We Tried YSL’s $300 Lipstick Printer

Once you finalize the color you want to brush onto your lips, the machine makes a soft whirring sound and dispenses the pigment into a removable compact. 💄 #makeup #lipstick #ysllipstick #fyp #nyc This was the most interesting way to find a color. Essentially you take a photo of your outfit and select two color points from the outfit (i.e. Option 1: Select from a color wheel, complete with a virtual try-on.Option 2: Upload an image from your camera roll and use the selection tool to pick a color from the image. We, too, were wondering what it was all about and got our hands on the lipstick to see if it’s worth its steep price tag.According to YSL’s website, the machine promises thousands of ultra-pigmented matte velvet lip stains. This is a huge step in the right direction for the beauty industry and going into 2022, we’re hoping to see more tech-focused beauty with new tools like this one. Of course, there is a YSL mini lip brush to mix the color around and apply.Honestly, the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure is cool. By now, you’ve probably seen your favorite beauty influencer flapping on about this tool across your feeds. Check out our TikTok review below:

We tested out YSL’s $300 lipstick printer 😵‍💫What do you think? Luxury beauty brands are getting more and more innovative, but this new gadget from YSL Beauty is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.The first of its kind, YSL Beauty unveiled a patented $300 Lipstick Printer called “Rouge Sur Mesure,” which essentially means Bespoke Lipstick. This option would probably be most useful to find a shade of lipstick worn by a celebrity on a red carpet, etc. Option 3: Utilize YSL Beauty’s algorithm to find a lipstick shade that works with your outfit. color of the top, color of the bottoms). The concept, in essence, is simple: four color groups (orange, pink, nude, red) each come with three cartridges that get loaded into the printer. From there, the user opens an app where the device is connected via Bluetooth and is given three custom color options.

Introducing, Your New Holy Grail Foundation

The glow is unlike that of any radiant or dewy foundation I’ve seen, and more akin to the glow of serums and moisturizing creams. It felt so lightweight and smooth, especially when blended with my fingers first and then buffed out with a Juno and Co. @narsissist #narsartist #beauty #beautytutorial #mua #makeup


Truly, bottled air @NARS Cosmetics #GamerGoals #FashionIndustry #makeupreview #nars #fy #fypシ

Photo via NARS you better grab a few bottles before she sells out!Check out our favorite TikTok beauty girlies sharing their thoughts below:@nicolconcilio

Testing out the new NARS foundation! When it comes to complexion, no beauty brand does it quite like NARS.Their foundations and concealers have reached holy grail status amongst some of the top makeup artists and beauty influencers around the world. Let’s be honest: you probably have it sitting in your makeup drawer right now.So it goes without saying that the brand’s next complexion drop had to be something innovative, yet maintain its signature high-quality formula.Introducing the fifth foundation from NARS: the Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation, available in 36 shades. See on Instagram

According to Sephora, it is “an advanced makeup-skincare-hybrid foundation with a natural finish that quickly blurs and smooths while visibly improving skin’s clarity over time.”We were shocked to learn that the buildable, medium coverage foundation is actually formulated with 70% skincare ingredients, including Biomimetic Oat to calm redness and Japanese Lilyturf to maintain moisture in the skin barrier. Info in the Bio. This NARS foundation seems to fit right in with its clean beauty peers.The NARS Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation retails for $49, now available online-only at Sephora… #makeupreview #nars #narsfoundation #foundationroutine #newmakeup


NARS Light Reflecting Collection. My pores were gone, skin was blurred and texture was non-existent. Overall, this foundation might be my current go-to and you can expect to see it all over your TikTok FYP.One of our beauty trend predictions for 2022 is that brands will begin introducing more skincare-focused complexion products. Lofty claims, but NARS did a 6-week clinical study and actually proved that the foundation offered a more even complexion, improving the overall appearance of skin underneath.Check out how this new foundation compares to the NARS classics: After trying the foundation, I was honestly shook. We saw Kosas come out with their eye-cream-meets-concealer-hybrid and even brands like Ilia who emphasize skincare within most of their makeup. Going live Thursday, Jan 13 at 7pm. sponge.After wearing it for 7 hours, I did have to touch up with a powder puff to reduce shine in my T-Zone but that’s to be expected. Remember when their Radiant Creamy Concealer came out in 2013 and instantly became a cult favorite?