Chanel’s Advent Calendar Gets Roasted on TikTok

TikTok creator Elise Harmon decided to see if it was worth the hype and the price tag.Related | A Fast Fashion Dress That Copied A Vintage Chanel Look Is Going ViralVideos of her opening items from the giant iconic bottle-shaped boxed have gone viral with millions of views — and not for good reasons. 5 perfume. Harmon was happy with a couple of items like Chanel Beauty’s hand cream, red lipsticks, and a Chanel No. One YouTuber reviewed the product and called it “THE MOST FRUSTRATING, OVERPRICED $825 STICKER BOOK.” Customers have also flooded the brand’s Instagram comments section, making jokes and questioning their decisions over their holiday product.Photo via Getty ‘Tis the season for advent calendars. This was their foray into the world of the traditional holiday gift box, to commemorate 100 years of their signature Chanel No. Other gifts included in the calendar were stickers, a picture flipbook, a magnet, a keychain, what looked like a small Chanel dustbag, and a string bracelet that included a wax seal-shaped pendant embossed with the Chanel logo that Harmon said was “giving plastic bottle cap.”

Part 5 I am barely hanging on over here y’all

Related | Chanel Is in a Punk Rock State of MindShe wrote in a separate post, showing her in low spirits while holding the box, “When you try to get festive by buying an advent calendar but are left with shattered hopes and dreams.” In a later video, Harmon alleges that Chanel’s TikTok account blocked her.Harmon isn’t the only one disappointed by the advent calendar. And like many other brands out there, French luxury fashion house Chanel dropped theirs in time for the holidays. And the package, filled with 17 different goodies costs $825. 5 Christmas tree ornament, but the rest didn’t exactly impress.