Dipping into the past, the exhibition will also honor and celebrate Carter’s own family history and at the heart of the show is Carter’s late father, a Vietnam veteran who died of prostate cancer in 2021. In 2020, Carter even launched his own initiative, See in Black, creating a coalition of Black photographers who invest in, uplift and build a community around Black visibility. American Black Beauty, opening at SN37 Gallery on February 11 during New York Fashion Week, blends Carter’s fashion, editorial and personal work into one space — all linked through one common thread: the desire for Black representation in imagery.Working with the celebrities, artists, designers and publications alike — from Pyer Moss and Zendaya to GQ and our very own PAPER — the California-born, New York-based photographer ensures Black beauty is at the forefront of each image he carefully crafts. Responding to loss through creativity, Carter incorporates home videos and archival imagery to pay tribute to his father as a constant supporter of his work as a reminder that nothing — even the ephemeral beauty of a photograph — takes place in a vacuum. See on Instagram

Photos courtesy of ALMA Communications The exhibition, closing March 27, sets a tone for Carter’s ever-growing body of work as one of intention, intricacy and importance. Photographer Micaiah Carter’s first solo show is a labor of love.