege that sharing my story gets me in that category of role model status. Together, we have our bets that the duo are quite possibly the most powerful trans couple in the world. There’s so many more trans people that are visible online. I feel like everyone is sharing their stories more openly, proudly, and honestly than ever before. I will say, I don’t know if I can say anything else, but it’s coming. But it made me think differently about it. If people want to call me a role model then let them call me a role model don’t shy away from it. I’m a role model. There’s no more impactful hotline in my eyes. How has the digital landscape shaped your coming-of-age story and how do you translate that journey into young trans girls and boys growing up online?When I started online, it was pure fun. I mean, it’s a scary place, don’t get me wrong, but the light is so much brighter now. But with the Trevor Project, they’re the most impactful hotline in my eyes.What’s the importance of having a great manicure?If you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed with nails that go with my outfits. I wasn’t inspired back then. And for me, it’s my whole life. What’s a project you’d love to tackle next as we move into the later half of 2021?There are things on the horizon. Five years ago, it was being detained in Dubai for being trans.The ordered chaos in which Gigi lives her life isn’t one to scoff at — managing movie deals and makeup collaborations while living her life alongside spouse Nats Getty. Honestly, it’s a serve.Related | Nats Getty on Becoming His Authentic SelfGigi’s always predated queer-coded internet spaces though, first joining YouTube in 2008 as a gay and bubbly fashion student. So it’s unfortunate, but it’s really inspiring to see people turn up. “Who has time for sitting in a salon when you’re helping save the world,” Gigi jokes. It wasn’t a dark place, but there was no bright trans crowd light on the internet. So when Dashing Diva asked what charity I wanted to give to, it had to be the Trevor Project. It definitely is a boost of confidence for me. I feel like it just makes everything you do look sexier and makes your hands look better. So it’s a nice thing you can do for yourself, especially with press-on nails, you could do it in literally, like, under two minutes. It’s nice that people are still making the effort, because it is only one month out of the entire year. Campaigns are still happening, people are being visible online, people are doing little virtual things. I know when I don’t have my nails done or when a nail is missing, it’s not cute. How is this Pride different from past years for you?I went to my first Pride as an underage teen in downtown Toronto. She became known as one of social media’s most visible trans influencers. After publicly transitioning as a transwoman a few years later, Gigi’s open nature catapulted her into the spotlight. But it’s called Queerified. But now I am. It definitely is before the end of the year, but it’s gonna be fabulous.Photos courtesy of Dashing Diva It’s just nice to feel extra seen this month.With this partnership, Dashing Diva donated $15,000 to one of your favorite charities, the Trevor Project. It was mind blowing. Right now it’s her new podcast with her best friend, Mimi. My podcast just launched, we just did our second episode, we’re babies. There was no hope or dreams of sharing my story or letting strangers into my world and my everyday reality. PAPER caught up with Gigi to discuss her love for podcasts, the color pink and how a manicure can elevate your outfit. I’m not claiming to be perfect, I’m just living my life but if I can be a role model for anyone I feel like that’s an amazing thing because I know how it feels to look up to my role models.You have your hands in so many projects — your book, YouTube, and documentary are all so integral to the way you live as a content creator. Gigi Gorgeous is anything but boring. It’s an honor she’s carved out to include activism, beauty deals, and multi-platform media projects.For Pride Month, Gigi is working with Dashing Diva on a capsule collection of press-on nails, an element integral to those oh-so-iconic cheerful outfits splashed across her Instagram. With Dashing Diva, we have something coming that is very exciting, and very amazing. I was like, I’m lucky to be put in this place. I just feel like you’re a click away from knowing and seeing somebody that you can relate with.Being so visible on social media and within your book about your gender expression journey, do you feel there’s a pressure to act as this trans icon, and how has that affected the way you use your platform?I used to be uncomfortable with the term “role model.” But I was listening to a podcast and I heard this person talking about being a role model. I’ve done tons of one off deals, I’d like to say you know where it just benefits me and the company I’m working with, whether it’s a campaign or a YouTube video and Instagram post, whatever, but I always like to keep it on brand. I don’t want to be a role model. It’s a great way of self-love and self-care. I feel like people often shy away from it, thinking, I’m not perfect. It makes your jewelry pop. Ever since then, I’ve fallen in love with Pride and it means everything to me. With more headlines than one can count, there’s always something going on in Gigi’s world. With Dashing Diva donating $15,000 to the Trevor Project at Gigi’s request, it’s not a far stretch to say she’s a trans superhero for queer youth. I didn’t really see people who look like me or people that I could relate with in any way. And the guest on the podcast said, “I am proud to be a role model. It’s with my best friend and co-host Mimi, so I’m very excited for that. I’m watching people on the phone, talking to people who are suicidal, who are going through it. Growing up, I have dreamed about being a role model.” And I was like, That’s a different look on it. It’s just such a magical place. It’s been hard these last few weeks — especially last year since everything was virtual — so this year it’s been kind of the same. Like, just give yourself 10 minutes, pour a glass of wine, get your nails all cute.You’ve lived your life so openly online. She’s a recent convert to press-on nails. How important is it to collaborate with brands and companies who do more than just monetize off of queer aesthetics?When I first knew of the Trevor Project, I’ll never forget the moment and I saw the actual people on the phone talking down queer youth on the verge of suicide, I was like, Oh my god.