@im_d_ollady Stiff where????? The procedure, which usually costs $12,000, was successfully performed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Ma hair 🤬🤬 ♬ original sound – Tessica Brown Photo via TikTok / @im_d_ollady Not only that, but Brown also said she wanted Nicki Minaj to appear on the track, though the outlet said Minaj never returned their call.Even without a superstar feature, though, Brown is still doing pretty well for herself. Michael Obeng, for free and, since then, Brown has been living her best glue-free life. In fact, she even launched “Forever Hair,” her own line of haircare products that was developed with professionals and consists of edge-control, hairspray and hair-growth oil to achieve a sleek ponytail look. #GorillaGlueGirl Tessica Brown is moving into music.Earlier this year, the 40-year-old went viral for using industrial-grade adhesive on her hair after running out of her normal styling product. After posting about her hair mishap, she underwent a four-hour surgery to remove the glue. Until she drops “Ma Hair” though, you can watch the TikTok that started it all below. However, TMZ is now reporting that Brown has used the traumatic incident as lyrical inspiration for her debut rap single called “Ma Hair,” which drops Friday.Related | IDK, I Trust #GorillaGlueGirl Tessica Brown With My HairThe song — which includes audio samples from her original TikTok — was recorded last month with independent music producer Phil Valley.