Ascend With Poog, the Spiritual Beauty Podcast

“Like we’re talking about Spirit and our most intimate sort of spiritual concerns, and then pivoting into blueberry martinis and creams.”But underlying the constant ping-ponging between concepts is Poog’s desire to bring them together for a series of on-the-fly conversations that are equal parts off-kilter and insightful, which includes their lack of interest in apologizing for their love of “frivolous” things or intellectualizing the common critique surrounding the idea of “self-care” turning into this “capitalist monster,” per Berlant.”To me, [Poog] is this space where all those things that are considered frivolous or weirdly feminine can live. So in an effort to explore the bizarre, weird and, at times, existential sphere of self-care, the two longtime friends started their iHeartRadio podcast, Poog, and slowly turned it into a much broader survey of culture and whatever the fuck else they want to talk about.In many ways, the comedians — who refer to themselves as “The Hags” — are the perfect people to execute such a heady, far-reaching concept, imbuing it with a lightness that one wouldn’t expect for a podcast that tackles topics like spiritual consumerism and the notion of shame, in addition to Berlant spearheading discussions about beauty, skincare and food, and Novak acting as the go-to source for all things wellness, including spirituality, mental health and, also, skincare.As such, their podcast takes its name from Gwyneth Paltrow’s notorious lifestyle and wellness brand, Goop. From meme histories to joke format explainers to collections of some of Twitter’s finest roasts, “Internet Explorer” is here to keep you up-to-date with the web’s current obsessions — no matter how nonsensical or nihilistic. Photography: Julian BuchanCreative direction: Julian Buchan and Liam MooreProduction design: Liam Moore Lighting design: Stefan FerraStyling: Chris HoranStyling assistant: Lauren JeworskiMakeup: Ally McGillicuddyHair: Gregg Lennon JrHair assistant: Bailey StilesProducer: Katie White I sort of joke about being addicted to healing,” Novak said as a stray feather began to float around her room. From keto diets to mud baths to the boob cream Berlant received moments before our Zoom conversation, the multibillion-dollar industry has seemingly taken over the world. We move back and forth,” Novak said. A message that she’s on the right path from her spirit guides and the Archangels, I said, before things quickly devolve into a conversation about the Old Testament and The Sopranos. It’s almost like [embracing] all these things that we’re expected to hide in spaces like the workplace,” Novak explained, with Berlant saying that they’re trying to point out that wellness, beauty and the cult “obsession” surrounding these things are “not to be devalued.”Granted, Berlant said they have one very slight critique that mostly hinges on the industry’s current “focus on the exterior,” instead of the “interior.” Specifically, she referenced the inner work and healing that should be considered “the real fucking wellness,” though she was also quick to add that outwards-facing self-care is still “real and valid in its own right.” Because after all, Poog isn’t about shaming anyone (including themselves), rather, it’s about simultaneously “interrogating” these sorts of dynamics, while also being open to their own adherence to the “pleasure is paramount” principle.On a similar note, Novak stressed that wellness has acted, for her, as a kind of “secret doorway” out of bouts of depression, saying that it was nice to “feel this joy at caring about stupid shit again,” before adding that there’s a lot of “healing psychology” incorporated into spirituality and self-care given their ability to get you out of that “judging mind place.”“I was just trying to find a way to live life and that took me down those paths, which I happen to really enjoy. However, Poog is different from similarly branded podcasts in the sense that Berlant and Novak use beauty and wellness as a starting point to talk about everything from snorkeling to dairy-free alternatives to colonics to analytical psychology, as proven by our 45 minute-long side conversation about Jung’s theory of synchronicity and ghosts potentially being a projection of the psyche.”Wellness and beauty are really our Trojan horse, because the conversations devolve into just Jacqueline and I talking about, like, Interstellar,” Berlant said, before Novak added that it’s more about the “abstract parts of our interests and getting vaguely existential.””But it’s also dipping into products. Just as it should.Listen to Poog here.Welcome to “Internet Explorer,” a column by Sandra Song about everything Internet. For Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak, it all started with the promise of free beauty products and an extremely LA fascination with wellness culture.

Meet Froglady: New York’s Rainbow-Colored Soul Singer

Which is what I did [laughs]. I can thank my mom for that because I draw inspiration from my soulful childhood music roots. “Bold and obnoxious and dramatic and sensitive and true.” Indeed, a balanced explosion of all this comes through on Faces, bringing together her “kookie little world” of technicolor beauty and Muppets plushies with more introspective, honest songwriting poured straight from the heart. “Froglady tells you stories, and forces you to look at them and to listen.” Below, PAPER gets to know Froglady a bit more, as we dive into her “lifelong love of frogs” and the many different faces she’s worn over the past two years that inspired this breakout LP. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jess Girillo (Froglady)🤡🃏🐸🎪🌈 (@froglady444) Where did the name, Froglady, come from? I was always more drawn to singing songs that meant something to me, whether written by me or others. I think I landed in the spot I am now because of my upbringing with music. I’ve studied them and still refer to them often. The song tells a story about where I am as a person and creating, breaking old cycles and evolving with every day that passes. People always ask me why I love frogs so much and, honestly, it’s hard for me to answer that question. Froglady is the version of myself that I aim to be on my best days: Bold and obnoxious and dramatic and sensitive and true. I approached Sean about a year ago after I had many of the songs in a really rough demo phase. I did a lot of cover performances in high school and started writing my own music when I was around 16. Maybe Kermit from the muppets has something to do with it because I’ve been watching The Muppet Show since I was probably three. While it could easily be pulled from another decade, the themes explored on Faces reflect that of her generation, from mental health to self-expression and isolation. I also wanted to use this project as an opportunity to begin talking about my struggles with mental illness, the joys of self-expression and the love I have for my chosen family. I got to work with so many talented people on this album. Frogs have just always been a part of my existence and kookie little world. It’s impossible to scroll past Jess Girillo (AKA Froglady), the self-declared “frog jester who sings.” Her hair is dyed rainbow, from root to tip, and occasionally shaped into giant spikes that frame her head like sun rays; she decorates her face with clown-inspired glam, extending the corners of her mouth like The Joker, and finishes everything off with piercings, stickers, fake freckles, painted tears or multi-colored contacts — a children’s book protagonist who’s been tossed through teenage trauma and dropped into the online algorithm. My co-workers have helped me mix and record most of the tracks, and have encouraged me so much throughout my creative process.What’re some of the themes you explored lyrically on Faces?A big lyrical focus for Faces is, of course, my experiences with love over the past two years. How did you land on that sound? I’ve experimented with a lot of different sounds over the last six years in terms of my own music. Firstly, all of the songs were produced by my friend, Sean Hardin. I tend to use imagery throughout the album that you can see in my looks like clowns, bugs and big hearts.”Froglady is the version of myself that I aim to be on my best days: Bold and obnoxious and dramatic and sensitive and true.”Is there a song on this album that you feel best represents you as an artist, right now?I feel the song that represents me most as an artist off Faces is “Cycles.” Not only is it the most recent song I wrote and recorded off the album, but it feels like the closest I’ve gotten so far to emulating a certain sound and feeling through my music. It’s a juxtaposition that I think works well for me. Photography: Morganne Boulden How did you get your footing in this field?I’ve been performing live for years. He’s the type of creative that you can sit down with, tell him a few descriptive words for the song, maybe a bit of the story and he’ll give you a track that makes you want to spill your guts out all over it. Froglady tells you stories, and forces you to look at them and to listen.Who’d you work with on Faces? The name, Froglady, definitely represents me as an artist because it’s weird and different enough that you won’t forget it. So for this project and moving forward, I wanted to focus on creating music that allows space for me to use my instrument and tell stories that are threaded with emotion.For you, what’s the relationship between your image and your music?My relationship between my music and my image is always tied to my intense emotions. I’ve known Sean for years and used to work with him at a music school I attended back when I was in high school. They’ve always kind of been like my guardian angels for music making and I wouldn’t be the artist I am today without their magical influence.How’d you land on the name, Faces, to best wrap up all the songs and ideas of this album?I ended up naming the album Faces because I feel as though the album does a pretty good job of showing the many faces I’ve worn over the last two years. I wanted to create space to explore my feelings and the layers that exist to Froglady and, of course, the layers that exist to Jess. Sean can play literally every instrument and always knew exactly what vibe or energy I was going for when piecing together all of the final instrumentals for the project. I started singing in choir in high school, but it wasn’t for me. “Cycles” is about seeing yourself in love, but it’s also about loving yourself enough to realize you deserve the things you want and work so hard for.Who do you look to for inspiration, sonically? The concept behind the album is focused on the masks and emotions that have dictated and influenced my life. I also had the privilege of working with so many of my co-workers at Mansion Studios NYC, a recording studio in Brooklyn. A style star in her own right, the 22-year-old New Yorker is also a trained musician, though her sound might surprise you. We all have different faces that we wear. “Froglady is the version of myself that I aim to be on my best day” as she tells PAPER. I use self-expression as an outlet for my emotional state. What does that collaborative process look like? People don’t really know what to expect when I get up on stage and they’ve never heard of me before. On Faces, Froglady’s indie nine-track debut, she lends her jazzy vocals to a retro band of moody piano melodies, grungy guitars and fuzzy drums. Blige, David Bowie, Prince and Amy Winehouse. Who’re your music idols?My top four musicians that inspire me are Mary J. I like to explore the concept of being or not being a “digestible person,” especially in relation to interpersonal relationships and my relationship with myself. I honestly love that my sound and genre come as a surprise to people who may know of me from social media. How do you feel it represents you as an artist?My artist name, Froglady, came from my lifelong love of frogs. Taking notes from the likes of Amy Winehouse (a la Back to Black), Froglady revives a neo-soul, rock genre so few of her contemporaries are leaning into, right now. I’ve been listening to these incredible artists for my entire life and know pretty much every song they’ve ever released. It’s silly, but it stands out, and that suits me as a musician and a performer.What’s your musical background? I’ve struggled with the idea that I wasn’t able to use my voice to its full capacity with some of the music I was making in the past. I was raised listening to all the most incredible R&B and soul singers. Both music and physical presentation create avenues for me to say what I need to say about my experiences and who I am — to pour a bunch of my heart out all over the place, so that you can’t look away or close your ears. I actually almost named the album, Digestible Faces, instead of just Faces because of that theme. I’ve been working there since they opened this past summer and recorded many of the final versions of the songs off the album there. I’ve only been releasing my original songs for the past four years and my first ever release was recorded in my friend’s dorm room when I was still in college in 2018.For those that follow your Instagram, the sound of your music might come as a surprise.

We Tried YSL’s $300 Lipstick Printer

Once you finalize the color you want to brush onto your lips, the machine makes a soft whirring sound and dispenses the pigment into a removable compact. 💄 #makeup #lipstick #ysllipstick #fyp #nyc This was the most interesting way to find a color. Essentially you take a photo of your outfit and select two color points from the outfit (i.e. Option 1: Select from a color wheel, complete with a virtual try-on.Option 2: Upload an image from your camera roll and use the selection tool to pick a color from the image. We, too, were wondering what it was all about and got our hands on the lipstick to see if it’s worth its steep price tag.According to YSL’s website, the machine promises thousands of ultra-pigmented matte velvet lip stains. This is a huge step in the right direction for the beauty industry and going into 2022, we’re hoping to see more tech-focused beauty with new tools like this one. Of course, there is a YSL mini lip brush to mix the color around and apply.Honestly, the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure is cool. By now, you’ve probably seen your favorite beauty influencer flapping on about this tool across your feeds. Check out our TikTok review below:

We tested out YSL’s $300 lipstick printer 😵‍💫What do you think? Luxury beauty brands are getting more and more innovative, but this new gadget from YSL Beauty is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.The first of its kind, YSL Beauty unveiled a patented $300 Lipstick Printer called “Rouge Sur Mesure,” which essentially means Bespoke Lipstick. This option would probably be most useful to find a shade of lipstick worn by a celebrity on a red carpet, etc. Option 3: Utilize YSL Beauty’s algorithm to find a lipstick shade that works with your outfit. color of the top, color of the bottoms). The concept, in essence, is simple: four color groups (orange, pink, nude, red) each come with three cartridges that get loaded into the printer. From there, the user opens an app where the device is connected via Bluetooth and is given three custom color options.

Introducing, Your New Holy Grail Foundation

The glow is unlike that of any radiant or dewy foundation I’ve seen, and more akin to the glow of serums and moisturizing creams. It felt so lightweight and smooth, especially when blended with my fingers first and then buffed out with a Juno and Co. @narsissist #narsartist #beauty #beautytutorial #mua #makeup


Truly, bottled air @NARS Cosmetics #GamerGoals #FashionIndustry #makeupreview #nars #fy #fypシ

Photo via NARS you better grab a few bottles before she sells out!Check out our favorite TikTok beauty girlies sharing their thoughts below:@nicolconcilio

Testing out the new NARS foundation! When it comes to complexion, no beauty brand does it quite like NARS.Their foundations and concealers have reached holy grail status amongst some of the top makeup artists and beauty influencers around the world. Let’s be honest: you probably have it sitting in your makeup drawer right now.So it goes without saying that the brand’s next complexion drop had to be something innovative, yet maintain its signature high-quality formula.Introducing the fifth foundation from NARS: the Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation, available in 36 shades. See on Instagram

According to Sephora, it is “an advanced makeup-skincare-hybrid foundation with a natural finish that quickly blurs and smooths while visibly improving skin’s clarity over time.”We were shocked to learn that the buildable, medium coverage foundation is actually formulated with 70% skincare ingredients, including Biomimetic Oat to calm redness and Japanese Lilyturf to maintain moisture in the skin barrier. Info in the Bio. This NARS foundation seems to fit right in with its clean beauty peers.The NARS Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation retails for $49, now available online-only at Sephora… #makeupreview #nars #narsfoundation #foundationroutine #newmakeup


NARS Light Reflecting Collection. My pores were gone, skin was blurred and texture was non-existent. Overall, this foundation might be my current go-to and you can expect to see it all over your TikTok FYP.One of our beauty trend predictions for 2022 is that brands will begin introducing more skincare-focused complexion products. Lofty claims, but NARS did a 6-week clinical study and actually proved that the foundation offered a more even complexion, improving the overall appearance of skin underneath.Check out how this new foundation compares to the NARS classics: After trying the foundation, I was honestly shook. We saw Kosas come out with their eye-cream-meets-concealer-hybrid and even brands like Ilia who emphasize skincare within most of their makeup. Going live Thursday, Jan 13 at 7pm. sponge.After wearing it for 7 hours, I did have to touch up with a powder puff to reduce shine in my T-Zone but that’s to be expected. Remember when their Radiant Creamy Concealer came out in 2013 and instantly became a cult favorite?

Kylie Jenner Just Hit a Major Instagram Milestone

Especially when you consider Jenner’s history of trying to keep her pregnancies under wraps. And while she’s currently the most followed woman on Instagram, both Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez aren’t far behind with 289 million each. Her most liked photo, at 155.6 million views and more than 24 million likes, is the announcement of her second pregnancy with Travis Scott, which she shared on September 7. Between TikTok speculation and rumors floating around on Instagram, the theories are very, very convincing. You are beautiful inside and out and have the most amazing heart! Now the only two people with more Instagram followers than her are footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with 389 million and Instagram itself with a total of 460 million followers.Naturally, Jenner’s mom and biggest fan, Kris, shared the fun news on Instagram on Thursday, writing, “I’m so proud of my girl @KylieJenner!! I love you my angel.”

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Though Jenner has several companies, TV presence,and an extremely meme-able quality about her, she actually doesn’t post that much on social media. It’s official — Kylie Jenner is the most followed woman on Instagram. Who knows, the surprise social announcement may even become one of the most liked photos on Instagram when it happens.Either way, Jenner’s already topped 301 million followers and counting. Keep on reaching for the stars and inspiring us with all you do!! That doesn’t stop each one from garnering millions of likes, though. She hit her 300 millionth follower on Thursday, which also means she’s the only woman to top the 300 million mark. Her pictures are actually pretty sporadic. It’s also holding strong as the fifth most liked post on Instagram.Her most recent photo is from a week ago, where she’s still visibly pregnant. However, fans are convinced Jenner’s actually already given birth to her second child.

Chanel Beauty Is Now at ULTA

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From the iconic Les Beiges Bronzing Cream to the Le Lift Smoothing Serum, you can find all your favorite Chanel makeup, skincare, nail lacquer and, of course, fragrance at the beauty retailer. @scurtoworld
Tell me what I need to ✨BUY✨ @ultabeauty #chanelbeauty #ultahaul #ultamusthaves

We expect to see more luxury beauty brands moving to ULTA in 2022. However as of January 5, 2022, Chanel Beauty is now available online and in-stores at certain ULTA locations. Sephora seems to be the working millennial favorite, while Blue Mercury services the wealthy older woman in the market for high end moisturizers and anti-aging serums.Naturally, we would expect a brand like Chanel to scoff at the idea of placing their products under ULTA’s bright orange branding, alongside affordable brands. Is luxury beauty finally going mainstream?Shop Our Favorite Chanel Beauty Products at ULTAPhoto via Getty/ Aimee Dilger/ SOPA Images/ LightRocket The decision also indicates that luxury beauty might finally be moving mainstream going into 2022. Chanel Beauty is officially available at ULTA.For years, ULTA has been synonymous with mass beauty, offering a wide range of affordable skincare faves, like The Ordinary and Cerave, while industry competitors, like Sephora and Blue Mercury, have traditionally dominated the luxury market, selling brands like Pat McGrath and La Mer, at higher price points.Related | Ulta Announces Initiatives to Support Black Beauty BrandsBreaking down the demographics of beauty retail’s Holy Trinity, there’s a distinct difference in consumers passing through the automatic doors. Well, time to grab your credit cards girlies… Aside from other luxury fragrances by Dior, YSL and Armani, Chanel is one of the only luxury brands to offer their full beauty collection at ULTA. This move seems rather strategic on the part of Chanel as a way to reinvigorate the brand amongst a new audience without having to develop and test new product. Walk into any ULTA store and you’ll see 13-year-olds making TikToks in the aisles, trying on the latest viral trend.

Cardi B Loves Her ‘Mustache’

Cardi B isn’t afraid of a little peach fuzz.On Wednesday, the star took to her Instagram Story to talk candidly about her “mustache,” and tell fans that a little upper lip hair means you’ve also got something “good” going on down there.Related | Billie Asks Women to Embrace Their Facial Hair For Movember“Mustache is mustaching,” she said in the candid clip, which seemingly encouraged her followers to fuck conventional feminine beauty norms and embrace their facial hair. “They said that if you have a mustache, you got a good pussy, so purr,” Cardi explained. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib) “It’s cool though,” as she put it before using the very same argument: “‘Cause bitches with good mustaches got good pussy.” And if there’s one person who’d know, it’d probably be the “WAP” rapper, right?Photo via Getty / Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic And her rationale? Granted, Cardi’s never been one to shy away from discussions surrounding her body hair, as she’s previously shared videos of herself getting bikini and lip waxes. However, when it comes to the latter, she said in 2018 that as she’s gotten older and keeps waxing, she’s noticed her “mustache is getting thicker.” But it’s not really something she’s worried about.

Bogdanoff Twins Die of COVID-19 at Age 72

The shows, Temps X and and Rayons X, were criticized as grossly oversimplifying science but popular nonetheless. An internal investigation found that there was nothing in the papers of scientific value, with one scientist describing the twins writing as “delightfully meaningless combinations of buzzwords,” but the two were still eventually awarded PhDs by the University of Burgundy.Even though both brothers were unvaccinated, former French Minister of Education and professor of philosophy, Luc Ferry, insisted that the Bogdanoffs were not wholly “antivax” but rather believed that their superior health would be enough to fight off the virus. See on Instagram

The twins perhaps courted the most controversy over physics papers they presented in the early 2000s as a part of their doctoral theses which were described as misleading and faced accusations of plagiarism. Both brothers were admitted to the hospital on the same day last month after having previously refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine, claiming that their exceptionally good health and fitness would protect them. It’s also worth mentioning that Ferry had strongly encouraged the Bogdanoffs to get the vaccine prior to their deaths, telling them that they would be “crazy” not to.Speaking about the stance on French radio, Igor Bogdanoff cited the doctor that popularized hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment for COVID-19, Dr. Didier Raoult, as being the reason for waiting to get the vaccine, saying that he had more confidence in the efficacy of future vaccines than those currently available. (DISCLAIMER: The FDA strongly cautions against the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 outside of a hospital setting.)Photo via Getty/ Eric Fougere/ Corbis Controversial French twins and TV stars, Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, have passed away days apart from each other at the age of 72 from complications from COVID-19. Descendants of German and Austrian nobility, the Bogdanoffs were best known for their exaggerated facial features, which they denied was the product of plastic surgery but rather were naturally enhanced by “unnamed technologies.”Apart from their distinctive looks, the Bogdanoffs got their start as television presenters hosting shows about science and science fiction, looking to make complex topics accessible to broad audiences.

Timothée Chalamet Wanted to Look Like Joe Exotic

In the film, Chalamet plays Yule, who is a rebel gamer who gets into a relationship with Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Kate Dibiasky. Related | Timothée Chalamet’s Shaved Head Is Dividing the Internet”The first thing he said to me was ‘I want a mullet,’ and of course, he sent me pictures of Joe Exotic,” costume designer Susan Matheson recently told Vogue before explaining that “everyone was obsessed with” the Tiger King star at the time.”But instead I found this guy from New Zealand who had this amazing mullet,” Matheson went on to say. And though Yule’s character description is a little all over the place, it turns out the star had a pretty clear idea of what he wanted his on-set look to be. As the costume designer explained, she actually enlisted a friend’s brother to make a shirt for a fictional band called Noah’s Flood that featured a hand-painted design of “this incredible image of Noah’s ark riding away like a surfboard with an electric guitar sticking out.” So keep your eyes peeled for that one.Read Matheson’s entire interview here.Photos via Getty / Samir Hussein / WireImage & Netflix “And the moment I showed it to Timotheé, he said: ‘Bingo!'”However, Exotic wasn’t the only style inspiration for Yule, as Matheson also said she wanted to subtly reference his roots as an ex-Evangelical Christian and the “religious element of his character” by using vintage patches and T-shirts from Christian camps.”They aren’t always visible, but underneath his other clothes he’ll always have on one of those shirts,” Matheson continued, though she didn’t just stop at collecting shirts. Timothée Chalamet had an iconic and unexpected style inspiration.As you’ve probably heard, the actor is just one of the famous faces that appears in Adam McKay’s star-studded film Don’t Look Up, which stars Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio as two low-level astronomers attempting to warn everyone of a comet that will wipe out the entire planet.

Happy New Year From Saint Sintra and Friends

“I’m looking forward to 2022, and to many more wonderful memories and moments.”So Happy New Year from PAPER and Saint Sintra — get into the party, below, champagne and disco balls included. Fashion: Saint Sintra (Fall 2021 and Spring 2021)
Photography: Andrew Tess

Hair: Sean Bennett

Makeup: Mical F Klip

Fashion assistant: Glauco Suppi

Models: Mati Hayes, Jack Powers and Meg Yates “I’ve had so many incredible breakthroughs and opportunities, and I’m so lucky to have support from the most incredible group of people that have come together to support me and the brand since I launched in January,” Martins says, reflecting on a whirlwind 2021. Makeup artist Mical F Klip brings her “playful approach” to Saint Sintra’s looks, from “Cindy-Lou Who on a bender” frosted lips to Patrick Nagel-inspired glam; and “full-time hair bender, part-time blood elf” Sean Bennett wraps up the entire effort. This past year has been a “pivotal one” for New York-based designer Sintra Martins, who launched her independent brand Saint Sintra in January to some serious buzz.With a background in costuming and sociology, before going on to intern for established names like Thom Browne and Wiederhoeft, Martins has created a whimsical identity where internet and pop culture meet (her debut collection was inspired by clown memes) — and she’s accumulated likeminded fans along the way, from Slayyyter to Kim Petras and even The Little Lad.To celebrate 2022, Martins called up some of her closest friends and collaborators to produce an intimate portrait series for PAPER, featuring looks from Saint Sintra’s Fall 2021 and Spring 2021 collections.She cast three models — Mati Hayes, Jack Powers and Meg Yates — who Martins says are all “incredible individuals, with uncompromising creative vision.” There’s Yates, with her blog that’s a “perfect blend of satire and drama;” Hayes, who always challenges Martins to “look at the world from a new perspective;” and Powers, the electro-pop musician with a ton of “Energy.”With polaroids by Andrew Tess, a “sweet and supportive” photographer Martins met on a Christmas shoot a few years ago, the series looks evocative of NYC’s unruly Studio 54 era — trashy and glamorous all at once.

Jada Pinkett Smith Gives an Update on Alopecia Hair Loss

“And I was just like, ‘Oh my god, am I going bald?'” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapinkettsmith) Since then though, Pinkett Smith has come to embrace the condition, as indicated by a post from this past July about daughter Willow Smith encouraging her to shave her entire head. However, it doesn’t seem as if she’s going to let its progression get her down, seeing as how she jokingly captioned the clip, “Mama’s gonna have to take it down to the scalp so nobody thinks she got brain surgery or something,” before saying “Me and this alopecia are going to be friends … period!”Related | Jada Pinkett-Smith Reveals Why She Shaved Her HeadAs for the video itself, Pinkett Smith is all smiles as she shows off her scalp and says, “Now at this point, I can only laugh,” explaining that ” just all of a sudden one day, look at this line right here.”Granted, this isn’t the first time the actress has opened up about having alopecia, first addressing it in 2018 on an episode of Red Table Talk where she talked about how “terrifying” it was at the beginning.”I was in the shower one day and had just handfuls of hair in my hands,” she said, adding that she started a treatment meant to slow the hair loss. Jada Pinkett Smith is getting real about her experience with hair loss.On Tuesday, the Red Table Talk host took to Instagram to upload a video of a new bare patch on her scalp resulting from her alopecia, which is an autoimmune disorder that results in bald spots and hair loss. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapinkettsmith) Photo via Getty / Steve Jennings She wrote, “Willow made me do it because it was time to let go BUT … my 50’s are bout to be Divinely lit with this shed.”Watch Pinkett Smith’s video below.

Downward Spiral With Jazzelle

Photography and retouching: Oscar OukStyling: Jenny Haapala
Model and makeup: Jazzelle Zanaughtti
Photography assistant: Alex KalbStyling assistant: Oliwia Jakubik
Model assistant: Morgan Charlton
Fashion interns: Jaemi Rowe and Brittney King

Photography and retouching: Oscar OukStyling: Jenny Haapala
Model and makeup: Jazzelle Zanaughtti
Photography assistant: Alex KalbStyling assistant: Oliwia Jakubik
Model assistant: Morgan Charlton
Fashion interns: Jaemi Rowe and Brittney King Uglyworldwide hits the slopes in Prada.

Kourtney Kardashian Hits Back at Plastic Surgery Accusations

View this post on Instagram A post shared by gangsta barbie ♡ (@popcultureangel) Photo via Getty / Chris Delmas / AFP However, the photos ended up dredging up some speculation about the 42-year-old’s still-youthful appearance, which led to one commenter accusing her of getting “plenty of plastic surgery.” Related | Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Her Stretch Marks“She just did it in an extremely natural way that still complimented her features instead of [changing] them,” the critic continued before saying she probably got “botox, nose job, some sort of butt shot or bbl just to start.” That said, it looks like Kourtney wasn’t all too bothered by the comment, as she sardonically wrote that there’s “no better compliment than a too good to be real kind of compliment.”“Butt shot and brazilian butt lift, um, thanks,” Kourtney continued. “And you were just getting started.” See the photos in question below. Kourtney Kardashian is refuting a claim that she’s had plastic surgery.It all started earlier this week when an Instagram account called @popcultureangel posted throwback pics of the Kardashian-Jenners.

Beauty Pageant Camels Caught Injecting Botox

A dozen dromedaries were disqualified in 2018 after a breeder was busted for using the injectable. In yet another instance of unrealistic beauty standards pushing people to go to greater and greater extremes, over 40 camels have been disqualified from a beauty pageant after it was discovered that the animals had undergone various cosmetic procedures such as Botox in order to improve their odds.According to AP, Saudi authorities recently conducted one of the largest ever crackdowns on breeders who had given their camels face lifts, inflated body parts using rubber bands, injections of Botox, filler, hormones and other alterations in an attempt to make them more attractive. “The club is keen to halt all acts of tampering and deception in the beautification of camels,” the SPA’s report read, adding that organizers would be looking to “impose strict penalties on manipulators.”Given that the beauty pageant is the centerpiece of the monthlong festival, which is steeped in the country’s rich Bedouin tradition and heritage, and there being so much money at stake it makes sense that organizers would want to ensure a level playing field, not to mention that these cosmetic adjustments can potentially result in significant harm to the animal as well. According the New York Post, camels getting Botox is far from an isolated incident. All were set to compete for a $66 million prize as a part of the annual King Abdulaziz Camel Festival where judges determine the winner based on the size and appearance of the camel’s head, neck, humps and more.Related | Getting Snowed In at IKEA Sounds Like Peak HyggePer the Saudi Press Agency, pageant officials are looking to put an end to any sort of illegal performance enhancement even going so far as to use “specialized and advanced” technology to detect foul play. No word as of yet as to how this will the impact the alpaca influencer community, stay tuned for more updates.Photo via Getty

Fashion, Art and NFTs Collide in Miami

5 100th Anniversary Light ShowChanel’s ongoing festivities for the 100th anniversary of its No. Here are the main takeaways from 2021 Miami Art Week, including Design Miami and Art Basel.Ruinart Champagne and Artist David Shrigley Present “Unconventional Bubbles”Ruinart Champagne and Artist David Shrigley Present “Unconventional Bubbles”Ruinart Champagne and Artist David Shrigley Present “Unconventional Bubbles”Ruinart Champagne and Artist David Shrigley Present “Unconventional Bubbles”Ruinart Champagne and Artist David Shrigley Present “Unconventional Bubbles”Champagne house Ruinart and British artist David Shrigley held a fête to celebrate his artwork series Unconventional Bubbles, which inspired the evening’s life-size witty designs and Chef Flynn McGarry’s culinary treats. The event was done in collaboration with Gayletter, while DJ Kindness and DJ Pascal Moscheni spun tunes in front of guests like Jordan Barrett, Honey Dijon, Ricky Martin, Hari Nef and Josh O’Connor. They kept the party going the next day at Soho Beach House with an oceanfront afterparty featuring DJ sets from Siobhan Bell, Hank Orsan and Rich Medina.Balmain Teams Up With (RED) Live Nation and ChivasBalmain Teams Up With (RED) Live Nation and ChivasBalmain Teams Up With (RED) Live Nation and ChivasBalmain Teams Up With (RED) Live Nation and ChivasBalmain Teams Up With (RED) Live Nation and ChivasBalmain, along with (RED) and LiveNation, hosted a party in honor of the contemporary art installation from Saype, the French-Swiss art pioneer known for his environmental and social activism. (Butler became Tag Heuer ambassador in May after leading the Miami team to the NBA championships the year prior.) To celebrate the launch, the Swiss watchmaker took over a private Miami Beach residence for a private dinner lined with Porsche cars and Butler’s favorite timepieces. The show drew inspiration from Coco Chanel’s universe of symbols as the stories behind Place Vendôme, the double C monogram and the camellia lit up the night sky. Krewer’s work inspired Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson’s SS22 Men’s collection, and both held court all night as guests danced and mingled for hours.Miu Miu Select by Hailey Benton GatesMiu Miu Select by Hailey Benton GatesMiu Miu Select by Hailey Benton GatesMiu Miu Select by Hailey Benton GatesMiu Miu Select by Hailey Benton GatesMiu Miu Select was introduced in 2019 as a way to have the label’s friends curate a highly personalized wardrobe of their favorite pieces of the season. Loewe chose the iconic venue to celebrate contemporary artist Florian Krewer’s new book, copies of which were lined up against the walls (it’s available now at and 50% of the retail price will be donated to The International Trans Fund). His work is located on the expansive Atlantic beach just outside the Balmain Pavilion. For its second edition, the luggage brand curated a collection of artworks from six new local North America artists and six global artists from the Paris exhibition, all of whom reimagined Rimowa’s iconic aluminum materials, which was on view from December 1 to 5 at its Miami Design District store. Called Kompa, the collection was developed after consulting with artisans across the African country to bring together the region’s techniques and craft activities. Fashion’s Miami infiltration during Art Week is nothing new, but the city felt especially jam-packed with luxury brand activations this year, if the loaded party schedule and insufferable traffic were any indication. Art and fashion patrons including Hari Nef, Justice Smith, Caroline de Maigret, Vanessa Traina and Jacob Bixenman all gathered in the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens with tunes by DJ Timo Weiland.The Kompa Collection From Fendi and MabeoThe Kompa Collection From Fendi and MabeoThe Kompa Collection From Fendi and MabeoThe Kompa Collection From Fendi and MabeoThe Kompa Collection From Fendi and MabeoAt Design Miami, Fendi presented a furniture collection with Botswana-based label and design studio Mabeo. 5 100th Anniversary Light ShowChanel No. From the Design District to Miami Beach, fashion labels used every opportunity to stage big events this year while catering to the city’s wealthy art patrons in the process. Her favorite picks are located in a corner of the store dedicated to the project and feature custom-made tags reading “Miu Miu Select by Hailey Benton Gates” on each piece chosen.Rimowa “As Seen By” Afterparty at SoHo Beach HouseRimowa “As Seen By” Afterparty at SoHo Beach HouseRimowa “As Seen By” Afterparty at SoHo Beach HouseRimowa “As Seen By” Afterparty at SoHo Beach HouseRimowa “As Seen By” Afterparty at SoHo Beach HouseRimowa’s “As Seen By” exhibition series first debuted in Paris back in October. Butler’s injury prevented him from attending, instead sending a video message that was played in front of guests like Madelyn Cline, Luis Fonsi and Paulina Vega.Prada & YoungArts 40th Anniversary Cocktail EventPrada & YoungArts 40th Anniversary Cocktail EventPrada & YoungArts 40th Anniversary Cocktail EventPrada & YoungArts 40th Anniversary Cocktail EventPrada & YoungArts 40th Anniversary Cocktail EventPrada’s ongoing support of YoungArts, the nonprofit that provides creative and professional development to artists in the performing, literary and visual arts, carried over into Miami last week. Grutman and Sporty & Rich founder Emily Oberg hosted the affair in front of guests like Bella Hadid, Justine Skye, Anastasia Karanikolaou (Stassie Baby) and Jonathan Cheban.Loewe Celebrates Florian Krewer’s New Book at TwistLoewe Celebrates Florian Krewer’s New Book at TwistLoewe Celebrates Florian Krewer’s New Book at TwistLoewe Celebrates Florian Krewer’s New Book at TwistLoewe Celebrates Florian Krewer’s New Book at TwistTwist, the famous gay Miami nightclub, was the place to be late Wednesday night. The event, which took place at SCOPE Miami Beach, highlighted offerings from Chivas and Perrier Jouet, and brought together artists, influencers and art lovers.Tag Heuer Celebrates Basketball Star Jimmy ButlerTag Heuer Celebrates Basketball Star Jimmy ButlerTag Heuer Celebrates Basketball Star Jimmy ButlerTag Heuer Celebrates Basketball Star Jimmy ButlerTag Heuer Celebrates Basketball Star Jimmy ButlerTag Heuer and basketball superstar Jimmy Butler co-designed a new special edition Carrera Heuer 02T Tourbillon. 5 100th Anniversary Light ShowChanel No. Mabeo had creative meetings with Kim Jones, Silvia Venturini Fendi and Delfina Delettrez Fendi to dream up the 10-piece collection, which includes a basket woven cabinet and a metal Peekaboo handbag.Prince x Sporty & Rich Celebratory BrunchPrince x Sporty & Rich Celebratory BrunchPrince x Sporty & Rich Celebratory BrunchPrince x Sporty & Rich Celebratory BrunchPrince x Sporty & Rich Celebratory BrunchSporty & Rich celebrated its collaboration with tennis lifestyle brand Prince (which is available now at with an outdoor brunch at David Grutman and Pharrell’s dining hotspot Swan. The brand’s Design District store hosted several YoungArts board members, donors and artists to celebrate the organization’s 40th anniversary. Guests at the cocktail included TikTok star Blake Gray, model Larsen Thompson and photographer/designer Alexander Roth.Chanel No. After launching in New York, London, Paris and Moscow, the series returned during Miami Art Week at Miu Miu’s Design District store with model and director Hailey Benton Gates (past “selectors” include Chloë Sevigny, Lila Moss and Georgia May Jagger). 5 fragrance culminated in Miami last week with a starry light show using drones in front of Faena Beach.