Lauren Napier Beauty Proves Luxury Can Still Be Inclusive

How do you stay on top of being creative and developing new products for Lauren Napier Beauty?I believe you’ve got to stay ahead of trends, solve problems and have a passion for the beauty culture. Lauren Napier Beauty has landed on the shelves of some of the world’s most high-end retailers. Dedication and patience are the only way to be successful.Who from Black culture do you look up to? I am also inspired by those whose thoughts live eternally on the pages of literature, those whose art across the spectrum exists and is consumed for all to enjoy, and for the guys on the block and girls from around the way who are a visual feast, who set trends, create viral moments, have an unspoken dialect that moves this culture and all cultures. Which are some of your favorite products to use and wipe off using Lauren Napier Beauty products?There are so many amazing Black-owned beauty products out there. Login • Instagram
It’s so impressive that you are a Black-owned, female powered business. My hope is the industry becomes as representative and reflective of the people it wishes to entertain. Lauren Napier Beauty’s brand philosophy and beauty psychology resonates, knowing that gives me the thrill of a lifetime. I am bursting at the seams to introduce the next generation Lauren Napier Beauty products to the world. Today, Lauren Napier Beauty is retailed in 20+ countries.In five years, we will be exactly where we need to be, making a positive and powerful impact on the beauty world. Lauren Napier Beauty’s supply chain was impacted very early on and trickled into late spring. I am fully inspired by the past of my ancestors. Lauren Napier Beauty is already a success story. Our dedicated series, Booked x Busy, is all about shining a light on the entrepreneurs and brands that embody Black excellence.A trillion-dollar industry, Black women spend twice as much on their favorite skincare products than any other group and one brand top of their lists? NOT WEARING A MASK.What’s your morning beauty routine before you start your busy day?I use a Mario Badescu foaming cleanser, Dr. I am also gobsmacked by the connection I have with my consumers. What’s next for Lauren Napier Beauty? Rose Ingleton (a Black dermatologist) moisturizer and serum, Lauren Napier Beauty Body (coming soon!) and a rich lip treatment. Lauren Napier Beauty does that and our next generation products are even more exciting, effective and innovative.What does it mean to be a Black-owned business, especially when the Black Lives Matter movement is getting so much attention?It’s an honor to be highlighted with my contemporaries, we are hardworking and deserving of all the praise. Login • Instagram
When Napier’s not nourishing flawless faces, she is putting Black women first as the co-founder of Consider Something Better, an initiative that is challenging corporations to put their money where their mouth is by committing to economic equality for the next generation of Black women-led businesses.PAPER sat down with Lauren to chat all things skin, her journey from celebrity glam squad member to global entrepreneur and what it takes to keep being so fresh and so clean.You totally changed the beauty game with Lauren Napier Beauty. What I hope is that this is a perspective shift for beauty consumers and retailers. How does it feel to be the founder of an innovative skincare brand? I am tickled every time I see it in the press or in a hashtag. Fill in the blank: My Black is…Unwavering!The world is a little more flawless thanks to you. Another dream is to have a niche retail destination where skincare lovers’ shop and visit from across the globe.What is it like for a Black makeup artist today? Not only do I have unlimited admiration, but ultimate respect. If you told me five years ago, that I would become a selective recluse only leaving my house for food, I would have thought you were insane — but here we are! We work with the Foundation for the Handicapped, employing disabled adults, who are also at-risk workers. There was a time when I was often the only Black person in the makeup room. Where do you see Lauren Napier Beauty in the next five years? I launched my business with a tax refund and an American Express card. Developing a product is a long process that requires a lot of trial and tweaking. Login • Instagram
What business advice would you give to a younger Lauren?There is no one out there like you, embrace that. Which do you wish would just simply go away?Wearing a mask. They’ve even sent gifts to the warehouse and the DM’s are a constant source of inspiration. Black people are also luxury consumers, our shopping needs shouldn’t be relegated to the one shelf of ethnic beauty — we should be able to shop luxury brands that also speak to our luxury needs. Tell me a little about how you did it?It was important for me to create something innovative and develop a product that fills a space. Lauren Napier Beauty is a luxury brand because that is my life experience. The brand has built a cult-like following from luxe retailers and celebrity fans alike, including actress Gabrielle Union and comedian Leslie Jones. Some of my favorites include: Beneath Your Mask, Luvscrub, Get Hyper, Epara Skincare, Marie Hunter Beauty, Range Beauty, Hanahana Beauty, Mischo Beauty and so many more! I am so fortunate for Lauren Napier Beauty to have retailed at Net-A-Porter, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale’s Middle East, Mecca Australia and Colette Paris. Lauren Napier Beauty.Founded by renowned celebrity makeup artist, Lauren Napier, the luxury skincare brand revolutionized the industry in 2014 with its environmentally friendly cleansing wipes. Stay tuned.Follow @LaurenNapierBeauty for flawless skin and keep Lauren Booked x Busy by visiting laurennapier.comPhotography: Rico Kinnard Yes, our businesses are Black-owned, but we create products that can be used by all. I was absolutely mesmerized by Joyce Beauty on a trip to Asia; I would love to partner with Joyce Beauty. I am so proud to be the founder of a brand that carries my namesake. We’ve had to pivot and change the operational needs, but I am forever grateful for Lauren Napier Beauty fans who were so patient and generous through the process. Do you feel that the industry is becoming more inclusive?The makeup industry can be very segregated. Why is it important for the luxury skincare and beauty industry to cater to and market to Black women and men?Black people are not a monolith. What’s your next dream partnership?I am exceptionally proud of the retail relationships that I’ve cultivated since my brand’s inception. You are audacious, industrious and fearless — don’t change. It’s important to cater to a group of people with a multi-trillion-dollar spending power and it’s important to address the skincare needs and concerns of people who are looking for a space to spend that speaks specifically to their needs and desires.You’ve always been an advocate for Black-owned businesses, especially Black female-owned brands. I am seeing more people of color in the room, that adds value to the entire operation. Packed with all-natural ingredients like chamomilla, aloe and cucumber, Lauren Napier Beauty products nourish and care for skin with a serum-like formula while simultaneously removing makeup, dirt and oil. It’s also important because Black women spend 9x more on beauty and skincare. My customers are the greatest!Which beauty trends are you head-over-heels for? Who inspires you?Where shall I begin? How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business for better or worse?COVID-19 has been quite the challenge. In order for us to grow, scale and become competitive in the beauty world, Black-owned beauty brands must be given the same consideration as other brands. The next generation of Lauren Napier Beauty products are clean, gentle, luxurious and multi-purpose. August is officially National Black Business Month and PAPER is showing love to some of our favorite Black-owned businesses throughout the entire month.

Rihanna’s Fenty Skin Is Reselling for Over $500

If you can hold off a couple more days, FENTY Skin will officially launch July 31 with tags as low as $25-$35.To pass the time, look at these hilarious reactions from FENTY fans spiraling from the pre-order and resale prices.Y’all are not seeing heaven OMG #FentySkin— HOT-GRL (@mishelmuse) July 29, 2020
Fenty Skin keeps crashing and my order is already in the cart just waiting man LMAO. Related | Imagine the Power of Fenty SkinResellers have listed three START’R products online, including cleanser, toner/ serum hybrid and SPF moisturizer. #FentySkin— kanye’s macbook pro (@balencianime) July 29, 2020
Me waiting for my Fenty Skin to arrive even though I just placed my order #FentySkin @fentyskin @sgarretteskin— lo (@losquiat) July 29, 2020
Photo via Getty/ Samir Hussein/ WireImage Not to mention that when shopping resale beauty, there’s always a chance the product won’t be legit.I guess it should come as no surprise that people are taking this to such an extreme, considering Rih’s immediate Fenty Beauty success and the line’s endorsements from artists like Lil Nas X and A$AP Rocky, calling it a “new culture of skincare.”Still, FENTY Skin, created with a similar ethos to FENTY Beauty, is centered on inclusivity and the real Navy should know better than to market the products at exclusionary pricing. FENTY Skin, Rihanna’s highly anticipated takeover of the skincare world, officially launches on July 31, but the three initial products from her line are being listed on sites like eBay already — at ungodly prices. As seen on High Snobiety, screenshots show that the sets are selling for as much as $550, which is unfounded considering the products’ original prices are in the $30 range. #FentySkin— Jas (@JasTayler) July 29, 2020
If I do all this waiting in the waiting line and find out everything is sold out by the time in, we’re going to TALK Mrs Fenty.

Laetitia Ky’s Sculptural Hair Is a Work of Art

Her medium is her dreadlocks. What began as a whimsical outlet in her childhood has now blossomed into an ever-expanding platform for both creative expression and political activism. His words and comments about my work just made me feel stronger.”

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In the first image, Ky transforms her hair into a monogram reading “MJ” and shows off the Snapshot bag over her shoulder. The catch? Login • Instagram
Ky’s originality is paramount to her success, and it’s certainly not going unnoticed. For me, fashion is a way to express yourself, to show your emotions and to tell stories. Ivory Coast-based artist Laetitia Ky has been taking the TikTok world by storm with dazzling, other-worldly sculptures. Yesterday, the styling mastermind took a major step into the fashion world, fronting a collaboration with Marc Jacobs on Instagram. This is why I have dreads as well. Next, the visionary utilizes wire to reconstruct her dreads in the shape of a dog, which happens to be happily sitting inside the label’s signature tote bag.In the last shot, she crafts a giant, show-stopping arm that curves out of the top of her head and casually holds the Quilted Softshot bag with two fingers.”I always been a big fashion lover since forever,” she says. I feel like I have a lot of things to say and express through it, too!”Head over to Laetitia Ky’s Instagram to keep up with her larger-than-life creations.Photos via Instagram She’s inspired by the world around her, posting creations including a silhouette of the female body to celebrate womanhood and a fist of hope in support of the Black Lives Matter protests. In the three posts, Ky shows off her artistic flair alongside three of the American fashion designer’s most coveted accessories. And when you have the chance to create freely, it is always a pure time of joy. I love being able to celebrate Black beauty. “I loved the fact that the brand let me create without any limitations or restrictions,” she tells PAPER. I also loved how Marc Jacobs himself was so nice and encouraging and commenting on my page after he saw the result. “But for the last few years I’ve learned to really embrace my African roots. “They wanted me to feel free to be super creative with the hair sculptures.

Drest’s First IG Beauty Filters Blur the Real and Virtual Worlds

The interactive styling app, founded by former PORTER Editor-in-Chief Lucy Yeomans, launched a few months ago and has already caught the attention of fashion’s major players.Brands from Gucci and Oscar de la Renta to Christian Louboutin and Puma have all signed on to become partners with the platform, where players respond to daily styling challenges using the products from the latest runway collections. Whereas users are normally tasked to select each beauty element, Greenwell’s fully packaged looks can be applied in one click.To help kick off Greenwell’s latest makeup look, a rich green palette called “Verdant Summer,” Drest is launching its first range of beauty filters on Instagram. Beauty plays an important part too, with users able to select their own hair and makeup looks for their model avatars.Related | PAPER Fashion: The RubberistAmong the beauty looks featured are those curated by Mary Greenwell, the celebrity makeup artist perhaps best known for working with Princess Diana. “We made the decision to blend real and virtual worlds by recreating some real-life elements — luxury fashion and mesmerizing global locations — digitally. We are a platform for creativity and want to give individuals everywhere the opportunity to have fun and express themselves virtually and IRL.”Tap the Face icon in Drest’s profile to download the IG filters for yourself.Photo courtesy of Drest “For the last two months I have designed a makeup look that Drest stylists can apply to their models with a simple tap,” she continued, “but this month we are taking it one step further and releasing social face filters so real people can enjoy my beauty creations on themselves.” Related | Introducing ‘SNATCHURAL’ With Beauty Expert XOXOETHANA conversation she and Yeomans had during lockdown, where they discussed topics from makeup and the red carpet to designing makeup for model avatars, also premiered today on Drest’s Instagram channel.”Unlike other games Drest isn’t pure fantasy,” Yeomans said. In Drest’s alternate high fashion universe, everyone has full access to the world’s top designers. And so, for me, it was vital we brought Mary’s expert eye to Drest in order to provide our users with lifelike, elevated makeup options. Login • Instagram
“As Drest’s consultant makeup artist I am forever imagining new ways of creating playful, standout looks that are beautiful enough to complement the real-life luxury fashion that is brought into the game digitally,” Greenwell told PAPER. The challenge went live this morning, and users can now “wear” all three virtual looks designed by Greenwell in real life.

A$AP Rocky Stars in Rihanna’s Fenty Skin Campaign

Sign up at for early access to cop it before the launch 🙌🏾 A post shared by FENTY SKIN (@fentyskin) on Jul 17, 2020 at 6:57pm PDT Photos via Getty Per screenshots of the interaction, Lil Uzi Vert replied to Rihanna’s post by writing that, “I was a side n***a once” — a joke that raised more than a few eyebrows about the reality of a Rihanna-Rocky relationship.Neither Rihanna nor Rocky have responded to the speculation. As some pointed out, her long-rumored beau A$AP Rocky was also featured. Over the weekend, Rihanna took to her Instagram to show off the first campaign for her forthcoming Fenty Skin line. View this post on Instagram THE NEW CULTURE OF SKINCARE. And given that the two reignited dating speculation in January shortly after Rihanna’s split from Hassan Jameel, it didn’t take long for the internet rumor mill to gear back into action.Not only that, but as New Hot Hip Hop noted, Lil Uzi Vert also couldn’t help but use the opportunity to troll Rocky by replying with a cheeky comment. Featuring models like Halima Aden and Paloma Elsesser, the star-studded ads touting a “new culture of skincare” naturally caused quite a stir — especially since the pop star/makeup mogul made sure to emphasize that Fenty Skin is “for my fellas too” with the inclusion of Lil Nas X.Related | Rihanna, A$AP Rocky Fuel Dating SpeculationHowever, Lil Nas X wasn’t the only guy to make an appearance in the campaign alongside Rihanna. Either way, Fenty Skin debuts July 31 and you can check out Rihanna’s campaign teaser, below. FENTY SKIN drops July 31st exclusively on!

Harry Styles’s Quarantine Mustache Sparks Internet Debate

That said, the polarizing presence of his distinctly ’70s-style mustache has since sparked a fierce internet debate, with some fans even going so far as imploring him to “get rid of it please for the greater good of humanity.”Harry via villamanodori IG. perfection and then the mf outfit tooooo— ꧁Ask me if I give a motherfuck ?!!꧂ᴛᴘᴡᴋ (@imnobody0_0_) July 17, 2020 I just believe in harry styles’ mustache supremacy.— Harry Styles Updates. In the meantime though, see what else the internet is saying about the look, below.Put your mask on Mr. petition for harry styles to SHAVE HIS MUSTACHE— ei ツ (@littlefairyay) July 18, 2020 if you think harry styles mustache is his superior look you got daddy issues🙈— 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐩𝐡☁️ (@snflwrstyIes) July 17, 2020 he looks like joe exotic 🌀👄🌀— ceci 🇦🇷 (@lipstckcampaign) July 18, 2020 For the most part though, it seems as if fans have been pretty supportive, writing things like, “Can u believe harry styles just invented the mustache” and defending by imploring others to keep the negativity to themselves.can u believe harry styles just invented the mustache— coly (@harryzstan) July 17, 2020 If you dont like harry style’s mustache, keep that shit to yourself. Its embarrassing— 🌱جهن_نم🌱 (@CanyonMoonfall) July 19, 2020 Either way, we hope he’s enjoying his new facial hair. And while opting to grow facial hair has been a pretty popular option, when you’re Harry Styles, no serious aesthetic decision comes without some level of scrutiny.Related | Please Enjoy Harry Styles Wearing Nothing But FishnetsOver the weekend, fan photos of the star in Italy surfaced online. no polish on his nails, the giant a*s stain on his shoes and the mismatch laces, his gorgeous locks, and the mustache… ✨groovy✨— Elena🌻 (@ElsTreeStump) July 17, 2020 Photo via Getty 70s Uncle— valentin (@ok_bozo) July 18, 2020 BRUH THE LITTLE DETAILS I WAS LOOKING FOR ON HARRY STYLES JANSKSNDNDKDN I HATE MYSELF.. (@TheHarryNews) July 18, 2020 if anyone meets harry please god tell him we love the mustache and to never get rid of it please for the greater good of humanity— sophia (@ultrvioIent) July 19, 2020 Granted, the mustache hate wasn’t an uncommon sentiment with many tweets surfacing about starting a “petition for harry styles to shave his mustache.” Meanwhile, others opted to make “daddy issues” jokes or lovingly comparing him to other well-known mustachioed men, including Mario and Joe Exotic.— Cony 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐍𝐢𝐚𝐥𝐥²⁸ (@adoreyoularryyy) July 17, 2020 Harry Styles with a mustache… Whether it be a stick-and-poke tattoo or a DIY bang trim, quarantine has got everyone experimenting with their looks.

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio Collaborate With Morphe

Addison Rae, a dancer and member of the Hype House, just announced a Spotify-exclusive podcast with her mom, Sheri Nicole.Check out the Morphe 2 promo video, below, and prepare for the release of the products on July 30th on the Morphe website.Photo via Instagram Login • Instagram
“When I wear makeup, I feel like I’m actually getting ready for the day,” Dixie told Allure. Login • Instagram
Rather than developing a line that capitalizes on the DIY trend of intense and exciting glam looks from makeup influencers like current collaborator James Charles, NikkieTutorials and more, Morphe 2 seems determined to be the go-to line for Gen Z teens and young adults who prefer softer, neutral looks.”I want people to wear as little or as much as they want and feel confident,” Charli said in an interview with Allure.Related | James Charles: Sisterhood Is Stronger Than SubscribersCharli and Dixie are the ambassadors for the Morphe 2 brand, and it would come as no surprise if their followers began to see them showcasing the easy-to-apply products via social media, where the two boast more than 38 million combined fans on Instagram, more than 5.7 million on Twitter and more than 85 million on TikTok — where it all began.Much like the sisters’ platforms on social media, the brand is about empowerment and acceptance, no matter the level of makeup experience. From StarDog and TurboCat, the film in which Charli will make her voice acting debut, to “Be Happy,” Dixie’s breakout single, there has been no shortage of excitement for the sisters. For TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, 2020 has been a year of opportunity. Related | Watch Dixie D’Amelio’s Music Video For ‘Be Happy’Now, the duo has collaborated with influencer makeup megabrand Morphe to debut Morphe 2, a line dedicated to changing the way makeup caters to a younger audience. “It’s a form of self-care and makes me feel like I’m doing something positive for myself.”The idea for the collaboration, as Dixie explained in the interview, is that regardless of the product, “there’s no one way to do makeup.” Perhaps, as a result, there are six versatile product options in the range, which include a set of brushes, a foundation tint that can be applied without a brush or sponge, a blush, lip gloss, an eyeshadow gel and a “face and eye gloss.” The line is also affordable, with the most expensive product — the brush set — coming in at $24.Related | NikkieTutorials: Guiding the Next GenerationThe announcement of Charli and Dixie’s collaboration with Morphe comes nearly at the same time as big news for another TikToker (and friend of the pair).

Jeffree Star Breaks His Silence

My lawyers are entertaining it behind the scenes, but I will not be,” Star said in the video. He admitted to not being able to live up to his promises from the 2019 video. Of course I don’t. “I know this may sound shocking coming from my mouth, but when you accept that you are the problem, you can become the solution.”For a brief moment, he also acknowledged the larger events happening in the world right now, mentioning the deaths of and lack of justice for Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain. Since all the drama with Shane Dawson went down, and since people have begun calling out YouTubers for their inappropriate past behavior, influencer Jeffree Star has remained silent. I’ve been really, really working on myself, and I definitely was distracted.”Watch the full video, below.Photo via Getty Star said, “I think drama and the beauty world — which I definitely have been a part of — It all has to stop.”Related | Morphe Will No Longer Work With Jeffree StarThe makeup mogul later addresses his friendship with Shane Dawson, saying that he’s not cutting him out of his life or distancing himself, and that his silence was meant to support Dawson. But now, he’s speaking up about beauty world drama, his friendship with Shane Dawson and the accusations made against him.In a new 10-minute video, entitled “Doing What’s Right,” he began by saying that he’s been practicing self-reflection and admits to “speaking out of anger, out of frustration.” He said, “For the first time in a really long time, I’m really reflecting on my behavior and mine alone. Of course he doesn’t. “I know that a lot of people try to deter from my message, and sometime’s I’ve deterred it myself through negativity and drama, but that won’t be happening anymore” Star said, “I always stood up for what was right, and I always will.” He ended his video thanking friends, fans and supporters, adding that this time of self-reflection has been necessary. This time around, he talked about “the situation” again, and officially apologized to James once and for all — without calling anyone out or even mentioning Tati Westbrook. “I will not be entertaining it. “This has been me silent for a reason. And does he agree with my past behavior? “I know Shane from now. So, James, I am truly sorry for my actions and my behavior.”And while Westbrook predicted that Star would release receipts for secrets he’s kept about other YouTubers, he said that he isn’t about to reveal any text threads or messages that “allegedly” exist. I don’t know Shane from 10 years ago, and he doesn’t know me from 10 years ago.” He continued, “Now do I agree with Shane’s past actions? He then said that these are matters much worth giving attention to. “It’s disgusting, it’s awful and none of it should’ve happened. He spoke about his old video, “Never Doing This Again,” wherein he addressed his feud with James Charles. And I’ve come to a lot of realizations, and it’s been really important to actually understand everything that I was a part of, that I did wrong, and really start a new chapter for myself.”Related | Jeffree Star ‘Embarrassed’ of His Involvement in the James Charles Feud”2020 has been really crazy and I have added to the chaos,” he continued. I know the amazing person he is today, and you don’t abandon your friends.”He then talked about the Jeffree Star brand, and said, “I am so fucking proud to own an inclusive makeup company.” He claimed that he’s always advocated for small businesses, and has always welcomed included people of all colors, shapes, sizes, and gender identities.

Imagine the Power of Fenty Skin

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Photo via Getty This summer alone, we were gifted skincare influencer Susan Yara’s “Naturium,” Kylie Jenner’s “Kylie Skin” and now Rihanna’s “Fenty Skin.”The singer’s new skincare line will join her long (and successful) line of Fenty products: Fenty Beauty, Savage X Fenty, and LVMH’s FENTY. When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty in 2017, the brand reported $100 million in sales within its first 40 days. No signs of slowing down, Fenty has been continuously successful with each added line.[twitter_embed expand=1]Fenty Skin first graced us, when a trademark was filed in early 2019 with the United States Trademark and Patent Office. 😘 #FENTYSKIN — Rihanna (@Rihanna)1594771365.0An official Twitter account was made public this week, along with their website where you can sign up for early access to the collection.Fenty Skin officially launches July 31. Hi Robyn! The trademark described the line as, “medicated and non-medicated skincare, soap, body care and personal care products (excluding color cosmetics, perfume and other fragrance-only products), and related accessories such as kits, tools and applicators.”Along with the description of the brand, five products were also mentioned: Buff Ryder, Instant Reset, Fat Water, Flash Nap and Hydra Vizor.Rihanna also took to Twitter to assure the public that the line would be inclusive to all those who want it.Whoever told you skincare has a gender, LIED to you! Not up in here! 😊 #FENTYSKIN — Rihanna (@Rihanna)1594770508.0The true sin would be leaving my guys out! It seems while 2020 has been, more or less, veering towards the negatives, it has also been the year of skincare.

Antonio Garza: A YouTube Baddie Who’s in on the Joke

If there’s any miscommunication between me and another person, it’s always been handled off social media, because I think it’s really pointless to fight with someone publicly.So because I make the decision not to involve drama with social media, when it comes to other people and fights, that has really kept me out of drama. What is the secret to crafting the perfect clickbait title?Whenever I’m thinking of a title, I never am going to clickbait it too badly. Another really important step is you have to smell like a baddie. So I don’t know. If I’m going to clickbait you, I’m going to make sure the video at least somewhat applies to what the title is. I had that thought when I was starting, but I was mostly just starting for myself. When it gets more safe to be out in general, I definitely am going to go shopping because I have not shopped. They always make me feel like my life is together when it’s not, but in that moment it is.What are the most important steps to be a baddie?Well, of course, the way you look, your makeup matters. Is it intentional? Me and my close friend group, in terms of the way we treat each other, nothing has changed, which I’m really, really thankful for. Did you feel like there was something missing from the beauty space?A little bit. So hopefully one day I can make a whole video with her.You have a really huge following. She’s a camera whore, so she’s thriving whenever she gets to be on camera. You can have the baddie look, but if you don’t act like a baddie, then you’re not a baddie. It’s kind of fun, and then after you feel like you just cried out all your toxins and you feel amazing.I have to say one of the big things on my mind today is Chromatica. It is an amazing feeling.I personally have never gone three months without crying, but good for you.I will go through periods where I don’t cry and it’s weird, but that’s when the cry hits differently. I’ll try to do something either new with my hair, with my makeup, at least nowadays I’m starting to try to do that because I’m bored of looking at myself.One of my favorite videos of yours was recreating your old makeup. A lot of the fan base thinks we have a similar vibe and we’ve met before, we’re different people, but I feel like it would be such a fun dynamic between us.Well you’re both baddies, obviously.That’s the goal. It’s really fun, which is kind of dark, but it’s weird also, thinking back to the head space I was in back then. I was that person who was always in drama over something. Login • Instagram
What do you think is a better feeling: a really good laugh or a really good cry?Dang, that’s a hard question. When I’m going through and watching, if there’s anything that’s touchy or shouldn’t be in a YouTube video or I think the audience wouldn’t like, it always ends up being cut out.How long does it typically take you to edit a video?If it’s a video that’s going to end up being around 10 minutes, I may be able to get it done with two days of fully editing, committing that day to editing. No matter what you’re doing, if you’re still doing school, if you’re not, make time to talk to the people you love, because it will help you so much.What’s your favorite way to practice self-care?Face masks. The fact that she was happy to laugh at herself and invite her viewers to laugh with her helped, as did her knack for meme-worthy content like turning herself into the cowboy emoji or sneaking into her old school after dropping out to enroll in online courses.Over Zoom, PAPER caught up with Garza — in full glam, wig and all — to learn exactly how many hours it takes her to edit her videos, the most important steps in becoming a baddie and the other YouTubers she’d most like to collab with. There were just a few instances where I went through a whole bunch of situations, and maybe I did post about them on my Snapchat story, maybe I did post that on my Instagram Story, Twitter or whatever. I wasn’t really thinking about the community like I do now, but now looking back there was something missing and hopefully that was something that I was able to give to people in the beauty community.When you did start, what was more important to you, making beauty content or making videos that were going to make people laugh?A hundred percent making people laugh. Is that something you picked up along the way or have you gotten any advice from other people in the industry?Yeah, it’s a lesson that I’ve taught myself through being in so much drama in middle school and high school. I was a Lady Gaga stan since third grade, which really says a lot about me. I have a lot. Our dynamics are the exact same as it was before I even started YouTube. It’s really helped me get so many more videos out than usual and focus on myself more, which is something that I think I needed.”Related | Sean Garrette Wants Your Skin to Look as Good as HisWhen Garza first started gaining traction on YouTube in 2018, the beauty space was beginning to feel stale. It always feels like you’re in on the joke, and you’re really open about your anxiety, about depression. I would never have thought so many people would’ve known me back then. The worst anyone’s ever said about her is that she looks like Mariah Carey and she learned to deal with that. I just talked to my friend, “How have I not been canceled yet?” And I was thinking, “Oh, because I don’t do anything.” That’s why I haven’t been canceled. If you could give your fans one piece of advice on getting through the next 15 years of quarantine, what would it be?What’s helped me most and what I would tell other people to do is, call your friends, keep in touch with people in your life, even if it’s people who you were kind of friends with in school. If they’re editing it, I’ll be in your video, but if I have to edit it, I don’t know. I’ve online shopped a lot, but I miss walking around shopping centers. What is it like to look back on your evolution and use it as content?When I think back to the way I used to be as a person, I’m really happy that I used to be gross and cringe-worthy, because now it makes it so fun to look back and laugh at it, and to be able to laugh at my old self with other people too. I would do that, but of course it’s not how it works. Do you feel really good about everything you’ve put out?For the most part I felt fine with everything. I’m literally going to remember that and put that as my bio.Great, I’ll send you an invoice.Welcome to “You’ve Been Served,” Rose Dommu’s alternately irreverent and incisive look at beauty, ranging from the deeply personal to pop cultural — essays, product guides, interviews with artists/influencers/specialists and deep dives into the beauty industry’s impact on internet culture.Photo via Instagram Login • Instagram
You’ve been on YouTube for a couple of years now. Were there people who influenced that or did you figure it out intuitively?Prior to starting YouTube, I used to always edit videos as a child and would use iMovie which is what I started using when I made my own videos. I just don’t think there’s a point.I always am conscious of things that could be seen as offensive to anyone or tone deaf. I haven’t done it in so long. So why would I want to do that now when I have a following? A core group of influencers dominated the platform with videos that centered on makeup reviews and challenges, and while their off-screen drama provided plenty of entertaining gossip, their content became somewhat rote. So I guess I would say crying, even though it’s more depressing, it’s worth it. It was not fun. One of my goals was to collab with Tana Mongeau, and I recently did that, so very proud of myself on that one.One of the things that gets talked about a lot in the beauty community is all the drama and infighting and people having tea with each other, but you seem to be really free of that. I didn’t think of doing that in actual YouTube videos until I watched Emma Chamberlain. Login • Instagram
Do you get sick of looking at your own face and hearing your own voice?[Laughs] Every single time I sit down to edit a new video, I look at it and I’m like, “Oh, I don’t want to see this. I knew all the words to all of Born This Way. But with this album coming out, I am ready to start stanning again.If you had to make one Gaga song the anthem of your life, what would it be?The song that describes my life would be either “Bloody Mary” or “Government Hooker” from Born This Way.Wow. So she’s not getting hate comments.That’s a compliment, honestly.She hates Mariah Carey. Especially for me because I don’t really like looking at myself with other people. I imagine if I did bring all my fights and all my bad situations to social media, I probably would have gotten into a scandal by now. That’s a fun fact about me. I’ve tiptoed into it because bringing my family on social media scares me. I try to make everyone feel good and that’s kind of my vibe. Login • Instagram
That seems like a really mature mindset for someone your age. But not too much.Messy enough to make them laugh, but together enough to keep them watching?That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. “Having to be forced to stay home has really helped me spend time with myself for the first time in a long time. “To a certain extent,” she clarifies. I need to stop spending money on them because I wear them two times and then get bored of them and buy a new one.You know what, being a little bit messy is kind of your thing and has literally made you famous. As of yet you are uncanceled.Exactly, and I hope it stays that way for a while. I don’t think I’ve had an instance where I have watched back and I thought to myself, “Hmm, should’ve said that.” I always think I do a pretty good job and that’s handed over to my editing, because I’m going through a video so many times, at least more than I’m assuming a regular YouTuber would. I tell her it’s a compliment, but she’s like, “Hmm, she’s annoying.” I’m like, okay-She’s the ultimate skinny legend.Right, she’s an icon. What did you set out to do when starting your channel? I don’t know, do all my summer plans I had to cancel. Would you click?” That’s how I end up with my final title, which is always just a little bit clickbait, but it’s the fun of it.I noticed that you started featuring your family a little bit more in your videos. Maybe a little bit too much. She has a strong head. That’s why quarantine has been somewhat of a blessing in disguise for Garza. When I see that, it makes me feel less alone in any sort of issue I’m going through.Do you ever look back at your old videos and say, “I wish I hadn’t said that” or “I wish I’d talked more about this thing”? Like when you haven’t cried in like three months, and you cry it all out. It really helps me personally, myself making the jokes and also seeing that other people are going through similar things. That’s all I care about in life. So I guess the secret to success is to be a little messy?A little bit. I definitely do see myself in the future, doing the same exact thing. Is turning that into comedy something that helps you actually handle that in your real life?I think so, because laughing about hard issues, no matter what it is, helps so much more than sitting in my bed and dwelling about them. I don’t really like doing collabs that much. Obviously, she was a huge inspiration for me at the time because her and I were doing similar things.Another hallmark of your videos is how self-deprecating you are. It doesn’t really seem to scare them at all, but it scares me just because of comments and stuff. Was that something that you all talked about or just something that happened organically?That’s been one of my most requested videos for the past year: do your mom’s makeup, show us your mom or show us your brother. It’s a conscious act for me to not start drama with anyone because that kind of drama between two people, I don’t like doing that. I can’t even imagine how horrible that would be now to have other people’s opinions on any bad situations.You love a good clickbait title. That’s maybe not surprising, considering the 17-year-old beauty vlogger is most often found alone in her bedroom blending eyeshadow, playing Roblox, employing her trademark self-deprecating humor and spending countless hours editing her YouTube videos.Lockdown has forced Garza “to get a lot of work done, which I’m not usually very good at doing.” Fans know this from the long stretches between the influencer’s videos, which she frequently apologizes for on camera, but when you’re a famous teenager, you can’t really be expected to stay inside all day. Is this too boring? I would travel, I would go to Europe. Same goes for friends who I’ve brought on my channel or maybe don’t want to bring on my channel. What is that like to navigate?It’s been life-changing, obviously. She loves being on camera. I don’t want any of this.” I get over it of course, but that is definitely something I go through, which is why I really try to switch my look up in every video. But overall, I’m really thankful for it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything now.What’s the first thing you’re going to do once the pandemic is over, if it’s ever over?If there was one day where it ended, which of course is not how it works, I would immediately go to Hawaii. I just want to make everyone laugh, of course, and so I found it pretty easy to stay out of scandals. Hopefully it stays that way. How has that impacted your real life, both at home and then with friends from school. Maybe if it is then I’ll laugh at myself now, and in a few years and everyone will laugh too.I mean, you’re 17. As a group we’ve had to adapt. “I actually am kind of a fan of it,” admits Antonio Garza when I ask how she’s finding quarantine. I also find that when I make jokes off of them in the videos, I read the comments and a lot of people are saying they deal with similar things. Of course, I kind of stanned other people as I got older and fell out of my Lady Gaga phase. I’ll always start with the concept of the video and I’ll think, What is the juiciest, most interesting thing I’m going to be doing and talking about in this video? Something just clicked in my mind recently and I thought, Why not show everyone the person who raised me? All of The Fame, I think by the end of my third grade year, that was when I started stanning, and I have stanned ever since. Login • Instagram
A wig doesn’t hurt.That is the tea. So we all have to deal with me getting stopped a lot. It helps so much to have friends who you can call, and people you can talk to because I find myself getting so lonely for days at a time, and it just is so sad. Ha ha.” But a good cry hits differently. I’m not going to say that makes the boys want you because who cares about the boys. [Laughs] In three years [I’ll look back and] literally hate myself right now, but right now I’m doing fine, so I don’t even care.Who are some other creators you would want to collab with?Brentman Rock is someone who makes me laugh and someone who I want to collab with. I never want someone who’s a troll to say something mean and have feelings hurt or anything so I’ve been hesitant. I’ll come up with all these crazy titles and then I’ll actually just ask all my friends, “Is this too much? That’s what I was really seeking for when making videos, because I knew that’s what the viewer was going to take with them when they were done watching the video — not, “Oh, how did I learn to do the smokey eye today?”Your editing style has really become your signature and replicated across YouTube. Same goes to my family, of course. The taste really jumped out. There are times where it’s scary or where concerning things will happen, but we all learned to live with it. They’re on Amazon for $40.How many wigs do you own?I feel like 20 maybe, not that much. I want to travel, but I know that I probably am going to be too scared to, at least until the end of this year. Garza was a welcome disruption, combining the familiar intimacy of “get ready with me” videos with the irreverent editing styles popularized by vloggers like Emma Chamberlain. They’re all sitting over here on the pile on the ground because I’m a little bit messy. I want to collab with Nikita Dragun, I feel like that’d be really fun. I don’t know if what I’m doing right now is going to be cringe-worthy in a few years. But you have to find a scent that is attractive and then just carry yourself like you’re a baddie, like you’re that bitch. If we’re just going to the mall, our trip to the mall is probably going to take an hour longer than it usually would because I’m going to be stuck a lot, taking pictures with people, which I love, of course and I miss right now. I always watch back my old videos and I think, “That was good,” I always laugh at myself, which maybe a little bit self-conceited. If we just want to go shopping, we all have an instinct now where if someone’s looking at me or if there’s a group of people coming, we know without even looking, we just know. Are you a Little Monster?Tell me why, literally right when I was getting ready, I was listening to “Sour Candy.” I am obsessed with it. Making fun of myself always can make them feel better about it. Find a good perfume, find your scent that makes… They are too stressful to film and edit. Through that, I learned by looking back at the situation that it’s the same thing, just because you’re not really popular, it’s like having these kinds of fights or scandals and stuff, it brought me down a lot at the time. I would say laugh because it’s like, “Okay, having a good time laughing. You definitely will at some point look back and cringe.Yeah. I will forget to talk to my friends, but then when I talk to my friends I’m happy. Sometimes if it’s a video that’s going to be around 20-25 minutes, then I’ll find myself editing for 30-40 hours straight and it takes a lot out of me.

Morphe Will No Longer Work With Jeffree Star

As a result, Star’s past was also scrutinized thanks to problematic photos and posts from his Myspace days. “As we look to the future, we will continue to share updates on what lies ahead for the Morphe brand.” Today we’ve made the decision to cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products. More recently, Aina severed ties with Morphe and called upon other influencers to demand action from the company, who she criticized for continuing “to retail anti-Black racist beauty brands.”Star has yet to respond to Morphe’s announcement.Photo via Getty As we look to the future, we will continue to share updates on what lies ahead for the Morphe brand.— Morphe (@MorpheBrushes) July 10, 2020 Earlier this month, Tati Westbrook’s claim that Star was a co-owner of Morphe led to increased scrutiny surrounding their business relationship — a rumor the brand subsequently denied.And while Morphe did not give any further explanation for this latest decision, the move comes on the heels of backlash against Star and fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson. We expect this to conclude within the coming weeks. Morphe has officially cut ties with longtime collaborator Jeffree Star.On Friday afternoon, the cosmetics company — which has served as one of the main retailers for Jeffree Star Cosmetics — announced the “decision to cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products.”Related | Jackie Aina Severs Ties With Morphe Amid Jeffree Star Controversy”We expect this to conclude within the coming weeks,” the brand wrote via Twitter. Back in May, the hashtag #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty started trending after old racial jokes and videos of him in Blackface resurfaced. Star also faced allegations of manipulation and tokenization by influencer Kameron Lester, in addition to accusations of “blatantly racist behavior” from Jackie Aina in 2018. Previously, Morphe collaborated with both influencers on their Conspiracy Collection, though the brand pulled the line from their website last month.In the weeks since, both Star and Dawson have come under fire for past racist actions from influencers and fans alike.

Tiffany Haddish Shuts Down Critics of Her Shaved Head

After all, as she explained, with her new look, she no longer has to worry about getting her hair wet, when she can work out, or how her neck sometimes hurts from having “heavy” dreadlocks. So hello Scalp #SheReady to everything. But I really don’t think I am going to be mad at all. View this post on Instagram I cut all my hair off cause I want to see my Scalp. I’m not suffering from no emotional shit, nothing. I know my whole body I know where every mole is but I don’t know my Scalp. “I know where every single mole is. anybody that knows me knows me, knows I’ve been talking about this for a long time, okay?”And though she said that she’s been “blocked” in the past from doing it, according to Haddish, she’s no longer concerned about the people who “think I lost my mind” — especially if they’re men.”Why when a woman decides, ‘Hey I’m gonna cut this hair off because I wanna see my scalp,’ she gotta have a mental problem?” she said. I feel really, really good.”See Haddish’s videos, below. A post shared by Tiffany Haddish (@tiffanyhaddish) on Jul 7, 2020 at 12:58pm PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tiffany Haddish (@tiffanyhaddish) on Jul 7, 2020 at 1:33pm PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tiffany Haddish (@tiffanyhaddish) on Jul 7, 2020 at 5:36pm PDT Photo via Getty “Y’all don’t even understand how I feel really good about it,” Haddish concluded. “My sister said that I’m gonna cry tomorrow, that I’m gonna be mad about it tomorrow. Tiffany Haddish is already shutting down potential critics of her shaved head.Earlier this week, the star took to her Instagram to share a series of videos documenting the process of shaving her head — something she’s wanted to do “for years” so she could finally see her scalp.Related | Hair Stories: A Celebration of Black Women’s Versatility “I wanna see my scalp,” she said. “Nothing is wrong with my brain, you guys. Anybody that’s ever done my hair has heard me say it … I’ve literally been talking about this for years.”Not only that, but the star went on to express her excitement about all the future hairstyles she has in mind, as well as how she’s looking forward to taking the time she usually spends doing her hair on other things.

Lady Gaga Is the Face of Valentino’s Next Fragrance

Prior to the upcoming Valentino campaign, Gaga’s last commercial work was for Tiffany & Co in 2019 and 2017, according to Related | Lady Gaga: Life on Chromatica”Lady Gaga means freedom, self-consciousness, pure heart,” Piccioli said in a statement. “Her message of freedom, passion for art, self-consciousness and equality is the same [as what] our Valentino community stands for.”Photo via Getty “She is the icon of a generation,” Picciolo added. Lady Gaga has another major beauty gig under her belt, though this time it has nothing to do with Haus Labs. “Her participation in this campaign elevates the symbolic power of the project to the highest level.”

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Gaga has had some iconic moments in Valentino throughout her career, most memorably the time she wore a dazzling pink feather confection to the Venice Film Festival. She also donned a custom periwinkle couture gown from the brand to the Golden Globes for A Star Is Born. This morning, the superstar was announced as the face of Valentino’s next fragrance, Voce Viva, which is set to debut in September.The perfume was conceived by the brand’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli and the Valentino beauty team at L’Oreal, according to WWD.

Sean Garrette Wants Your Skin to Look as Good as His

Growing up, I was a loner. Everything about skincare, fragrance, it became like my life.”I hope moving forward that there’s more intuitive inclusivity and not such a quota being met, especially for people that look like me.”How would you quantify what you do?By trade I’m an esthetician, but I’m almost a skin therapist. I’ve always loved the color of my skin. I couldn’t play outside in certain clothes. And beauty needs to be more inclusive of sex, gender, race. And also take into consideration their price point with the pandemic going on, and then make sure it’s something that they can continuously afford to repurchase and they’ll follow in the future. I’m consistently reeducating myself. Login • Instagram
When did you start getting interested in beauty as an adult?Around like 2013-2014. As something of a skincare enthusiast myself — and by “something,” I mean I have an entire skincare drawer in my dresser and an Opening Ceremony tote full of extras of my favorite products in the closet — I’m always on the lookout for new experts to follow. So that would be my cleansing step. And the peptides, if I bring it up under my eye, it will help with the wrinkles and dryness.As a Black esthetician who works primarily with Black women, what kind of ripple effect are you hoping the current movement to dismantle white supremacy will have on the beauty industry?I’m hoping for a more authentic change. I’ll go over what they’re using, do a quick 30-minute interview and then create a new plan and routine moving forward for them. For me, the biggest challenge is tailoring it and making it more concise for clients because there’s so much on the market and so many products — so many ingredients that target the same thing. My mom has the most beautiful, caramel skin. His love of beauty was also directly inspired and fostered by the Black women in his life — namely his mother, grandmother and an aunt whose beauty rituals he observed reverently. Login • Instagram
What’s your favorite thing about your skin?I love my skin tone. Certain medical things or stressors or hormones trigger certain skin issues. Super, super hydrating, but also the niacinamide helps with some hyperpigmentation, a little oil control. In a world where influencers are beat and Facetuned to perfection, it’s refreshing to follow someone who knows that we all have acne, razor burn, sun damage and hyperpigmentation — and isn’t afraid to share his own.Although after seeing his gorgeous skin over Zoom, I can’t imagine Garrette ever looking less than 100% snatched… She always made sure she looked great and that passed down onto me. So it has peptides, niacinamide, peach extract and yam extract. The most important skincare rule I’ve ever learned was from my mother who told me to never go to sleep without washing my face. And so with that comes a lot of trauma, a lot of insecurity about image, especially skin, because those women aren’t as represented in these industries as they should, or even marketed towards. Her signature was red lipstick and she had 80 different wigs. So as I got older, she would tell me about taking care of my skin, make sure I’m washing my face, just hygiene, deodorant, things like that. She had about 50 perfumes from Chanel, Dior, Givenchy. Login • Instagram
How has your business changed during the pandemic?Since March, I’ve been doing virtual consults. A hydrating toner, of course, a hydrating serum, an SPF, and a good moisturizer I can use morning and night.”You can’t really be inclusive if you’re not including Black trans people, Black nonbinary people, Black gay people.”No eye cream?I don’t really use them. That’s when I discovered makeup and different fashion choices and things like that. My hyaluronic acids usually have three or four other ingredients that treat things that I want. It draws you in, but you learn something and can take from it and apply it to yourself.What is your favorite part about interacting with your audience?Just the connection. I’m always trying to make sure I’m tailoring it and making it as digestible as possible. That’s why I’m always glowing and I look like I’m sweating all the time because I’m overly moisturized. I literally did not have any skin issues or major breakouts until I turned 21 and had adult acne. Login • Instagram
Do you feel like you’re taking this insider knowledge and bringing it to people who don’t normally have access to it?Yes, and that’s really what started my Instagram and what I think made people gravitate towards me, mostly Black women, because I would take things that I learned in school and by trade and the spa and would simplify it to make it more digestible for my audience. And I love during the summer, when we get a little tan because the more red and golden tones come out. That’s what led me to Sean Garrette, an esthetician and skincare specialist who has built a following on thoughtful product reviews all while building an IRL clientele primarily made up of Black women. Login • Instagram
When did you realize that your skin was something that you had to actively take care of?Probably when I was in middle school. But, must haves is: a good oil cleanser or balm cleanser at night. I had moved to New York the first time or when I was like 21, 22. I think Black women are very excluded, but also Black men are excluded as well. And I was interested in getting to the fashion industry. About 90% of my clients are Black women. So my diet had changed, my lifestyle had changed, but I think all of that shifting in my hormones just freaked my skin out. My mom was very image obsessed. I really do love my skin tone, it’s like my favorite thing about myself, honestly.Did you always have good, clear skin, growing up?Yeah, I pretty much always had clear even-toned skin. I was always obsessed with beauty. For me it’s conflicting because I love the beauty space and the beauty industry so much. Instead of paying for a virtual consult and having to buy products on top of that, you can go to my Instagram and get something from it and be able to create a little routine for yourself.When you are recommending products, how do you tailor that to your patient?When you’ve been doing this for a while, you know what works with what, but again, depending on the certain issues or personal constraints, you tailor that to that. Login • Instagram
If you’re traveling — obviously no one’s going anywhere right now — what are five skincare products you have to bring with you?I actually just went on a four-day trip and I took three bags of skincare. My mom did not play with that ashy shit, you had to make sure you brushed your teeth, have fresh breath, your hair was groomed and that you were moisturized. I have like 50 eye creams and I probably use like three of them. Of course, my image and the way I presented myself became very important. Also, I’ve been trying to bump up my online content to be more educational because virtual consults can be a little pricey for certain people. Especially with my mom because she was in corporate America. As a career, I would say around 2014, I started working at a beauty counter and I just became obsessed with beauty. You trust Garrette because he’s not just recommending his favorite face wash (Youth to the People’s Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser), but because he’s sharing candid photos of the days when his skin isn’t looking flawless. In his own words, Garrette is a “skin therapist.”Related | Bob Scott on the Secrets to Celebrity MakeupGarrette is especially passionate about sharing his knowledge of skincare with Black women because the beauty industry so often neglects to make and market products specifically for them. What was the most important beauty rule you learned early on?To never leave the house ashy. So I’m literally the worst at packing because I’m like, I need everything for every situation. The consumer has become more aggressive with their demand to be recognized by brands.It’s sad that you have to almost attack and bully people to just do the right thing, but unless you hit them where it hurts, which is these brands’ pockets and their profit margins, your voice isn’t heard. I went through almost a second puberty, but I had lost like a ton of weight. I hope moving forward that there’s more intuitive inclusivity and not such a quota being met, especially for people that look like me. Most of my creams are pretty rich, so I look for things that have a little bit more advanced formulas. But she was using, like, Noxzema. So it’s like I’m counseling women in my spa, but I’m also giving them the building blocks to help them achieve better skin, lighten their hyperpigmentation, control their acne, for more confidence for them to do things like go for job interviews or dates. I always was a very isolated person, and now my work is a way for me to connect with people on a more personal level, learning people’s stories and expanding my knowledge of skin because everyone’s skin is completely different. When she’d leave, I’d be in her closet, trying perfumes and makeup and hair.” This fostered Garrette’s love of beauty and an understanding of its transformative power.Related | Get DSLs With These 8 Must-Have Lip BalmsThe skin therapist has earned the trust of his audience by providing them with his favorite products and the science behind them — I’ve learned about the importance of lactic acids from his posts — and also by being vulnerable with them. But it’s also a very divisive environment, and we’ve been having this conversation for years and years at this point. I grew up mostly as an only child until I was 12 years old and my mom had my little brother. And then also like a gentle cleanser I can use morning and night. My mom is a type A parent. When you come from a Black family, you always have to put your best foot forward. A lot of people don’t know why you need sunscreen if you have more melanin in your skin or why certain products work for acne versus hyperpigmentation. And that’s what led me into my obsession with skincare and products. It’s almost like I’m a skin coach. I’ll do Zoom consults and they’ll do an intake form. So she wasn’t even on to the good shit, she just would just cleanse her face and put lotion on.Those are the building blocks! I was her little doll, she always dressed me to a T, my hair had to be a certain way. I took my Instagram as an aesthetic medium to also be educational to people. It really goes beyond race, honestly, because you can’t really be inclusive if you’re not including Black trans people, Black nonbinary people, Black gay people, it has be intuitive and authentic across the board.Welcome to “You’ve Been Served,” Rose Dommu’s alternately irreverent and incisive look at beauty, ranging from the deeply personal to pop cultural — essays, product guides, interviews with artists/influencers/specialists and deep dives into the beauty industry’s impact on internet culture.Photo via Instagram Login • Instagram
“She used to be a jazz singer,” Garrette recalls, “and I used to sit on her bed and watch her get ready.

Social Circkle – Finger On The Switch Lyrics

At the hands of selfish men
The switch – the switch
They’ve got their fingers on the switch
The switch – the switch
Got their fingers on the switch At the hands of selfish men
The switch – the switch
They’ve got their fingers on the switch
The switch – the switch
Got their fingers on the switch
There’s no use to try to fight
Just hide out every night
War planes fill the darkened skies
It’s not a dream believe your eyes
Panic starts to hit the ground
T-minus ten they’re counting down
So this is how it’s gonna be? There’s no hope for you and me
The switch – the switch
They’ve got their fingers on the switch
The switch – the switch
Got their fingers on the switch
Paper headlines scream in fear
It’s coming down the end is near
USSA’s the new Iraq
Just wiping cities off the map
So this is how it’s gonna end? There’s no use to try to fight
Just hide out every night
Paper headlines scream in fear
It’s coming down the end is near
USSA’s the new Iraq
Just wiping cities off the map
So this is how it’s gonna end?