The 5 Best Viral Beauty Dupes Discovered on TikTok

NYX Sweet Cheeks TintAlthough Charlotte Tilbury’s Contour Wands have taken center stage, the Beauty Light Wands have received equal hype. And now TikTok makeup lovers have entered the chat. The shade is called Baby Doll and, although it doesn’t give the same highlighter-infused glow, it can definitely be replicated with a soft sweep of a shimmery powder highlight on top. ELF MintMelt Cooling PrimerAh, the controversial product that is primer. 🧐🤔💖 #viralmakeup #makeupreview

Photos via TikTok Its jelly-textured formula leaves the face feeling sticky (in a good way) once applied and adheres to makeup, unlike any primer I’ve seen before.ELF released a similar jelly primer, called MintMelt, that is designed to soothe the skin while giving that same gripping effect to your complexion products. The little applicator wand must be paired with a highlighter-infused shade of pink and creamy enough to blend out seamlessly.Although not an exact dupe, NYX came out with a similar shade to Pinkgasm in their Sweet Cheeks Tint. The professional makeup artist-turned-beauty entrepreneur has created formulas that work for so many people. 🤔🤯 #makeup #beauty #makeupdupe #TakisTransformation #SimlishSessions #CompleteMyLook

MILK Hydrogrip Primer vs. Thanks to a few savvy beauty lovers though, even the viral products have viral dupes. Related | Is the Viral Kylie Jenner Dior Blush Worth the Hype?While we love getting all the hottest recommendations from our TikTok beauty girlies like Mikayla Nogueira, our wallets definitely don’t. we’re looking at you) that Kylie Jenner swears by this blush. After months of being sold out and people clamoring to get the blue-toned rosy glow, Jenner and her makeup artist both revealed that they never even used that blush.Regardless, the Dior blush is stunning. Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Powder BlushFinally, the controversial Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush in 001. Of course, dupes for iconic makeup products have been around forever, but there’s something refreshing about finding near-identical alternatives for all the products TikTok has sold out.Here are some of our favorite viral dupes discovered on TikTok by the best of the beauty community:Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter vs. We all know TikTok as the machine behind some of the most talked about trends and products. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Instant Perfector 4-In-1 GlowCharlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter vs. The MILK Hydro Grip primer was one of the first primers I’ve seen go viral on TikTok and for good reason. At only $15, this velvety cream comes in seven shades (compared to Chanel’s two) and offers a remarkably similar sunny look.@amandafrisch

Chanel bronzer dupe?! Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Instant Perfector 4-In-1 GlowCharlotte Tilbury has a strong presence on the app and it’s well-deserved. Any time you see a Kar-Jenner rocking a sun-kissed glow, chances are this bronzer was used by their glam team.Makeup TikTok was quick to discover a dupe to the $50 Chanel Bronzer with SOL’s Face & Body Bronzing Balm. This might take the award for the most viral makeup product of 2021. SOL Face & Body Bronzing BalmChanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream vs. Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Powder BlushDior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush vs. The Instant Age Rewind has a similar sheer and ultra-glow formula for a “filter effect” on the skin. Someone started a rumor on TikTok (Dior’s PR team… With the same blue undertones as the Dior blush, Winter Kissed is only $18.@roseandben

What do you think?! This cream bronzer typically stays in the world of professional makeup artists ,but a few years ago we saw an influx of beauty YouTubers trying it out. NYX Sweet Cheeks TintCharlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand vs. Some people swear by it, some people hate it, some people don’t even know what it does. The best part, it’s near 4 times cheaper!@mikaylanogueira

A DUPE for the Flawless Filter? @therealtarnanlamb

nyx sweet cheeks soft cheek tint in the shade babydoll #fyp #makeup #blush

Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush vs. Six shades of highlighter-blush hybrids give a soft pinch of color, with Pinkgasm and Peachgasm leaving the skin rosy and glowing. From chlorophyll drops to Scrub Daddy sponges, the app has given us countless reasons to blow all our savings.The beauty community, in particular, has followed suit in pointing out products and demonstrating new (or recycled) techniques for viral trends, from the fox-eye look to different blush placements. The Pinkgasm wand sold out almost instantly after Madison Beer revealed that it was her favorite way to get a natural blush.I’ll admit, this is a hard product to dupe. One of her most famed products that TikTok launched into virality is the Hollywood Flawless Filter: a creamy sheer pigmented glow serum designed to be worn with foundation atop or on its own for a natural dewy look.Maybelline released a dupe that absolutely blew our minds. The kicker? Ily @mikaylanogueira for the suggestion! It’s $40.Kylie Cosmetics has a blush, called Winter Kissed, that Jenner’s makeup artist Ariel Tejada swears by. #elfmintprimer #affordablemakeup #affordablebeautydupe #milkhydrogripprimer #primerreview

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream vs. ELF MintMelt Cooling PrimerMILK Hydrogrip Primer vs. ELF even included hyaluronic acid in the formula to make sure skin stays hydrated underneath all-day makeup!@ameliaolivia09

Reply to @jam_l_ Is it a dupe? #makeup #HolidayTikTok #smallyoutuber #newmakeup #solbody #colourpop #viral #fyp

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand vs. It comes in two shades: the famous blue-toned pink and a soft coral shade for darker skin tones. SOL Face & Body Bronzing BalmIf you really know makeup, you know the Chanel Soleil Tan Bronzing Base is one of the most loved products from Chanel Beauty.

Naturally, Amanda Lepore’s Lips Are Patrick Church’s Muse

Campy and fun, the entire collection feels like a reminder that sometimes, vanity is the best thing we can have.”‘Amanda to me has always been the epitome of glamour,” Church tells PAPER. In one shot, Lepore takes her throne in a barely there monokini while Church acts as her seat. “Like so many people I have a deep respect and admiration for her. Loved for his hand-painted work, Church continues to explore the compelling intersection between pop culture and high art through Lepore’s likeness.Related | Patrick Church Cast Bodybuilders to Model His Spring CollectionThe collection features skin tight bodysuits, opera gloves, swimwear and more all in a kitschy, pop-art style that’s grown to be synonymous with Church. Photography: Chelsy Mitchell
Hair: Lorenzo Diaz
Assistant: Carrie Rich
Makeup: Esteban Martinez Playing into Lepore’s sex-symbol iconography, the star’s massive red lips, perfectly coiffed platinum bun and dramatic makeup arrives in the form of fluorescent portraits printed on clothing.The pair stars in the capsule’s campaign with the fashion speaking for itself. She is everything I loved and more and it is truly an honor that I can celebrate her.”The full capsule collection is available exclusively on Patrick Church loves Amanda Lepore, and so do we.The British graphic artist and fashion designer is teaming up with the club kid blueprint on a limited-edition capsule emblazoned with artwork of the model and singer. I have always wanted to collaborate on something with her and this opportunity was really a dream.

Models at Burberry Had Huge Elf Ears

But upon closer inspection, they’re actually in line with what Creative Director Riccardo Tisci has been inspired by for years: Bambi!The beloved baby Disney deer, which fans might recognize from his Givenchy sweatshirt days, recently posed with the designer on a magazine cover with Tisci wearing the aforementioned ears. His first Burberry show also included more deer prints and a shirt printed with the phrase “Why Did They Kill Bambi?”

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Isamaya Ffrench, the makeup artist and Burberry’s global beauty director, credited prosthetics artist Francesco Fabiani with creating the surreal ear effects. Fittingly, the collection was titled “Animal Instinct” and is an ode to Tisci’s mother Elmerinda who passed away in August.According to Vogue, he wanted the models to convey the “same emotional expression that animals convey through their ears” as a nod to each human’s animal instinct that expresses when we are feeling happiness, depression or sadness. At first glance, the models (creatures?) at Burberry’s Spring 2022 digital show exude big Dobby the House Elf energy thanks to their droopy, otherwordly ears. They also add to the sense of childlike wonder Tisci has brought to the house since his official debut.Photos courtesy of Burberry

Mrs. Doubtfire Is a Balenciaga Girl

I had some working on myself to do. It is, of course, one of those “pinch me” moments when you are sent crates-worth of iconic, historic archive pieces with an archive handler.You’ve undergone many dramatic transformations before. The documentary was so emotional and, as you said, cathartic. COVID-19 complicated working schedules as it has for everyone around the world. I live my life like a live movie and that’s not something I’m willing to compromise on.”If you could do one of your signature looks on Mrs. Did you have a favorite outfit or accessory from the photoshoot?Mrs. Silicone moves and looks more realistic. Below, PAPER caught up with Stone to discuss the creative process, the love affair between makeup and fashion, and Mrs. I live my life like a live movie and that’s not something I’m willing to compromise on.Photos courtesy of Alexis Stone Overall, what do you want viewers to take away from such an ambitious project?Filming and post-production on Mrs. Slowing down mentally, recharging after investing emotionally and physically in Mrs. The fat suit was amazing, making sure the distance between my chin and shoulders was reduced was something I knew I needed with this one as it was a head-to-toe transformation into Robin’s figure.”Warping the lines between what’s real and what’s fake is at the core of what I do. I felt I had to make sure I served justice from my end in paying homage to a film that never fails to make me smile.What’s next for you? Doubtfire, and we know which one I chose. The entire reason I had her in Balenciaga was actually because of Kim Kardashian. For ’90s kids, there were few icons as comical or campy as the old British nanny — and this memory ultimately forged Stone’s young love of costume and makeup to eventually blossom into the drag queen we know today. I was mesmerized by the makeup process even at a young age.My work over the years has always had a shock factor — Is it real? Doubtfire in the original screen-used costumes was always a possibility, but Balenciaga seemed fitting, modern and a must.Talk about your physical transformation into Mrs. Every detail has been studied for years, and luckily there are some amazing original references and making of films from the 1993 classic which certainly came in handy. Working with a visionary like Demna at Balenciaga is a beloved experience and being trusted to take his work and my aesthetic and combine the two worlds is magical. Anyone that knows me personally will note the obvious changes I’ve been going through as I am in a transitional period of my life and career. What was your reaction and who do you think would win in a fight, Miss Bacardi or Doubtfire? When you tick off lots of boxes on the list of life, it’s beyond rewarding and I’ve learned that not everything has to shock the world 24/7. To bring the makeup into 2021, we designed the pieces in silicone rather than foam latex which was originally used in the film. Mrs. Do you know what, I actually had a feeling it would make her giggle once she saw it. Related | Meet Our Gentle Monster GrandpaThe doc, directed by Stone and Liam Heely, looks deep inside Stone’s transformation, following the entire ideation and creation process of ordering facial prosthetics, beating her face to the gods and posing atop a Scottish mountain naked, wearing nothing but a pink robe, oversized Black sunglasses and Balenciaga’s armoured knight boots from Fall 2021. Any exciting plans coming up this year?Honestly? Instead, the viral artist was exposed to two transformations: terrifying monsters in action films and the late Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire since I was 16, it was always the childhood dream. Tough shout, would have to be a battle of who has the moistest WAP.What is your personal relationship with style and fashion as another outlet in comparison to makeup?Fashion, as well as makeup, is there for us to embody, transform and enhance. I wasn’t trying to convince the world that Robin was alive and a second movie had been made; I simply had to do this 27 years after it originally graced our screens at the age of 27 myself. Doubtfire, you’re giving luxury fashion girl. The iconic S&M look was also a moment despite being attacked by midges [small flying insects].I saw Cardi B retweeted a video of you as Mrs. Is it fake? Doubtfire and monsters in films. Doubtfire’s online beef with Cardi B.How did this collaborative project come to be? Doubtfire. Doubtfire would’ve definitely approved. Honestly, Mrs. — the kind of projects that make it into group chats, being picked apart and trying to understand. I had what can only be described as a mental breakdown seven months ago. When I say this film and project saved my life, I mean it. Doubtfire with the incredible team at Millennium FX who I’ve worked with over the years on a handful of projects. My focus was the transformation into not only Robin, but then Mrs. She rocked up a few years back to the Met in florals [by Givenchy] and the internet compared her to Mrs. Doubtfire for a night out, which one would you do?Oh fuck, that’s a good one. It was either that, which was going to cost me $50,000 or Mrs. Alexis Stone (real name: Elliot Joseph Rentz) never saw drag on-screen while growing up. Emotionally, how was the process of turning into a beloved childhood figure different for you? Going from attempting to end my life to having a reason to live has been an incredibly overwhelming period of my life that I’m not ashamed of admitting.As Mrs. Could you have ever imagined partnering with Balenciaga for the film?During the first lockdown here in England, Balenciaga had reached out in regards to working together on something else. Has to be Balenciaga, duh. That being said, I got myself a new face so I’m currently healing from that before I reveal that, which will most likely break the internet as always because people are fascinated with cosmetic work. From beginning to end, we spent about three months working on the film making sure it captured what happened as close to reality, but also adding a storyline and depth. Working from 5 AM until 1 AM in foam latex would also face its own obstacles as it’s an abnormal length of time to be in prosthetics having 10 odd costume changes. Doubtfire, so what a better time than Kim turning up to this year’s Met in Balenciaga and Mrs. My working relationship with Balenciaga will continue and I’m excited to fuck shit up as I do best. Before drag, my only exposure to transformations was Robin Williams as Mrs. I’ve spoken about wanting to be Mrs. Mrs. Doubtfire was the longest working period of my life to date. Doubtfire flipping the camera off. There are small gems throughout the film I made sure we included, from humorous fails, magical reintroductions and original screen used props such as the brooch. In celebration of the artist’s birthday and the 1993 classic film, Stone, Balenciaga and Millennium FX all came together to create and premiere 27, a new documentary chronicling Stone’s change from the beloved movie icon into a real fashion girl stepping on our necks with archival looks provided by Creative Director Demna Gvasalia himself. It was planned that I would be going to a private rehabilitation center in South Africa for two months to get better. Doubtfire in Balenciaga is iconic regardless of which look it is, but seeing such a historic character in the armoured boots, naked, on top of a Scottish mountain in an archive pink robe was pretty major. Doubtfire. Doubtfire left me really burnt out. Warping the lines between what’s real and what’s fake is at the core of what I do. Doubtfire also dressed in the power house’s clothes. I think turning up in anything floral to something like the Met Gala would be iconic. I had a couple of months off. The prosthetics and suit used on-set are totally insane.I could quote the entire film to you with my eyes shut. Doubtfire was put together during this frustrating period by myself and my team, and Demna kindly agreed to give me access to whatever was needed to bring my vision to life.

YouTube Star Mel Thompson Has Died

She was 35.On Monday, her husband shared the sad news in an Instagram post accompanied by a photo slideshow, featuring several selfies and snaps of Thompson with friends and family to “show the smiles she brought.””We lost a beautiful person,” he wrote. And she loved all you right back. I’ll continue to love her and miss her forever.”He then went on to reflect on how the beauty YouTuber — who had over 169,000 YouTube subscribers at the time of her death — was a “pillar” for their family, as she was always willing to nurture their kids and comfort him while “working tirelessly to put out content.””Everybody knows how talented she was as an artist and with her helpful knowledge, but those closest to her know how truly wonderful she was. She would have done anything to help anyone without a second thought,” her husband continued before adding, “I wish I had her back.”No cause of death has been announced, but you can read the entire post below. It’s great to see how loved she was. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mel (@mel.thomp) Photo via YouTube / Mel Thompson YouTube star Mel Thompson has died. “I’ve had to answer so many texts of people just checking in on her without even knowing of her passing.

This $7 Foundation Had the Worst Reviews Until TikTok Found It

An ultra-lightweight, everyday foundation that is made with aloe extract, coconut milk and of course hyaluronic acid that leaves the skin with a radiant, healthy glow. “It has taken me seven years to find a foundation that I like,” she said. Even our viral product queen @mikaylanogueira posted a video trying the foundation out. One of the products was the Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation. #makeup #beauty #ChimeHasYourBack @Brianna

“My skin looks so f*cking healthy,” she says. The CoverGirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation has a remarkably similar finish to the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and the Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint — of course, at a fraction of the cost.Prior to going viral on TikTok, this foundation didn’t receive the best reviews. With an app like TikTok predominantly occupying the Gen-Z space, one would think that every viral beauty product coming off the app is generated through highly calculated marketing for newer, trendy brands pandering to a younger consumer.Related | Why TikTok Is Obsessed With OLAPLEX This week, we saw an old classic move into the viral beauty space and reach Gen-Z makeup lovers without even trying.After CoverGirl went vegan in 2019, they reformulated all their products and dropped a bunch of new makeup that flew under the radar. “There was a point in time where I was spending like $90 on one bottle of foundation because I thought higher-end brands were going to be better but that’s just not true.”

Reply to @innewyorkilillyrock

After Brianna’s video came out, hordes of beauty lovers around the world rushed to their drugstores to snag this foundation which has now sold out everywhere. The two main drawbacks being that people didn’t love the scent and those with oiler skin types felt that it was too dewy. so you better hurry!Photos via TikTok We definitely recommend this foundation if you have drier skin (especially as we approach Fall and Winter) and if you love that ultra-hydrated look.Thanks to TikTok, the Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation appears to be out of stock almost everywhere except Ulta… The lighter coverage formula allows for a smaller shade range (14), which can be used across many skin tones.TikToker @briannachickenfry made the first video that launched CoverGirl into the viral product Hall of Fame. @mikaylanogueira
Okay, worst foundation on the market?

The Dupont Twins Would Like to Reintroduce Themselves

“I just hope it’s very visible to people, and that it brings a lot of happiness for people to see two sisters transitioning together and supporting each other,” Jake says, with Josie adding, “Fulfilling a beautiful life and giving a narrative to trans people all over the world.” We’d say the Dupont twins are doing just that.Photography: Payton Carson “So having that inside of you and not knowing how the other twin feels, like are they going to be supportive or are they feeling the same way? It’s just so special. You’re probably going to correct people for the rest of your life. “You can’t ask about my genitals,” Jake says. I’m not shit talking, but it’s just so crazy. “It’s really exciting. By all accounts, the twins were achieving their goals — but not everything was as it seemed, as is so often the case in these glamorized fields.”We weren’t really happy. “For modeling, it’s going to be a big year for us,” Jake says. “I literally have completely blossomed.” Jake, sitting next to her sister, nods fervently. “People say that we help them sometimes to define themselves. “It was such an alignment with us,” Jake continues. These relationships have grounded the Dupont twins and helped — at least to some degree — alleviate additional stress that comes with being an out trans person in public or online. “So even though we’re twins, everyone has their own experience with transitioning.”Just be patient, both twins encourage, because “it’s a really great thing to experience,” Josie adds. “Especially with our specific situation — being twins — we’ve done everything together. We are synchronized; we go to the same appointments, we take our hormone shots on the same day. “Everyone’s trying to play the inclusive game now. Even just [a few months ago] when Vogue had their first trans girl on the cover,” Jake says, referring to US Vogue’s September issue, featuring trans model Ariel Nicholson, along with seven others, two of whom were mega-models Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid. or the girls take care of it for us.” Yet, the twins are well aware that their privilege is one hardly afforded to most trans individuals, especially trans people of color. “There’s no denying that there are people in the comments section that troll you and tell you that you’re not real,” Jake says of social media. We’re so close,” she says. “We have a really great chosen family in New York, too,” Jake adds. Despite both taking the same hormones, Jake says she’s had a far less pleasant reaction to testosterone blockers. That’s something we didn’t have before.” The twins are finally comfortable enough with themselves that they are able to live for the first time separate from one another.”It’s a whole new chapter of our life,” Jake says. We are really close already, but this just strengthened our bond. Stuck together at home in Connecticut during the height of COVID lockdowns, Jake and Josie spent plenty of time self-reflecting. “It’s like a rebirth,” Josie adds. Even though we don’t live with each other anymore, we’re never away from each other.”Fortunately, getting to this stage has always come with a tremendous amount of support from their family, and coming out to them privately as trans was no different. “We just haven’t come out as trans because we felt like we didn’t really have to.” On Instagram the twins say their transition has been implicit, and even before that — when the two identified as nonbinary — they were always still feminine presenting.”It’s been a constant, I wouldn’t say battle, but kind of a mystery of what was really going on,” Josie says of that time. “You think you know what goes on, like you usually read the stories, and then when you hear it firsthand from somebody, then you see the emotion that they have, the fact they’re still so resilient to come and speak up and to tell their stories.”Because the online trans community has been so loyal and protective to the Dupont twins, they hope to be an inspiration for their trans followers, as well. “And now we both are in love and have partners. “We just never publicly came out or talked about it.” This is one of the details picked up on by their followers over the past year, and one that led some to begin questioning whether it was only Josie who was transitioning.”Obviously, it was a very public transition with us,” Josie says. “But it looks like it’s going to be a good year for the Dupont twins,” Jake says.What do Jake and Josie Dupont hope their transition will contribute to reflect a true, lived trans experience in 2021? “We started to love ourselves a lot more,” Josie continues. (Soon after this interview, the twins walked the runway for The Blonds at New York Fashion Week.) “We’ll also be traveling and doing a couple of jobs abroad, and that’s probably all we can say about it,” Josie continues, with both twins laughing secretively. According to the Human Rights Campaign, this year at least 37 transgender or gender nonconforming lives — most of them trans Black people — have been lost through violence in the US. This experience of finding their authentic selves, brought on by the pandemic’s isolation, was echoed by Elliot Page and Tommy Dorfman, both of whom reference that time of solitude as a crucial period allowing them to reflect on — and address — their own feelings of gender dysphoria. From the second the camera connects us, it’s immediately palpable that the Dupont twins are glowing. The identical twins, who’ve carved their place in the fashion and beauty industries as gender-nonconforming models, are beaming because today they’re publicly — and explicitly — coming out as transgender women.”We feel great. “But those comments get deleted very fast… “You’re in a constant state of educating people. And this, NBC News reports, puts 2021 on course to be the deadliest year for trans people on record. We feel like… “We get messages from people that either haven’t come out or they have come out and they’re struggling, or they’re telling us their story,” Jake says. “It was like being stuck in a year-long therapy session with each other,” Jake says, while Josie adds, “It was a ton of healing, I think, for everyone.” Before this moment, the twins say they had never openly talked to one another about being trans, with Jake describing the initial thought of being honest as terrifying. Something was off,” Josie admits, but now everything’s different. I think it’s time.'” Both twins start laughing. “We feel brand new.” Despite the Dupont twins’ considerable public platforms — at the time of writing, the duo has a combined Instagram following of nearly 42,000 across one shared account and a personal profile each — Jake and Josie have not directly disclosed their transition to any followers or the media, until now.”We socially transitioned over a year ago,” Jake explains, volunteering the fact that she isn’t changing her name. During a release meditation, both twins instinctively knew what they needed to do next. We’ve been around for so long, it should not have taken this long to have a trans girl on the cover.” Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio became the first trans model on the cover of any Vogue magazine when she appeared on the March 2017 issue of Vogue Paris with a cover line dedicated to transgender beauty.Josie echos Jake’s reaction, saying, “It’s about time, but it’s still really great that it’s happening. “You’re always correcting people. Before lockdown, the Dupont twins were well on their way to pursuing their dreams, appearing in acclaimed German photographer Ellen von Unwerth’s VON magazine, walking New York Fashion Week and working with one of their idols, Lady Gaga, when they were chosen to be featured in Haus Laboratories’ beauty campaign. “It’s so scary and difficult to see.” Josie adds, “But it makes us feel really empowered to fight back and to use our privilege and our platform to stand up and speak out for our community.” The twins recently attended a trans liberation rally where they watched and listened to trans women and men of color speak. I’m looking forward to it, it’s really fun to see your body change and to feel it change.” Beyond physical appearance though, the Dupont twins also highlight how their mental health has improved significantly along this journey. People just don’t know, but we’re not zoo animals, we’re people.” Jake has a simple piece of advice — one you’d expect to be logical in the year 2021: “Google it, girl.”Within their own industry, which isn’t as inclusive as it often likes to purport, the Dupont twins are waiting for more trans acceptance, visibility and opportunity. us, you know,” Jake says, smiling. What if she doesn’t get it?”Josie interjects, almost as if she’s comforting her sister: “I went up to her and I was like, ‘Girl… “Nobody knew our pronouns and we didn’t really know. “Or what my surgeries are or why I still have facial hair,” Josie adds. “We both feel 100% authentic and we’re both realizing who we are together. The eight cover stars were described as the ones that currently “make the moment.” She continues, “Why is it taking this long to do something like that? It’s really inspirational to hear their stories and see how far they’re going.”Even in their own personal lives, where they’re uplifted by friends and family, the all-encompassing changes can still be difficult. “I was having heart palpitations, crazy brain fog, things that [Josie] wasn’t having,” she explains. The HRC also emphasizes that many more deaths go unreported.”I feel like every time I’m on Instagram, I see another death or a hate crime,” Jake says. It’s ironic, even moving in with our partners, we accidentally moved a couple of blocks away from each other. We can really rely on each other and it’s made us really close.”The Dupont twins hope their joint transition — including being open about its nuances — will further trans visibility, especially for those who are having a more difficult time changing physically. They ask so many questions and even then, you can be like, ‘You can’t ask me that.’ You correct people in saying, you know, it’s inappropriate to talk to me like that or you can’t call me that.”The HRC reports that there are currently more than 150 anti-transgender bills under consideration in state legislatures across the US, which paints the alarming reality that so many Americans still buy into the country’s increasing transphobic rhetoric and willfully remain uneducated.Ultimately, this feeds the aggressions trans people face daily. “It’s a transition for everyone. We’re excited to continue our career in that major way — like we’re still here and it pushes us forward in every way, and it’s beneficial for everyone.”As for what they have coming up next, the duo says their lips are sealed. “It was really empowering,” Josie recalls. It’s not just us and that’s something you have to realize,” Josie explains, giving the example of people using the correct pronouns. We were just constantly uncomfortable.”The two describe their gender realization as divine timing. “We both just came to each other with our truth,” Josie says. “It’s so beautiful to see other people relate to us and that people say we help them.” Many of these people are young kids living with their parents. “And we’re just so blessed that we both feel the same way. Jake and Josie’s shared euphoria feels tangible through Zoom.

Introducing: XOXOEMIRA

What about my online presence? Vodka and Hampton Water (the best rosé ever). Should I change my name? For my hair, I wanted to switch it up and do something new, so I had my hair colored to a stunning bronde (blonde & brunette) balayage at Little Lion Salon in Brooklyn and then worked with @hairbycassadi to install the Rolls-Royce of hair extensions — Invisible Bead Extensions. Of course, I started preparing all my looks months in advance to look perfect for this pivotal moment.It started with a refresh of filler and botox from my friends at Velour Medical. Teeth are everything to me and I knew I’d be smiling all night long so I bopped over to DNTL to make sure my pearly whites were blinding! It had been a few months since my last appointment and I needed to look snatched. Although it felt like Ethan’s 25th birthday — it was Emira’s 1st.Check out more from my celebration, below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Snapchat show and follow PAPER on TikTok where I post beauty content weekly.XOXO,EmiraPhotos via BFA/ Rupert Ramsay Andrew Warren, Emira D’Spain, Brooks MarksPaul Henkel, Sophia HerringMario Apollon Mowatt, Joe RubinoDavis Burleson, Audrey PetersJulia Moshy, Emira D’Spain, Monika ClarkeEmira D’Spain, Angel Merino, Kamram FardaneshOlivia Zosky, Adrianna Hinsey, Marcus Dowling, Vin RiportellaDustin Zuber, Brawleigh Graham, Tucker Hayes, Ezra WilliamAndrew Warren, Natalie Jackson, Renee WillettKeenan D’spain, Fouzia D’spain, Emira D’spain, Kendric D’Spain, Rodney D’spainPenthouse 45 in NYC hosted the lavish party, complete with an Ice Luge by Okamoto Studio that featured my new name, custom XOXOEMIRA happy meals with my favorite burgers from STK, and two free-flowing bars with Lobos Tequilla, King St. The incredible Ro Morgan styled my hair for the party and gave me this barbie-doll sleek and voluminous pin-tuck. 🤔was it worth it? The party was staffed by NYE Event Staffing and my closest friends and family all attended (including my parents who flew in from Texas).Staffing by NYE Event StaffingXOXOEmira Happy Meals from STK NYCCustom Ice Luge by Okamoto StudioSweet Treats from Milk Bar and Baked By MelissaTequila from Lobos TequilaBalloons from Balloon Project and Flowers from OhFleurPhotobooth from Lunar PhotoboothRosé from Hampton WaterSeltzers from Poppi and DittoSpecial thank you to Mac Cosmetics and BeautyBio for glam and skin-prep essentials that turned a stressed girl into a princess! XOXOETHAN is now officially XOXOEMIRA.There comes a time in every transgender person’s journey where their name becomes a question. These are all questions I (and many other trans creators) have pondered.For some, like Gigi Gorgeous, an online presence was part of the early stages of their transition as they graciously documented the harsh realities of being trans in America.For others, like Hunter Schafer, most of the world only knows their trans-identity as a small part of their being: person first, gender identity second.And for a lucky few like Elliot Page, once you have achieved a certain level of fame and respect, the internet (and a swift PR team) can wipe your deadname overnight.As the next phase in my personal transition, a name/handle change was inevitable and as the beauty director here at PAPER it has been tricky finding the perfect time to announce my new name and update my handles while creating content and being in the public eye.This past weekend I threw a literal BIRTH day for myself and my new name — debuting as Emira D’spain. There are few transgender women who have the platform I do (let alone trans women of color) and this birthday served as an opportunity to introduce myself but also to leverage my platform for the greater health and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community.As a part of my celebration, I will be donating a portion of gifts/money I received this year to the National Center for Transgender Equality. To quote the infamous Erika Jayne: “It’s expensive to be me!”With the help of my incredible friend Andrew Warren at Collxab, we threw a black-tie soiree on October 8 to celebrate my new name and rebirth. It’s the end of an era uglies… @papermagazine
Our beauty director @xoxoemira spent some serious $$$ on #hairextensions for her birthday…what do you think? Does my name really even matter? #fyp #beauty #hairtok

Of course, I also did my regular maintenance too: lash extensions, mani-pedi, brows etc. See on Instagram

It’s a blessing to be able to share my new name announcement in such a fun way and on a special date in my life with the people I love.

Not TikTokers Using Lube as Primer

@lukeketuhok 💚💚💚 ##lubeprimer ##fyp ##gay ##makeup ##makeuptutorial ##makeuphacks ##dojacat ##sayso ##nickiminaj ##fentybeauty ##nyxcosmetics ##natashadenona ##hudabeauty ♬ sayso nicki verse – da big crybaby. Castor oil can clog pores and lead to breakouts.” And not only that, but any substance containing fragrances could also result in irritation or allergic reactions, so maybe stay away from that edible strawberry lube. Elsewhere, another TikTok MUA named Jaro London claimed that the lube helped fill in pores,” while Zak Heath said it created a nice “tacky” grip for the foundation to cling too.Even so, cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Using lube as primer. “Durex Play 2-in-1 has castor oil in it. And the latest (questionable) suggestion to pop out of the internet ether? ##seananthony ##makeupfyp ##beautytips ##makeup ##viralmakeup ##makeuphacks ##beauty ##mua ##lifehack ##lubeprimer ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod @durex_offlcial as a primer? Always! Robert Finney recently told NYLON that lube — specifically the Durex Play 2-in-1 that’s being used in these videos — isn’t the greatest thing to be rubbing all over your face.”There are plenty of good primer options designed specifically with your face in mind,” he said. ##lubeprimer ##CinderellaMovie ##meninmakeup ♬ Need To Know – Doja Cat @zakheath Reply to @hsnow333 Who came up with this 😏 ##makeup ##beauty ##fy ♬ august – ツ Photos via TikTok / @seananthonyv & If there’s one thing MUAs on the platform are known for, it’s getting, uh, creative when it comes to their beauty routines. Related | TikTokers Are Using Radiators to Curl Their HairYep, the slickest new trend to hit TikTok is #lubeprimer, which currently has close to seven million views, and it appears to have started with Lukáš Kohutek. Or any lube, for that matter. In several of his videos, Kohutek can be seen using Durex lube to, ostensibly, create a smooth base for his makeup. @seananthonyv LUBE AS PRIMER?! Another day, another DIY beauty “hack” courtesy of TikTok, but just expect this latest one to get a little messy. However, the most popular “tutorial” thus far has come from Sean Anthony, who gave the trend a glowing review after mixing the lube with foundation.

R.I.P. Nikita Dragun?

I have given so much focus to my external transformation, and now it is time to focus on my internal transformation. is that there is always a choice to get your ass back up and start over. One filled with gratitude, humility, and the valuable lessons learned from past mistakes. To pause everything and do the work to take care of myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Professionally. Life will do that to you,” she wrote. I am thrilled to step into this new era together! But it seems like she’s not done with it just yet.Related | Nikita Dragun Responds To Taylor Caniff’s Transphobic Videos”I have had many rebirths in my life. Nikita Dragun,” short for “Rest In Pussystunt.” She’s previously been criticized for using this title for a video she posted to YouTube earlier this month, with many saying that it was “clickbait” and was a bad joke. Nikita Dragun is up to something, though it’s not 100% clear exactly what. “The pursuit of fame, money, and grandeur will do that to you. She also signed the caption, “xo Nikita Popstar Dragun,” which hints at a new song she may be dropping.We’ll all find out soon enough.Photo via Getty I have found myself, lost myself, then completely fell from knowing myself at all. To rebirth yourself.”She continued, “I need to lay to rest an old chapter of my life in order to birth a new one. But the content of the video she posted to Instagram suggests otherwise. Johnson. I love you all so much, thank you for ur support.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nikita (@nikitadragun) This might seem like something of an apology, perhaps for her the controversial antics she previously pulled for her hip-hop track “D.I.C.K.” In the video for song, she plastered the word “dick” over the faces of celebrities and notable people including Marsha P. The beauty in falling and losing yourself… Physically. On Sunday, the beauty influencer and entrepreneur wiped her Instagram clean and took to all her social media channels to post about what looks to be a project called “R.I.P. Privately.

How Billie Eilish Created Her ‘Favorite Scent in the World’

“I’ve always been attracted to the natural parts of the body. Eilish says she’s been obsessed with perfumes her entire life, and it’s exactly what I’d imagine smelling if the singer ever hugged me: Base notes of warm musks, tonka bean and sleek woods for a sexy deep allure, while other elements like creamy vanilla and sugared petals keep Eilish™ light and dainty.Related | Paris Hilton’s Shiny Pink Perfume Legacy“It’s a scent I’ve been chasing for years and years and years,” Eilish tells PAPER of the vegan, cruelty free product made using only clean ingredients. So when it finally drops in November 2021 on, run don’t walk — and follow @billieeilishfragrances for the official launch date.PAPER Beauty Director XOXOEMIRA is starring as the beauty and brains behind SNATCHURAL a cross-platform franchise that blends together the worlds of natural and snatched for content surrounding all things makeup, hair, nails, fragrance and more. Ironically, people sitting at home during the lockdown and now re-entering the world wearing masks has them all reconsidering their everyday scent. I love noses and chins and necks, like when you breathe in and they poke out. “It’s my favorite smell in the world.”During the pandemic, personal fragrances climbed to new heights of popularity. Her recent beauty transformation alone left the world gobsmacked when she revealed that her signature neon green hair was only a temporary wig, with a hyper-glam, old-Hollywood blondie hiding underneath for Happier Than Ever’s release. “Synesthesia is involved in every aspect of my life, whether I like it or not,” she says, explaining that it’s “just a creative mind thing” and doesn’t mean she’s a “superhero.” Still, the phenomenon helped her figure out Eilish™ “even better because I was very vocal about this scent being amber, and I wanted it to feel caramel — almost like this burnt-out fire.”As expected with the pop sensation, we anticipate Eilish™ will become a PerfumeTok favorite, joining the list of viral sold out products that the internet obsesses over. I just think they are beautiful; it’s so simply human and we all have them. “I love collarbones,” she says. Photography: Camraface (Courtesy of Eilish™) At 19 years old, Billie Eilish has become one of the biggest trendsetters for the next generation. In fact, according to a recent beauty report, perfume sales increased by 45% from 2019 to 2020.On TikTok alone, “PerfumeTok” has become a significant part of the platform, with tags reaching well over 1 billion views. Creators are sharing their favorite scents and discussing the aesthetic of different perfumes, with large beauty experts like Jackie Aina contributing to younger Gen-Z audiences picking up on a strong affinity for personal fragrances.While on tour, Eilish gathered perfumes from all around the world — fascinated not only with their various scents, but also the bottle shapes, building on a collection she’s been growing ever since childhood. Stans even started gifting Eilish fragrances at concert meet-and-greets as a way to capture the memory of that particular stop.”It’s my favorite smell in the world.”When partnering with Parlux on Eilish™, she retained full creative control — especially with the bottle design, emphasizing Eilish’s favorite body part. Clearly, Eilish can do whatever the fuck she wants — and very successfully — so up next it’s perfume.Called Eilish™, her signature fragrance fits perfectly in line with this new era, featuring an Amber Gourmand base. I didn’t want it to be a very sexualized body, but I wanted to make you feel sexy with yourself in a powerful, confident way.”Eilish’s synesthesia — or the ability to see shapes and colors alongside music — also played a role in the development of her debut fragrance.

Anya-Taylor Joy and Dior Make Their Relationship Official

See, below, for some of Anya Taylor-Joy’s several Dior fashion moments. She joins a list of names like Blackpink’s Jisoo and actress Yara Shahidi who have both recently signed as Dior ambassadors.The Queen’s Gambit and Emma star’s breakthrough year also includes a partnership with Tiffany & Co and numerous upcoming films like Last Night in Soho and The Northman. She’s worked with stylists Law Roach and Paul Burgo on different occasions this year.As part of her official duties, Taylor-Joy will be “showcasing the designs and creations of women’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri and creative and image director of makeup Peter Philips,” according to a press release. See on Instagram

See on Instagram

See on Instagram

See on Instagram

Top photo courtesy of Dior/ Sami Darsin The “Face of the Year” just got herself a major luxury contract, putting her new lofty title to good use. Anya Taylor-Joy, who’s being honored in the aforementioned category at next month’s CFDA Awards, is now the Global Ambassador for Women’s Fashion and Makeup at Dior, the brand announced this morning.Related | Zendaya, Anya Taylor-Joy Among CFDA Award HonoreesThe new gig makes her relationship with the Parisian label official after wearing custom looks from Dior on numerous key moments and red carpets in 2021 — most memorably an emerald couture ensemble to the Golden Globes and a hot pink number at the Venice Film Festival.

Sorry to Angelina Jolie’s Hair Extensions

Many users had a nice laugh about the whole thing, naturally. it’s the audacity for me. whoever did angelina’s hair extensions must be a friend of jennifer’s— ︎joe (@jxeker)

Who put the extensions to my queen Angelina Jolie? Is somebody getting fired?Of course, such wardrobe mishaps are undoubtedly of least concern to a humanitarian as legendary as Ms.— tinajolie (@Jolietheternal)

Whoever did Angelina Jolies hair extensions needs the sack— olivia (@ytluoh)

Where is the loyalty? Below, a roundup of reactions to Angelina Hair Gate 2021. Imagine following your mom to work all over the world as she’s decked out in couture. Jolie. They need to be fired. She was in Rome for the ongoing press tour of her new Disney film “Eternals” and brought some of her kids again to the red carpet. Your icons could never. Was it simply unfinished or is whoever set them in actually a friend of Jennifer Aniston as some Twitter users joked?— Anomalie Anomie 🥀🎃 (@elsawarhola)

miss angelina who did your extensions— riley ⧗ (@practicalmaqic)

how do you let angelina jolie walk a red carpet with her hair extensions looking like this, somebody getting fired— god of mis(chief)hka (@mishnewbooty)

Photos via Getty *Insert “Stars, they’re just like us!” quip here.* First it was Angelina’s leg, now her botched hair job? Related | Angelina Jolie Is Finally on InstagramSo it was a surprise (or refreshing, depending who you are, to see something so flawed on a stunning person) when she turned around to reveal a such a sloppy hair extension job. The living embodiment of “statuesque,” if you will. Still, the way whoever did the hair didn’t even attempt to brush in the extensions… Who let Angelina Jolie leave the house with these extensions? Before we jump into the faux hair malfunction we must first address how objectively incredible Angelina Jolie’s dress was: a sickening, metal mesh Atelier Versace column gown that was cinched, draped and snatched in all the right places.

The Stylist Behind Bretman Rock’s Fashion Transformation

There have been no limits. It was very casual, just for a few street-style looks while he was visiting New York. We did talk more after that first fitting and both agreed that we were aiming for the next level in his fashion journey. I think people can see that and that is why they have responded so well to this new chapter in fashion for him. It is also super important for Bretman to support designers from all different backgrounds. How do you decide which looks to pull on any given day?The first time I met Bretman he was wearing a full vintage Jean Paul Gaultier denim look so I knew he had a love for vintage fashion that I really appreciate. A moment that I will remember forever! It is amazing to work with someone who understands the beauty in wearing vintage pieces or making a reference so I knew that I definitely wanted to focus on pulling both archive runway looks and also lesser seen vintage pieces. We met through a mutual friend and instantly connected. He attributes the success of his new fashion journey to stylist Brian Meller, who he started working with this summer.”My stylist has been very helpful in finding what I should be wearing,” Rock adds. So it’s been great having a guardian angel dress me.” Indeed, though he made a name for himself with beauty tutorials on YouTube, it’s now his elevated wardrobe that’s getting a chance in the spotlight.PAPER caught up with Meller to learn more about their working relationship and how he was able to take Rock’s style to the next level.So how and when did you and Bretman first start working together?Bretman and I started working together at the beginning of the summer. And even though Bretman is newer to that front, I think he will always have the edge of being open to anything and pushing the boundary of what is expected for him to wear. We were so excited when we tried that look on but I don’t think we realized how well received it would be because, after all, it was just a street style look. “I feel like I already have a pretty good idea of what my makeup should be like. But within 24 hours it had been posted all over Instagram, there were “viral” Tik Toks about it, and designers were emailing asking if they could send for Bretman. I think from the beginning there was a mutual vision we had for what we both wanted to do before we even spoke. Elevating not just by using high-end designers, but by mixing those brands in with emerging brands or industry favorites that might be new to some of Bretman’s following like Peter Do and Robert Wun. The outfit — ripped jeans, fitted blazer with metal lapels and ultra-low tank that revealed some rock-hard pecs — practically catapulted him into fashion stardom.Related | Bretman Rock on Why the Beauty Community Is ‘Not What it Was’It was Rock’s first-ever paparazzi street style moment, he told me a few weeks later outside Peter Do’s show during New York Fashion Week. “It honestly was a surreal moment and day for me,” he said of that viral moment. I imagine it’s much different from working with an already established fashion star.It has been liberating to work with someone that is coming into their own style because there is much more freedom to experiment and hone in what works collaboratively. His looks are androgynous, avant-garde, provocative and unabashedly sexy. Photography: Brian Meller You’ve incorporated everything from archive runway looks to pieces by emerging designers. In Bretman Rock’s case, it took place on July 22 when stepped out in the streets of New York wearing head-to-toe Peter Do. In the end, we usually just go with whichever look he feels best in regardless of if it is vintage or new season but that goes to show how wide of a variety there is to choose from. As a stylist it is also motivating and inspiring to have someone that is so willing to try whatever you pull. It felt like the look was made for Bretman and it was so wonderful to be with him the whole night he was wearing it and see everyone’s reactions to it in person. It allows me to take time to research new designers and pull pieces that might not be as “wearable” in a traditional sense. For Bretman I worked a lot with ARTIFACT, a vintage rental place in New York that has an amazing collection. I pulled some things from designers I loved and Bretman ended up liking them as well which showed how aligned we were from the beginning. I knew from the moment I received that look that Bretman would wear it and when he put it on, we both shed a few tears of joy because of how perfect it was. What were those first conversations like when you were deciding on how you both wanted to approach his street style?One interesting thing is that before our first fitting, we didn’t have much conversation on what he wanted to wear. You’ve only just started working together, but what are some of your favorite moments that have come from this relationship so far?That first Peter Do look that Bretman wore will always be so special to me because it is what started this whole journey. Sometimes, the making of a new fashion darling really does happen overnight. “I didn’t think that Peter Do would ever dress me from head to toe that day.”He’s since been a magnet for photographers at events and shows, wearing everything from vintage Roberto Cavalli to emerging designers like Robert Wun. Elevating by being more purposeful with the choices we make and thinking about how it contributes to the larger narrative we are trying to tell. Their pieces were definitely some of Bretman’s favorite but we always work on finding a balance between emerging designers, bigger brands, and vintage. What’s it like to work with someone who’s coming into their own on the style front? I think it helped Bretman and I both realize this major potential that we could tap into.Other than that, my favorite moment has probably been the purple Robert Wun look, aptly named The Purple in his AW21 “Armour” collection.

How to Achieve TikTok’s Viral ‘Clean Look’

As of right now, the tag has 14 million views.Though there has been a good deal of discourse on the app regarding what exactly “clean beauty” means, some of the main requirements are: clean skin (minimal makeup), sleek hair and fluffy eyebrows.Related | This $7 Foundation Had the Worst Reviews Until TikTok Found ItOf course, the trend isn’t without its controversy. In the past few weeks, an influx of “clean look” TikToks has dominated the FYP. 🤎🤍🌹 #cleanlook #makeup #richlook #expensive


Getting the “clean look” down for all my POC besties 🤎 #cleanlook #makeup #richlook #expensive


this also happens to be my everyday routine 🥲 #skincare #cleanlook #clearskin

Watch PAPER’s take on the clean look and see below for our favorite products to help get you there. @papermagazine
@xoxoethanofficial shows us how to get “the clean look” 🧼😌 Going live at 7pm EST to get DIRTY #fyp #cleanlook #makeup #easymakeup #ChewyChattyPets

Photos via TikTok If you have acne scars, working with just a hydrating serum and moisturizer will do wonders, without masking the marks with a full-coverage product.Below, a few of our favorite creators show how they achieve the trend — without forcing the generic TikTok beauty standard.@mylifeasava

Mastering the “Clean Look” for my mixed/POC friends! Many have argued that the “clean” look, as promoted on TikTok, excludes those with acne, scaring, big noses and other features deemed “imperfect,” not to mention the vast majority of videos highlighting strictly non-POC creators.PAPER knows anyone can achieve the clean look. All it takes is a bit of modification to fit your own natural beauty; if you have 4a+ hair, rather than struggling to slick all your luscious locks into a tight bun, gel down the front part and let your curls fall in the back of your head.